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I have been so busy the last few days. The hubby got his official orders and we have been trying to get all the info that we need on getting our medical clearances and moving. Wow, talk about a pain in the booty! I’m also acutely aware that Okinawa is close to North Korea. Double UGG!

Food has been ok, as in not too much, but not the best choices (taco bell for dinner last night! gross!). I have been working out, though, more hard core than usual, and I am pretty proud of that. I led the hubby in an intense workout yesterday, him on the treadmill me on the bike, mixed in with lots of weights and good ole pushups, dips, lunges, and squats. So the deal is that he gets to work me out this morning. We’re doing intervals of running and plyometrics, at least that is as far as I could get him to tell me. I almost made him barf more than once yesterday so today is payback. Oy! Secretly I am excited. Bring on the pain!

I’m going to shoot for a clean eating day today, with lots of veggies and fruit and plenty of protein.

Hope you had a great weekend, chickies!

Keepin on

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I’m not doing good with the whole updating thing. I’m still trucking along, walking and doing weights. I started tracking what I eat again yesterday, only because a friend wanted to to keep her accountable. It can’t hurt, right? I have noticed I am not as snacky now that I know she can see what I am eating. Not that you chickies aren’t good, too, but it’s different. You know what I mean. I went to the farmers market this morning and got a ton of stuff. Makes me want to eat! haha I am reading a book on what happens when your hormones get whacked out, and what makes that happen. Scary, scary stuff. I have always been pretty healthy conscious, but I am way weird now. The hormones they inject into meat? NASTY. You don’t even want to know. I think I am going to go back to school to get a degree in human ecology. So much cooler than accounting.

Happy Thursday, chickies!

Chips, anyone?

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Yesterday I was good… at least I think so. Food wise I was (with the exception of that symphony bar… yum!). We played baseball and then headed off to see the Padres vs the Cubs, apparently parked the OPPOSITE end of downtown from the stadium, walked all the way there (at least 2 miles) only to find out they were sold out of everything affordable. GRRRRRRRR We had tried to buy tickets online, but the system was jacked up. So over that. So we ended up just coming home and doing a whole bunch of nothing. Oh wait, food wasn’t so great. ha! I forgot we ate at Arby’s for lunch. And I ate fries for the first time in forever. And I dipped them in this heinous, yet still incredibly delicious, processed cheese product. And if it counts for anything, I got so sick I couldn’t eat dinner, and finally late last night had some carrots and a smidge of pb. Funny how I remember things. I was really disappointed to be sick last night, too, because my one friend here had a party, and I felt too bad to go. UGH. Today was good til dinner, which consisted of doritos, diet coke, a few cheetos, and a couple crackers with turkey and colby cheese. Yeah, I am serious. It was game night and we had a MEAN game of Disney Monopoly going on. The epic battle lasted almost 4 hours, but I am happy to report I was triumphant. Booya! In other news, I did get to the track this morning, where I was attempting to do interval training. I ran somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5 miles at different speeds for a total of 15 minutes. That’s including the 1/2 a lap of walking to not pass out, as my hr was so ridiculously high. After, I did my weight training, and the lunges and squats weren’t near as bad as last week. Thank god for small favors. I think the total time was around 45 minutes and I burned over 450 calories. Not shabby. I’m definitely looking forward to my walk tomorrow. The hubby will be joining me, as he is off work still. So awesome!

B: oatmeal, protein, 1/2 banana (oh, and 4 mini chips ahoy cookies while it cooked. hehe)
L: spinach salad w/ grilled cajun chicken and lite balsamic, an orange, and a few celery stalks w/ pb
D: nearly a liter of diet coke, some doritos, cheetos, and homemade lunchables (as “homemade” as ritz crackers and deli meat and cheese can be called)
water: probably only about 2 bottles worth, or 50 oz


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I am BEAT. Literally. This has been the first time all day I have sat down and just relaxed. We got up early this morning and I led bootcamp! We took all our tennis stuff, some weights, and water bottles and headed to the tennis courts. The boys stretched with us and then left to ride their scooters while the hubby and I did circuits with weights and running around the court. It was pretty intense and a great time! I love working out with him. After, we played tennis for about half an hour and I kept making us all take running breaks, where we’d all race around the edge of the double court. It was fun and kept the hr up. Then we played a bit at the park and headed home. I was going to call it a day, but I felt guilty for skipping my walk, as I feel like I am just starting to make progress, so I loaded up the 4 yo in the stroller and went for a walk. But, without my walking buddy, I grew impatient and ran! I ran probably over half of the 3 miles (ish) that I did today. I felt pretty good about that. Then I showered and ate lunch and the oldest and I were off to Mission San Juan Capistrano for a scrapbook project he has at school. We walked all over the mission, exploring every part of it. It was BEAUTIFUL. Like amazingly beautiful. I can’t believe that it is over 200 years old. We took amazing pics. After I download them I’ll show you one. 🙂 When we got home we decided to take the boys to the pool, as they talked us out of snorkeling sets yesterday. We spent a good hour and a half in the pool, just having a grand time. At one point I was kidless and swam a bit. Man, I forgot how hard that is! Kudos to you, getupnow, for taking on that challenge! We finally pulled the boys out and came home to make some pizza. I did pretty good and just had a few pieces, and some frozen yogurt for dessert (instead of their YUMMO caramel fudge sundaes!). Now they are having a Wii tournament and I am going to play online and read this month’s Oxygen magazine (love it!). Have a good night, chickies!!

B: oatmeal, 1/4 peach, bit of brown sugar splenda, cinnamon, splash skim
S: banana, almond butter
L: HUGE spinach salad w/ cranberries, feta, walnuts, and balsamic, few goldfish, choc. balance bar
S: grande non fat latte, strawberry rhubarb crumble (dare I look at the calories?!)
D: 2.5 pieces turkey meatball pizza, small cup of frozen yogurt w/ berries, handful cheeze its (while making pizza)
water: plenty 🙂


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I am so glad it’s Friday! We have a long weekend (hubby doesn’t have to be back to work til Wednesday at noon) and we’ll have plenty of time to get the house in order (decluttering central, here). We have decided that even though we may not get a bonus, we are still going to reenlist and go to Japan. Because seriously… Japan! That is too good to pass up! 🙂 Plus, I really want to have my Master’s before I go trying to support us all. I could do it now, but I am afraid I would get stuck working all the time and never finish school, and that is really important to me. So, now that we have decided and we are over being angry about missing out on the cash, I think we have found some peace. I’m ready to get this show on the road! 🙂

I am SORE this morning. Like way sore. I forgot how bad it sucks to start working out your legs after a long break. I went for my usual walk this morning, and it was good. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I may do weights today, or I may skip them. I haven’t decided yet. I need to go to the grocery store and tidy up around here a bit.

B: oatmeal, protein, 1/2 banana
S: some rice cakes and watermelon
L: ab&honey sammy, banana w/ab, and some rice cakes
S: none
D: out… cup vegi chili, 1 cornbread square, cup potato leek soup, strawberry salad, and strawberry apple crumble w/ van frozen yogurt. YUM
S: about 5 goldfish
Water: only ~15 oz so far

Back to liftin!

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Hi chickies! I have been so stressed out lately. It seems that my hubby may not be getting a reenlistment bonus because of a new money saving rule beginning June 5th. Apparently it takes a long time to process the paperwork so his may not be done in time. The thing is, that was a LOT of money, and basically our sole reason for staying in the military. My hubby wants to get out and finish his degree if the bonus doesn’t go through, and I kind of agree, but I am nervous about being our sole support. I’m not even working now! We’d move to Texas and he’d have the GI Bill to pay for school, but still. We don’t even have any money saved up! So, needless to say, this next two weeks is going to be heinous. And, we aren’t sure if we chose not to reenlist if they will still send us to Japan, since he’ll only have one year left on his contract. So we still have to prepare for that. And part of me wants to stay in just to go to Japan! AGHHHHH See how back and forth I am. It’s ridiculous.

Happily my weight has not gone up at all. I weighed myself at my walking buddy’s house after our walk today and I’m steady. Not good, but not bad either. It inspired me to step it up a notch. I got back into my weights routine today and I feel GREAT (and wobbly!). I did my legs today and OMG, I am so over lunges. How come they get so freaking hard after you don’t do them for a month? Sheesh.

Food is good lately, at least for the most part. I bought a ton of fruit and veggies yesterday at the farmer’s market and spent a couple hours, literally, just cleaning, peeling, chopping, etc. The good news is YUM! my fridge is full of great stuff to snack on. I’m thinking some watermelon is calling my name now…

B: homemade oat blueberry muffin (about 100 cal w/4g protein) and 1/2 banana
S: watermelon
L: almond butter and honey sammy, lots of cantaloupe
S:oh this is bad… oat blueberry muffin, watermelon, most of a bag of popcorn (kettlecorn-low fat w/splenda), banana w/ almond butter… over the course of 3 hours.
D: 1/2 sammy with dijon, turkey and romaine and some strawberries… and, about to go to McD’s and get an ice cream cone. 🙂
water: about 80 oz so far

Ok, pretty sure I am done eating. I had a yummy cone and then since there was no play place (which was the actual intent of the visit) we drove home and walked to the park about a half a mile away. I could barely walk right thanks to the hell which are lunges! And then? The boys made me play tag, where I got schooled by a 4 year old, so imagine how much the 6 and 10 year olds shredded me! I am pooped! Off to give the men a bath and then jump in the shower and bed! Night, chickies!

And the beat goes on…

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Well, I have been up to a lot of everything and a lot of nothing. Not really a whole lot to say, as dieting has been on the back burner. I have, however, been trying to be mindful of what I eat, and the portion sizes. I haven’t weighed myself since the dr (where I was down a pound from pre surgery, but still up 2 from my ex-low), and I am curious, but not curious enough to go buy a scale. I have been walking M-F every morning still, usually between 3 and 4 miles. I need to hit the weights and some higher intensity cardio, and I planned on doing that at lunch today with the hubby, but we had moving stuff come up. I have been deep cleaning and decluttering EVERYTHING. Today was the kitchen, and though I spent about 3 hours on it this morning, I still have the fridge, microwave, and stove left. Boo! I guess I’ll do those tomorrow. My kitchen looks huge now, though!

Ok, I guess that’s it, just wanted everyone to know I’m alive! 🙂

Happy Tuesday, chickies!

And they wonder why I have issues…

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My mother seriously just called to ask what my name was on my birth certificate… Good thing that was a momentous day for her. Gawsh.

B: oatmeal/protein/.5 banana
S: coffee & biscotti
L: almond butter & honey sandwich

I have my post op appointment today, and I haven’t weighed myself since a few days after surgery. I hope this number is not bad. I don’t think my ego can take much more today.

Busy, busy…

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Just a quick post to log stuff, as I am in the midst of passport hell…

B: oatmeal, protein (out of milk and banana)
L: pb & honey sammy and some leftover spaghetti & meatballs shared with the hubbs. oh, and a cupcake shared with him, too… about 50/50
Water: ~40 oz thus far

Happy Mother’s Day!

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My baby is 4 today. Wahhhhhh! I’m getting old and they are all growing up! I did NOT ask for this!

We started out the day at the donut shop, where my baby got a cinnamon roll donut the size of his head, literally. I partook myself, I won’t lie. We went to the beach and had a blast at his “beach party birthday!” as he calls it. Then I asked what he wanted to do next… run at the track! WTH have I done to my children?! So we came home and showered up only to get all sweaty again 🙂 We ran and played some soccer and catch with the football, then he wanted Wendy’s for lunch (which is across from the track). I was good and had a baked potato with only sour cream. Then we came home and I decided to go for a longer run (since I only ran a mile with him). I did almost 3 miles! I haven’t run since surgery, so I am pretty stoked I lasted that long. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I took about 4 walking breaks, and it was hard core, but the fact is I did it. Yippee. I may be back 🙂 Now I am off to make cupcakes and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Please lord, do not let me snarf 80 cupcakes and a loaf of french bread. Thanks.

Happy Mother’s Day!

B: raspberry filled donut, 1/2 apple fritter, coffee
L: small baked potato w/ low fat sour cream
D: quinoa spaghetti w/ sauce and 6 mini turkey meatballs, 1.5 cupcakes (homemade with vanilla buttercream frosting. OMG!)
water: lots!

I got wise today.. I made just enough for us, with one leftover for each boy tomorrow. Go me!

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