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So here I am, still sitting here, feeling like poop. UGH. I have a dr appt this afternoon that I am SO not looking forward to. Here’s the grossness which is my life: I can’t poop. And I have tried everything. And it has been like a week. And my belly hurts. Like bad. So I am going into the doctor today. I am not even excited about what they might do after googling (is that a word? is is google-ing?) it. SO yeah, there ya go.

In other news, I walked to the mailbox yesterday, about a block away. That was exciting. And I have read about 50 jillion cake decorating books, so my lil man’s 4th birthday (in less than 2 weeks) will be graced with one kick ass cake! And, I have been eating crap. Well, mostly healthy stuff, but too much, and then a side of chocolate. It’s because I feel sorry for myself. I know, counterintuitive, because I will feel more sorry for myself tomorrow when I venture out to buy a new scale (mine is officially broken) and weigh myself. U-G-L-Y, that’s my prediction.

So, that’s all I got. I’m like a flaming ball of joy.

I had the dr appt from Hell! HELL, I tell you! I got shuffled around because my surgeon was out and no one wanted to touch me post op, so they settled on having my dr send a prescriotion in. Seriously. I could have done this by email, instead of getting dressed and dragging a 3 year old with me 1 week after surgery, not to mention all the snotty swine flu people breathing all over us. ARGH! So, I got a laxative prescription that should work by Monday. Seriously? If I don’t poop all weekend I will die.

Oh, one good thing… I weigh only half a pound higher than pre surgery. And you are right brseay… I am gonna lose a few pounds, which nets me a loss. Boo-ya!


I went onto my twitter account because a friend deleted her myspace and I needed a way to keep in touch with her. So inkheartmeg was following me (too cool!). I looked at her page and she was following Eileen, too. And then Eileen was following Marathon Mom. And I added all of em, cause I am a creepy twitter stalker, that’s why! In case I missed any of you, or you want to hear me twitter (not that I even say witty things, cause I probably won’t) here’s my link so add me!

Okay, that is all.

bored, bored, bored, bored…

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Well, I think you get the point. I am over this bedroom. Over it. I have never been this antsy in my life! And antsy is quickly turning into bitchy. Majorly bitchy. The hubby took off again today because he didn’t think I was well enough to stay home alone. He’s probably right. Meh.

So, in other, even more alarming news, my scale died! I weighed myself the morning of surgery and was the usual. I weighed that night (I know, serious neurosis) and I had gained 8 pounds. Obviously fluid because I hadn’t even eaten, so no worries, but I wanted to do an experiment and see how long it took to level out. But alas, the scale broke on day 2. Bastard! And now, I am 4 days weightless and going nutso. RAWR.

SO let’s see… what else? Oh, thanks for the movie input. I ended up not really being up for that adventure afterall, so who knows when/if I’ll ever see a grown up movie. I am thinking of taking my older two to 17 Again. What do you think? A 10 and a 6 and a half (he isn’t merely 6, clearly he deserves the half designation… that kid) year old? We’ll see.

My BFF was amazing, as always and made things super easy and smooth. She also brought me the book I have been reading all morning, and it is a total tear jerker thus far. “The Last Lecture” is the title. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’m done. What I really want to do is workout. Or run. Or anything actually. So what if it is only because I can’t? 🙂

I’ve been trying to keep up with you chickies, but reading on the laptop makes me dizzy these past few days. Boo! I know you are missing all of my witty input. Or not. Either way, pretend you do because I am sick and have been waited on hand and foot for 5 days now and have an ego the size of Texas. buahahahhaha No really.

Happy Monday! 🙂

Thanks, chickies!

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So I am alive! And actually, I’m not feeling as bad as thought I would. I can’t get around too well, but I have a pretty sweet set up in my bedroom and the hubby has played maid/butler. Love that! My BFF will be here in a couple of hours, and she will whip this place into top shape. If I am feeling up to, I think we may get to go see a movie on Sunday. I am dying to get out of bed already. It’s been 29 hours of bed so far and I am over it.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for the well wishes. You chickies are too sweet. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tomorrow is the big day…

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And I am morbidly nervous. I have been keeping myself busy cleaning and decluttering everything. I now have the cleanest laundry room known to man. I have never been under general anesthesia, and I am a wuss. I admit it. Everything makes me think I am going to die, cause like I said… I am morbid like that. My hubby has all the instructions on what to do should that happen, my house is clean so people won’t think I was a slob, now the only thing is to drop 20 pounds so I don’t die fat. Ah well, guess that won’t happen. I should also tell you that this is a minor, out patient surgery. Told you I was a wuss!!

Since I won’t be able to run or work out for a while, I went for a run yesterday. It was nice to move my body and actually, I felt pretty good! I’m not doing anything today. I think too much when I run and frankly I don’t want to be alone in my head. Eating? Oh, not so good. We made homemade cupcakes last night. I ate 3 of them. Oh, did I mention we made homemade buttercream frosting? Yeah, about that. Amazingly enough, my weight is pretty much where it has been the last few weeks… I have the weirdest body. I am hoping my hormones will be in check after the surgery so I can maybe actually lose some weight. The doc says it should take about 6 months to stablize, so that puts me right before my sister’s wedding. We’ll see.

So here’s to all you chickies rocking this stuff. I’ll be back soon, kicking ass and taking names. 🙂

Diet? What diet??

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I just got back from a mini vaca and WOW, can I just tell you… that wagon? I fell off it. And it ran me over. And I just can’t seem to get back up off the ground. The worst part? I haven’t even tried. I have been living on candy. Easter candy to be specific. Lots and lots of it. My Aunt surprised me with tickets to come see her and so my two older sons and I left for Texas! We went to Dallas for a few nights and then off to the lake house in East Texas… in the BOONIES! Like literally, the cabin is off of Boondock Road. Ha! I had an AMAZING time, and I am renewed. I had to take an early morning flight home to make my pre-op appointment and so I am beyond sleep deprived at the moment. The appointment went well and the surgery is Thursday. I’m nervous, but trying to not think about it too much. My BFF is flying in for the weekend to take care of me, and that makes me feel much better. My Aunt would come, too, but she has an interview, and since there aren’t many Universities hiring Poly-Sci profs right now, I can understand why she is anxious to get a job. But, knowing that I am not going to be able to work out has not been much of a motivator to work out right now. I can’t remember the last time I worked out. UGH. Although, in a twist of fate, my weight has remained the same. I have NO idea how that is even possible, but it’s true. I am just going to go with it. So the hubby and lil man have been in Nebraska, where they went for Spring Break, but had to go earlier because his Great Grandmother wasn’t doing well. He got to spend 2 days with her before she passed away, and I am glad for that. And her funeral is tomorrow. They are FINALLY coming home Sunday morning, and I am SO SO SO ready to see them. I have never been away from the lil man for this long before and I hate it.

Thanks so much for checking on me. You chickies are so sweet 🙂 I am going to need your help getting back into it this week before surgery. I need to get my eating on track. Candy is not an acceptable means of substinance.


Day 5

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Today is a crazy day. My grandparents are gone and I made it out unscathed today food wise. I skipped lunch and ate at home, where I treated myself but it was all healthy. YUM. I went to talk to my 1st graders new teacher, only to find out he already has another new one because of the budget cuts!! wtf?! But, as a weird twist of fate, his new teacher is his Kindegarten teacher pre last years budget cuts! So he already knows him and I already know they work well together. I am so relieved. I flipped out before I knew it was him, and she explained to me that they have a committeee that is supposed to explain this, but that this years committee is pretty hopeless and doesn’t understand it themselves. Funny she should mention that; I volunteered to be on that committee at the beginning of the year, but was popular enough to even be placed on the ballot. So, she asked if I would be interested. Oh yes, I would love to. I will make those people wish they weren’t so full of crap! 🙂

B: usual and a soy cappucino
L: 2 slices ezekial, 95g avacado, 1 Tbsp salsa, 1t dijon mustard, 130g tomato, romaine, 1 oz corn chips, 75g turkey breast
water: about 40 oz so far
Total calories:

Day 4

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It is 7:23 in the morning, and I am done with these children. Why, oh why, did I have so many?! ha! We are getting dressed and ready to start our adventure with the Grandparents. SO excited! I’m going to try to be on my best behavior food wise, and also try to work out for a bit when I get home. Not making any promises, though. I’m not sure when we’ll actually get home, and I may be exhausted.

B: usual, with the banana! yay! and a soy cappucino (grande)
L: salmon, pineapple cole slaw
S: none
D: chicken soup x 2 bowls, salad x 2 servings, part of my oldest’s desert
Water: tons, or at least more than 80, as that was all I drank
Total calories: don’t know. apparently the soup and salad I had for dinner that I THOUGHT was a good choice isn’t according to the daily plate. UGH. I am so irritated right now. I pretty much blew this challenge in every way except the water. No formal exercise today, but I did walk for like 7 hours and climbed through several boats, including a submarine (how people live on those, I will NEVER know). I am completely and totally exhausted.

I think I am resigning this weeks challenge. I need to go see the punishment 🙁

Okay, I went and looked it up further, and have decided today is going to count as a good day. I went over my calories by 71 (total calories 1671), but technically they are still within a good range for me and also, I had the best of intentions and it was really hard to stick to my guns and not eat a damn breadstick or ice cream like everyone else did or to drink water all day. So this counts, damn it! And I am counting some of the walking as exercise, too. It was exercise, even if it wasn’t on the treadmill or in cute jogging pants. I am headed back to San Diego tomorrow morning, but I’ll be home early and after I get the boys from school I’ll get another formal workout in. Promise.

Day 3

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I will be brief as I am so effin BUSY today, not to mention that I it feels like my insides are going to disinigrate at any moment I am cramping so bad. UGH. 22 days til surgery. Thank GAWD! My grandmother is supposed to be here today, at some point before my son’s concert, but I don’t know when and she is supposed to call me, but that hasn’t happened yet. They went to Malibu first to see my great aunt on Monday, and so they are driving here. That makes me a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie. Hello, they are in their 80’s and are used to driving in Oklahoma, not LA! I’m sure she’ll call or be here soon. I am making a delicious bbq chicken dinner tonight with a gorgeous fruit salad for desert before the concert. Yay for the farmer’s market! I have been missing my bananas in the morning. I’m an addict.

B: oatmeal, protein, soy (usual minus banana)
S: balance pure bar
L: 2 slices Ezekial, 1Tbsp almond butter, 1 Tbsp honey, apple, 1/2 banana
S: none
D: chicken breast, 1/2 c mashed potatoes, 1 mini corn on the cob, fruit salad with strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and pineapple (YUM!)
S: balance pure bar (who’s addicted? that’s be me.)
Water: 94oz
Total calories: 1574
exercise: NONE!
Grandmother is almost here! yay! I leave you with this.

Had an amazing night with my Grandparents! My son rocked his concert (go cellos!). Dinner was delish. We’re ditching school to go on a whale watching cruise tomorrow, and 2 of my 3 meals will be eaten out. Eek! I will try my best to behave. I know one of the meals we are having is at a great seafood place, so fish and steamed veggies will be had. Not sure where the other place is though…

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