Date day :)

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Oh yeah, I have a date… with the most amazing 6 year old, EVER! We’re going to the library, lunch, then to see the San Diego Opera perform Rumplestilzkin. Did I spell that right? I am too lazy to google it. 😉

I talked to my Grandmother, who will be here the first couple days of April before she leaves for a cruise, and she was so excited to learn that she’ll be here for my oldest’s cello concert! How exciting for him, too! He adores my Grandmother. I had to endure, er, I mean, I taled to her for almost 2 hours… which totally warranted a glass of wine. But, I was ok in my calories. I have just been trying not to drink much, since alcohol and weight loss aren’t friends.

I am going to run 3 miles today, I’m just not sure when. Probably tonight just before it gets dark. I’ll just do a path through the neighborhood. I’m excited to run outside. Not sure why I stayed on the treadmill all last week… it was cold on Tuesday morning, but the other days were ok. I think I really like it for the speed control. I never know how fast I am going; I just try to judge it by my heart rate and then average it when I get home.

Okay, I am off to start my day. Happy Saturday, chickies! 

Finally Friday!

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I have another busy one in front of me.  Tons of stupid errands that always get put off until the last minute. Welcome to the last minute. I met up with another basketball mom yesterday, and she mentioned how I should be proud of my son, as his name was in the paper several times for making player of the game and then the all star team. Huh? What?! I never knew! And I never read the paper (hello, we have it online and why kill the trees?!) so I didn’t know! I called the newspaper, who told me to call the public affairs office, who told me to call the newspaper, who told me to go to the library, since it isn’t on their online archives (which I could have told him because I looked for it online for an hour before I called!). So, today I am going to go to the library and dig through the old papers and get all the good stuff out!

Also, previously mentioned son has an awards assembly this afternoon (right at nap time for the 3yo) where he’ll be receiving his Student of the Month award. I want to make it extra special because 3&4 grade is today, but 1&2 is Monday, and my MIL gets in Sunday, so she’ll be able to go to my other son’s but not my oldest son’s. Poor guy! They love their Gramma!

Speaking of, this house is in shambles! I have got to get it cleaned up and put in nice order. We are picking up MIL early Sunday morning. Eek! Actually, it really isn’t that bad. The boys rooms are spotless still (my 6yo cleaned before breakfast to “make me happy”… how cute?!), the laundry was caught up Monday, so I can bang that out in a couple hours, and I deep cleaned the kitchen last weekend, so it just needs a once over. Hopefully I can get to all of it this morning. I have about NO motivation to clean though!

Eating was meh yesterday. In my calories, but another cake problem. This time it was the cake I made, so at least it was a healthy version. I still ate too much though. I have issues. Serious issues.

Today is a cardio rest day. Thank goodness! I am spent. But, I have weights. I’m going to get those out of the way right after I drop the boys off at school so I can shower up and be ready for the library digging and award giving 🙂 Although, I kinda want to run just a little. Maybe for a warm up? Maybe just a mile or something? Or maybe not. I am so addicted.

Alright, that’s all I got chickies! Have a super great Friday!!


So I got 99% of my stuff done. Yay! Now I just need to finish cleaning, shower up, and get beautified! Then off to the library and the assembly. Whew.

I did my strength training and I was done and didn’t feel like I had done enough. So, I hopped on the treadmill and did running intervals. Gotta love HIIT. I definitely feel like I have done something now! Only 32 minutes, but hard core.



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As in my stomach just did. Weird. So, I have been on an ingredient quest, banishing anything not acceptable, and I was shocked at what I found! You know, there are things that I examine the ingredients of carefully, snacks for the boys, crackers, drinks of any kind, and then there are things that I don’t inspect so much. Things like my All Bran cereal that I eat. Every morning. That contains high fructose corn syrup. ICK. I mean, it’s freaking All Bran, but apparently it isn’t ALL anything. HFCS is banned in this house, no matter what the idiots who produce those commercials say. It ISN’T ok, even in moderation. So now I have to find a new breakfast cereal. Or go back to oatmeal. Which I love.  Speaking of food, I need to decide what I am giving up for Lent. The hubby and boys are giving up soda, but I don’t drink it so that would be cheating to give it up. I was thinking sugar, but that would be hard because I would have to define what I mean by sugar. Fresh pineapple contains sugar. So maybe just processed sugar? I’ll letcha know 😉

I am going to go for my run now. After last night’s debauchery I should run about 5 bazillion miles, but I will settle for 3. I’m gonna aim for naything between 3 and 4 miles, though. We’ll see. Yesterday’s 4 miles was pretty good. It’s that 3rd mile that’s killer. BOREDOM hits and there is no end in sight.

Happy Thursday, chickies!

Upside down, and inside out!

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Today is my hubsy’s birthday. I was going to get up and make him breakfast this morning, but we slept in instead 🙂 When did I get so old that 6:30 was sleeping in?!? Breakfast is his FAVORITE meal of the day, so we’ll be having that for dinner. Homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. I’m going to be good good today so I can eat some of the deliciousness. Of course, it will be modified, but shhhhhh, don’t tell. 😉 I’m also going to make a pineapple upside down cake. I apparently am out of applesauce, so I’m gonna run to the store to get some this morning. Today is going to be a packed one, and I want to make sure we get it all done.

On the running front, I am aiming for 4 miles today. I’ll probably just hop on the treadmill due to the time situation. Hopefully I can make it again… I have only done 4 miles once on the treadmill. And, I decided te race I am going to run to replace the marathon… it’s an Iron Girl 10K. Since I can already run a 10K, finishing isn’t a good enough goal. And, since the race is 3 months away, I am going to focus on building my distance for a couple more weeks, and then I am going to start some speed work. Oh yeah, I am so ready to ditch the 11 minute mile average. I am aiming for an 8 minute pace. Think it’s doable? We’ll see 🙂

Alright,  I am off to get this day going. Hope all you chickies have a fabulous Wednesday!!


Oh, I forgot… I am wearing a pair of 12’s today! Yes, that’s right. 12’s! Yay! They are not my skinniest pair… in fact, they are a larger pair from Old Navy, but OMG, I have been too chubby for these for a year and they totally fit again! I heart running!!! Okay, that’s all 🙂


Dinner is done and OMG, I am stuffed. Like uncomfortably full. I ate WAY too much, even though it seemed like I ate less than usual. The bad part… the cake I made? No! It was good calorie wise. It was the cake that the hubsy brought home. That I wasn’t going to eat. But the piece I sliced up for my son? He didn’t want it. So I tried it. Then proceeded to eat it all. And 450 calories later. Yes. FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY (at least according to the website, and that is for one serving. NASTY!). Glad I ran today…

So, I ended up about 500 calories over my usual. Going to have to try to hit the low end of my range for the next couple of days.

Night, chickies!

Get your game on!

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Tonight is my 10 year old’s All Star game, and I couldn’t be more excited!! I can’t believe he even made it this far in his first season. Maybe one of these days he’ll grow up and make Mama some money 🙂 ha!

So, yesterday was not really what I had expected. I ended up in the midst of laundry hell. I literally did laundry all day until it was time to take my son to practice. And, I’m still not done! I have the dreaded sock load in the dryer now, waiting for me. I HATE matching socks. Hate it. Besides laundry, I had to deep clean the entire house and car. A week of the boys being home from school left this house in a sad state. But, all is well now. The bad part of that? No exercise yesterday. I really wanted to try out the yoga video I just got. I have a meeting to go to at 11:30 but after that I might have time to do it before I get the boys. Also, today is a run day, so I need to run today. I drink WAY too much coffee every morning, so on run days I finish my pot then drink some water then wait half an hour then run, in that order. ha! I don’t want to get dehdrated. 🙂 I am going for 3-4 miles today… whatever feels comfortable. I am going to keep on with the marathon training, sort of. The hubby’s knee isn’t better yet, in fact it is worse, so he is not going to be able to do the marathon. And, since the whole point was us doing it together, I am not going to do it either. We really wanted to do our first together. But, I am going to look for a half mary or a 10k at least to do in May. That way I am still training for something. I know I wouldn’t be this focused if I didn’t have my eyes on the prize.

Food. Oh food, how you torment me. I went over my calories yesterday. I didn’t go over a lot, and I didn’t eat bad food, I just ate too much. Boo! I can’t believe I’ve already been tracking for over a week. Crazy. And so far? No results! ha! I need to start tracking my weight every day. I weigh myself every morning, I just never log it. Need to do that.

Okay, enough crazy rambling. I’ve got to get to those damn socks!!

Happy Tuesday, chickies!



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Yesterday ended up being the hubsy’s birthday celebration, and it turned out amazing!! The day started off with me sleeping in, him making me breakfast and coffee, and keeping the kids so I could go on a 6.2 mile run (that I thought was 7 miles… aghhh!). Sounds celebratory, huh? He was apologizing for being in a mood yesterday. So, I invited a few of his friends over for dinner and I wanted to make something special. Jambalaya! Had I ever made it before? Nope! But I looked at a few recipies and made up my own. Let me just tell you! YUM! And completely healthy. I used turkey sausage, chicken breast and shrimp for the meat, brown rice, and LOTS of fresh veggies. Then of course there was the apple crumble with vanilla bean ice cream and the red wine, but whatev. Dinner was healthy 🙂

So my BFF will be here in 3 weeks and I am so stoked… except… I fixed her up with a friend of ours. I know, California and Texas are far apart, but I just knew they’d hit it off. So she wanted him to email her so she would be more comfortable. And he did. Then they progressed to phone. And now? Now they are like 5 minutes from saying vows! So I have this feeling that my girls weekend isn’t going to be what I intended, but I am okay with that. She totally deserves happiness, and I hope this works out. If I have to sacrifice one week of girl fun for her, I can do that. Plus, I’m going to Houston in June, and that isn’t too long. Does it sound like I am convincing myself? Yeah, I know.

Food wise? Kicking ass, taking names.

Run? Today is a rest day, but I am going to take lil man on a walk to the park and also try out my new power yoga video. Allegedly it is for runners. We’ll see. Yesterday was a 7 mile run. I mapped it out and somehow screwed up cause it turned out to be only 6.2 miles. And I thought I was just getting really fast. Boo! My run was great though… I felt strong and amazing the whole time. Nothing was hurting at all. I did some pull ups (sort of) last night. The hubsy and I are working on a program so that he can increase his, and I would LOVE to be able to do 5. I think that would be so hot! So, we’re going to make a plan and start this week. Yay! If I can ever do five I’ll totally put it on youtube and brag. 🙂

Happy Monday, chickies!

We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!

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My husband’s birthday is Wednesday, but he has class Tuesday and Thursday, and Wednesday’s are always busy preparing for Thursday’s class, so we are celebrating today! I have no idea what we are doing yet, but I know we’re gonna have a blast!! Because I knew we’d be all over the lace today, I got up early this morning to get in a walk. After yesterday’s let down I planned on a walk today and then a long run tomorrow. Well, I walked for 5 minutes and felt fine, so I thought I’d try it. I know, stupid, but it’s how I roll. 🙂 Well, turns out, today I ran fine! Got in my 3 miles all before 7am. Yay! So now I am just waiting for someone, anyone to wake up! It’s so lonely. And I don’t want to eat since I’m going to make breakfast when the men wake up. And I don’t want to go shower, cause the hubbinator is sleeping. So, here I am, catching up on you chickies!

I am so in awe (and knocking on wood) of my food choices. I usually suck at food, and I am 4 days good now. CRAZY. I’m excited to see what I weigh after an entire week of good choices.

Happy Saturday, chickies!


So, the hubbs decided he wants to celebrate tomorrow. Whatev. Went to Souplantation today, and I thought I made good choices… not so much. So calories are high for the day. RAWR.

In other news, I bought the Tae Bo for kids DVD and we did it together tonight. FUN! I wore my HRM to see how great it was, and for me, not so much… I barely made it into the target HR zone. But, it was FUN! 37 ish minutes and I burned almost 200 calories. The boys doing those kicks were a hoot!! Loved it!

Night chickies!

We’ve got a man down!!

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So the other day when I dropped the tv and thought I had only hurt my back? wrong. I pulled an abdominal muscle, too. And last night when I went to run? Yeah, no go. So I tried today? And I made it one mile. And that was with a couple walking breaks. I pushed it too hard and then even the walking hurt. So now I am done for tonight. I’m going to try to walk 3 miles tomorrow and then try for anouther 6 mile run on Sunday, but realistically I’ll take whatever I can get Sunday! I hate not being able to run!!! This is so depressing. I only have 3 weeks before my bestie is here. Boo.

On the eating front, omg, I am superwoman! No, but really, I have been doing really well. Yay for sparkpeople. Apparently I don’t eat enough fat. Who’da thunk it?

I took the boys to play tennis this morning! What a hoot! They are all over the place. My 10 year old is okay, and I am slightly (very, oh so slightly) better. We just try to see how many times we can hit the ball back and forth! It’s fun though. I love those turkeys!

On the brother front, thanks for the comments. I know, I am a classic enabler. He called today and we talked for a while. I pretty much told him just what I think, and I’m not sure he liked it, but he listened. I really, really hope he can use this as a reason to grow up. I mean like REALLY hope. He did go with her to the doctor today, and I am proud of that. He also did tell me that he was going to be a part of the baby’s life, and that makes me happy, too. I reminded him of our childhood, and though he didn’t want to hear it, he knows I am right. Well, I did what I could and the rest is up to him.

I hope all you chickies are having an amazing Friday!

And the beat goes…

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Well, I am happy to report my run was a good one last night. YAY! I am sad to report that I was as slow as a snail. Grrrrrrrrr I was on the phone with my best friend this morning and it just so happens that we ran the exact amount of time last night… but I ran 4.13 miles and she ran 6.8. wtf?! Ah, one of these days I will be super speedy, too. At least that is the hope. I just keep telling myself that right now it is about endurance and not speed. I am adding miles so I need to keep it steady.

I wish today was my weigh in day, as I weigh 3 pounds less today than I did yesterday. So bizarre, this weight. I think I need to start tracking it daily. Then I could see trends and such. I just don’t want to get all obsessive about it.

I have a three mile run scheduled for today, but I am not exactly sure when exactly I am going to do it. I am taking the boys to the beach this morning so if we get back early enough I can do it this afternoon. I have to make an early dinner though, as my hubby has class tonight and my All Star has practice. We should be home from that around 8, and I could do it then, but past experience shows that putting things off don’t usually work so well for me. Although, in my defense, I have run the past 2 nights in a row. We’ll see!

I am super proud of my calories the past 2 days! I am totally rebounding from the kiss nightmare. I got emailed my brother’s baby mama yesterday and she spilled the beans. I was kind of short in my reply… not rude, but short and I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings. She is just out in lala land! She thinks this is gong to be fun, and that he is going to be there, and I know I haven’t talked to him yet, but I can tell just by what she is saying that he isn’t. I feel like someone should tell her. She hasn’t talked to him in days and he hasn’t returned her calls. HELLO! There’s a pretty big clue! Let me be pregnant with your baby and you not call me for days! Oh no. Anyhow, I am really just wanting to talk to him. He knows that I am gonna freak out and that is why he won’t call me. I am like his Mom and he really doesn’t like to disappoint me. I have always been the one to hold him accountable (mostly) for his actions (or inaction) and so I always know when he is screwing up cause he disappears.

Alright, I am off to the beach to play in the sand with my little misters, so that they grow up knowing they are fabulous, and smart, and loved, and so that they hopefully do not have the issues that my brother has. Happy Thursday, chickies!

Well today was… a day. Actually the first half was fab. I took the boys to the beach and we had a blast. But then dinner was late, we were rushed to practice, and I had a domestic dispute with a sleepy 6 year old. UGH. I still feel guilty for not resolving it before he fell asleep. And then I got the WORST cramping belly. I tried to run anyway, and I lasted 8 minutes 🙁 I will make it up tomorrow. I did do good on calories, and so this makes 3 days in a row. Oorah!

Night chickies!

Wacky Wednesday :)

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I feel all giddy and weird this morning! What is up with that? I am still upset about my brother, but you now what? I can’t change it. I have tried. He has lived with me… wow, I don’t even know how many times… and I have budgeted his money, given him cars, paid his bills, given him money, let him work for me… the list goes on. I made my husband promise last time to NEVER let me do it again. Which, was obviously unfair to him because the first thing I wanted to do was have him move here, and the hubbs was like NO, and so I yelled at him! But, he knows how I am with my brother and so he didn’t take offence. I am OVERLY protective of him. We had a hard childhood, and I kind of played his Mom. The fact is, we didn’t have a Dad, so he should know how that feels. I am mad at him now. See how fast my emotions change!

I did okay eating yesterday, and that is good. The hubbs had some ice cream when he got home from school and I ate some of it, but my calories were still in check. I would say I wished I hadn’t eaten it, but it was GOOD! I have a 4 mile run scheduled for today, and I am trying to figure out when I am going to do it. I want to do it outside, but I have the boys and the track will be muddy. I would wait for the hubbs, but he has a ton of homework for public speaking and he needs me to listen to him. Hmmm… maybe the treadmill it will be. My son has a counseling appointment in a few hours. This is the third week we’ve been going, but the first time she’s talked to him. Weird? I dunno… I’ve never done threrapy (obviously).

I’ll weigh in when I get home from the doc’s! Happy Wednesday, chickies

Well weigh in was up one pound. Not shocking, considering the bad choices as of late, but not too concerning. I think I can still be 5 pounds down in 3.5 weeks. My hubby informed me that his birthday was in a week. Ha! I totally had forgotten what day it was… as in current date, not his birthday. No work = not caring so much about the specific date! At least for me.

I have yet to run, but the hubby got home late and we just ate dinner, so I am trying to kill an hour or so before my 4 mile jaunt. I am thinking I might do it outside, but then again, it sucks running in the dark here. Like seriously, there are no lights and my HR moniter has no light. Isn’t that dumb? It’s like a state of the art, ass kicking thing that is basically useless at night during a run. Grrrrrrrr Maybe I’ll just hop on the treadmill.

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