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Yesterday was STRESSFUL to the max at work, my ex and his wife came into town, and we had Mexican for dinner. EEK! Actually, I really like the wifey. Like a lot. We are a lot alike. I’ll get more into that when she’s not upstairs… ha! I managed to make it out of dinner with a healthy entree and not too many chips. Okay, and a few bites of the hubby’s ice cream! 😉 And though I ate too much and wanted to be lazy, I drug myself to the gym and had a very decent 40 minutes of cardio. So, I broke no goals yesterday! I think we are doing the zo or something today, so that’s good… exercise plus food control. I LOVE picnics!

Have a good day, chickies!


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I did it! I was aiming to go for a run tonight, but I felt like CRAP and had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to skip out on it. Well, some drugs and a relaxing movie later (by relaxing I mean in bed ALL by myself while hubby made dinner and kept the boys entertained!) I was feeling like maybe I could do it. So, I ran(for the third day in a row!). And ran. Til it was too dark to see, anyway. It felt like I ran forever, but I logged it and it turned out to be a little over a mile and a half. In my defense it is hilly 🙂 I am just so happy that I ran it without stopping!!! If I just add a little bit every couple of days maybe I can grow up and be like getupnow 😉 I read in another blog about 21 day goals… where you have to meet your goal 21 straight days in a row and if you fail you start over. Well, I am going to make a few of those.

-No fast food. Period.

-No candy. I know, blasphemy this close to Halloween, but too bad!! (I will be partaking of the cookies we bake though!)

-3 water bottles per day. No excuses and no diet coke til it’s done!

-Some form of exercise EVERY day, even if it is just half an hour.

Seems easy enough. 21 days (assuming I make it!) will end just as I am about to leave to go home, so maybe I can make some good progress before my trip. I have decided to get rid of all my weight training for now. I have a friend who is a trainer and she was telling me that I gain muscle WAY too easily, so if I want to get smaller and actually lose weight to stick to just cardio for a while. And, even though it goes against EVERYthing I have read, I am going to try it because it does kinda make sense. I am built really muscular naturally. Well, except I am going to keep doing this pushup challenge because my hubby is doing it with me. One of these days I’ll be able to do a crap ton of pushups, even if I will look like Arnie by the time I get there.

Food was good today, for the first time in a long time I can say I didn’t have anything bad… not one thing. It feels so good to be able to say that…

Night, chickies!


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First of all, thanks to all you chickies for the input! I appreciate all of you!

Secondly, no run this morning because I slept late… there was a BEEP all night, outside of our window. The hubby and I are both exhausted. RAWR. I did do a wii fit body test and then some aerobics on there (kicking the crap out of the old Super Hula record… muahahahaha) just to rev things up. I WILL get in a run today… at some point.

Third, tonight is Fright Night at the boys school, and that sounds like T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I WILL write down EVERY thing I eat today.

Okay, I am late. Talk to you later, chickies!!!

Surprise, surprise

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My son gots one. His Dad is in town and I’m taking him to Disney Land to meet him today. He totally gets to ditch 3 days of school to hang out with his Dad and Stepmom. What a rough life. 🙂 Anyway, went for my run this morning and it felt really good. Also weighed myself and I am down a little of the weekend damage, but not all the way yet. Boo! Tomorrow is my weigh in and I am gonna have a gain. Damn it.

So the drama… they want to do exploratory surgery that may or may not lead to removal of reproductive organs. 🙁 Yeah. So, I was kind of processing that all weekend and my hubby drops a bombshell on me… he wants another baby. And he has valid reasons. But, I had just resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to have a daughter. I had just gotten the approval to sit for the CPA. I had just gotten into the University of California. So, it took me some time to process all of that, too. I emailed the doc yesterday, and she thinks we should have a baby first because the option may not be there after the surgery, and also whatever it is that I have will get better with pregnancy. She also said if in 6-8 months we were not pregnant we’d have to do the surgery. So, no pressure. Anyway, I have decided to have a baby. Well, that is AFTER I go home for Thanksgiving (OU v OSU is gonna involve alcohol!) AND AFTER I lose at least 10 more pounds. At least. I weighed the same every time I got pregnant before and I would like to be there, but that is 20 pounds away and that might take a minute. I am shooting for the 20 though. I’d also like to establish a steady running pattern so that I can continue to run for the first part of the pregnancy at least. Which brings me to the big question of the day: What is it going to be like having FOUR kids?! Any mothers of four out there?? And, what if this is a boy?! AGHHHHHHHH And, I want to name it with something starting with an A so my kids first initials will spell my middle name! ha. I just realized that last night. And, the biggest of all… what if I can’t get pregnant?? That is the scariest one. So, like I said, a lot on my plate this weekend, and apparently I suck and use whoppers to help in decision making processes. Gotta change that…

Happy Tuesday, chickies!

Ick. Boo! Blah.

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Well here I go again, feeling guilt over a shit weekend. I got some news Friday that I wasn’t ready to deal with, and so how do I cope? Candy and junk and other things that are like poison to my body. I wish I didn’t know how disgusting smoking was, cause it sure made my crazy life easier to deal with, if for no other reason than keeping the size of my ass in check. So, as of this morning I weigh 4 pounds more than Thursday! Of course I know that isn’t true, but I also realize that the trend is. I’m going to be more aware of what I am putting in my body today, writing it all down, and not allowing any junk. Speaking of which, I made these awesome pumpkin brownies… mmm… of which I will be eating no more of. I did no exercise all weekend (no shocker with the eating… they seem to go hand in hand), so I’ll be starting two-a-days today. I got in a 1.5 mile hilly run this morning and it actually felt really good. I am done with BS excuses.

And for the drama, I’ll get to it later. Ugh. Off to another day at the job.

Have a good Monday, chickies!

Thursdays, oh how I heart you.

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I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but I am so glad this week is done after today. I am so excited about everything coming up in the next month that I don’t even want to go to work anymore! ha! We have people coming in town next weekend, the weekend after is our when we are celebrating our anniversary… at least I think… our anniversary is the 11th, and then just a few short days later we’ll be leaving for OKLAHOMA! yay, yay, YAY! I am so ready to get home <3

So, in other, weight loss related news, I ate like I had mad cow disease yesterday… cheeseburger, fries, and yogurt pretzels. Was it good? Yes. Did I go to the gym to alleviate some damage? NO. Crap. So, today is going to be a nice, healthy day of eating and I am going to cap it off with a nice hour of cardio followed by some more of that wretched yoga strength training. Yoga is hard enough, but add 10 pound dumb bells and it is downright torturous. I am so ready to sweat!

Happy Thursday, chickies! I hope you all have a fabulous day 😀

Oh no…

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Oh yes. I had 3.5 perfect days in a row, and then something happened after lunch today (where I lost another pound for the week to put me at a total of 10! woot!). I am craving SALT. wtf. So, after hitting the drive-thru at In n Out and some yogurt pretzels later, I feel like I’m gonna yak! And I have most certainly ruined my perfect streak. Oh well… Maybe I should work out. Nahhhhhhhh Today is officially glutton and sloth day 🙂

Happy hump day, ladies!

TMI Update

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Ignore previous soliciatation of advice. The problem has rectified itself… pun intended. I know. I am gross. But, I crack myself up!


And, the website is sparkpeople.com. I LOVE it!


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I am so effin TIRED! I left yesterday morning, and didn’t come back until after 8 last night. Days like that are too much for an old haggatha like me! 🙂 Actually, this whole week is gonna be a busy one. Ugh.

I am kicking major ass with this eating thing. It’s not even work right now. I say right now instead of anymore because I have felt like this before and then it leaves. So, I ate perfectly again yesterday and got my hour of cardio in to boot! I’ve been telling the hubby I want a running buddy, but he can’t really be it because he is the babysitter 😉 so he found a Marine for me. He’s kinda chubby and a smoker (says a lot about my running abilitity, eh?!), but Nick thinks we can give each other a go. We’re going to try to get to the track tonight. After reading a TON of articles, I’ve decided to run 3 times a week and do the elliptical or bike the other 4 days. So, at least for now that is the revised plan. God I hope this guy doesn’t smoke my chili…

So speaking of great eating, I have a birthday lunch today. Eek! I’m pretty confident it will be ok.

Okay, now for the tmi… I am so not pooping lately, and when I do, it is just a tiny bit. I know it isn’t my diet… I get plenty of fiber, fluids, and fruits and veggies. wtf is up? It’s actually starting to hurt a little bit today. Gross, I know, But the only time this ever happened to me was a couple days post partum so I have no idea how to handle it, and everything I look up tells me to do what I am already doing! So, any poop advice would be much appreciated!

Okay, on that lovely note I am off for another grueling day at the City! Happy Tuesday, chickies!!!

Perfect days, as in plural?

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Is it possible?? Yesterday was awesome and I am shooting for a repeat today. Think I can do it? I have pretty much given up on WW… I just want to know more nutritionally about what I am eating than the points it has. So, I have been logging all of my food on sparkpeople and I love it! How fun! I only have 3 more weeks of WW at work left, so I’ll still go for the weigh ins. I may join next time, too, just because I like the accountability and everyone doing it. Plus, they need a certain number of people to continue and I don’t wanna let them down.

I did a weight lifting/yoga routine yesterday and it kicked my ASS. My back and legs are so sore. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I am glad I only have to do an hour of cardio today!

So, it’s Monday and after slaving ALL day yesterday (ok, that is a slight exaggeration) in the kitchen, my son comes in and says he needs a sack lunch for his field trip. That would have been nice to know YESTERDAY! I don’t have any field tripping supplies! RAWR. Kids are such a pain.

Hope you girls have a happy Monday!

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