A good week

I’ve just had the best week…..lost some weight, and feel like I’m really getting on track. I’m down into the next set of 10’s and punching through.

What is working right now?

Keeping my surgery really strong and heavy in the front of my mind, with a bit of fear mixed in for good measure….I just don’t have the option to gain weight right now, I really need to lose as much as possible.

Keeping that surgery in my mind even when I feel emotionally upset. The last two days I was sad and normally would have eaten, but I just had to allow myself to be sad without food. It was good to get through that, as when all was said and done, I was fine again emotionally with no regrets or frustrations from overeating or gaining, which was wonderful!!!

So this was a good week, and I am planning to keep the momentum going from now until the surgery. At that time I will have to adjust my eating a bit probably ( I don’t always eat breakfast now for instance, but due to pain medication w/meals I will probably switch to smaller meals more often then), but even with that I should be able to just keep losing, and of course as soon as my knees are strong enough I am going to be able to use my recumbent bike and go walking, so I will be burning way more calories, which is great.

So I’m feeling encouraged as the last nine days of March play out…..



The Surgery

I now know the date of my surgery, it is June 24th. I will be having double knee replacement, which is a big thing..

It is sobering now that it is a reality, and I have no other options but to do this if I want to be able to both walk and walk without pain, so there it is…

So from now until my surgery I need to stay utterly strict in my eating—no matter what emotional stuff comes my way, no matter what food, no matter what experiences…I need to really keep my eye and mind on the surgery and what it means. Every lb I lose is going to make a difference on my recovery, so I don’t have the option of any yo-yo dieting, I don’t have the option of messing up and getting back on track.

I CAN do this…I can eat correctly every day. I can even eat out at restaurants and eat correctly. I can forego desserts for fruit, or have a cup of tea instead and make it sweet with a bit of cream and Splenda. I can opt for salads, or eat the meat and veggies but not the bread. I can plan my meals carefully, eat small portions, and allow myself to be a bit hungry at times. I can develop choosing liquids when I’m hungry, and drinking some water or a diet soda when my tummy is grumbling…

It is only for 3 months..this is not a long time!! After my surgery, when I am able to dramatically increase and develop my exercise ability, I may be able to add a few different healthy foods and not have to eat as strict (as I will be burning off more calories), but for now, with limited exercise, I need the strictness so I will actually lose..

So there it is..I am going to be challenged in this decision by everything I am, but it has to be done. I have run out of time….



Half Over

March is half over….I have not been as successful this month as I had hoped at the beginning. So where does that leave me?

The only obvious choice is to buckle down, dig in, and make the rest of the month really count…today, that is my goal…as there is really nothing out there that I need to eat, really need to eat, that is going to hurt or hinder my weight loss. The things that hurt my weight loss are things I want to eat, not need to eat. I would lose bundles if I only ate what I need to eat.

I should call my eating plan the “Need to Eat Plan”. Do you want it or need it? Depending on your answer, that will be whether it goes in your mouth.

I need to eat (using eat for drinks also)  a good amount of water. I need to eat protein, and some fruits and/or veggies. I need to eat salad.

I want to eat carbs. Not the kind of carbs the above foods have. The kind of carbs bread, cookies, candy, pastries, candy, bread and cookies have. Oh, and ice cream too. And I think I forgot ice cream and candy.

No brainer, isn’t it?

There are 15 days left in March….let’s see how the new plan works!!





OH March!!

I’m still not quite down to my ticker and profile weight, but within a lb, so if all goes well I will meet or get past it in the next day or so…which would be not only terrific but a major for me…and then I can get busy with the next group of 10..

I have a long work day today, which can make eating on plan difficult, it’s just hard to know how much food to bring in to not be swayed by the food that is there…I have a boss hunting for girl scout cookies (this is the last weekend) and if she finds them there will be a bunch on the table right by my desk (can’t put them somewhere else, that’s where the treat desk is)….and the thing of it is, they are not my kind of cookie, I really like bakery and/or homemade cookies as I like soft cookies…..so why do they draw me? It’s like a moth to a flame with sweets, and I really need to learn to be more discerning with what I eat for special..

Okay, that is the converation I need to have later today if the cookies arrive—thank you, Scarlet!!


Today is my Friday, I am glad!!  I have a busy weekend, but that will be good, less time to eat the wrong things (just kidding!!) (not!!) (yes, I do plan to eat right)

Sometimes I feel so very young and invincible, then I stand up and my knees creak and I know I am not…but there is still plenty of time left in my life to pull this around and have some good quality years to enjoy, and that is what I want to do….

Getting closer

I am getting closer to the weight on my ticker, only 1.6 lbs to go—this is a good thing!

I just could not bring myself to post another gain, but I felt if I was really losing I would allow myself the opportunity to get back to what I was and then start in earnest to get more off. I feel that I am moving in the right direction, spending time on sites about knee replacement surgery is really beginning to focus my whole mind/heart/body on what I need to do here and how important it is.

Reading horror stories scares me, but I know that they are just a small number of the 1000’s of people that have this surgery each year, so I am trying to focus on the positive things I can do before my surgery to have better recovery afterward…this seems to be the way the most successful people have approached it. 

So please bear with me if this blog talks about both things, as they need to be really related in my mind, so I will eat right and say no to things that will make me gain, and so I can get through the cravings or desire to  binge and come out of it without a gain or the frustration of blowing it yet again!!!


Moving along then

I have posted small losses for the last three days, so I seem to be moving in the right direction again. I talked to my doctor yesterday and tentatively will be having my double knee replacement June 24th of this year.

This gives me about 4 1/2 months to lose as much as I can. It would be nice if I could lose 50lbs, but that is probably not going to happen. If I am strict and careful I could lose 35-40 lbs though, and that would really help…anything my new knees don’t have to carry is good.

I am excited to be able to someday take walks and bicycle and really get the rest of my weight off…as right now even going grocery shopping is painful….

I have to keep encouraging myself and really keep that surgery date in my mind..I should find out next week if that is the actual date…focus is the key here, focus…




I finally saw a loss today, which is very encouraging as I’ve been struggling and I want to participate in my challenge of losing 10 lbs this month. First I have to get off the extra I gained this month, so losing today was great, I’m almost there!

Today is my day off, and I do have to drive into Seattle for a manager meeting, but the rest of the day is mine…I hope to keep on plan and have another loss tomorrow….I can do this, no matter what situation I find myself in…it’s all in what I want and in continuing to keep that in front of me…


Blogging and the art (problems) thereof

I had trouble getting into my blog for a couple days, I was able to post a comment about it (!!) but not get in….but I am hopefully back in as I am not the sort to keep fighting something like this…I have enough other things going on in my life to fight!!

So here it is, March 4th and no weight loss yet but already a gain….Today is my day off, my daughter is cooking fish and making salad for all of us for dinner tonight, so I am going to take that as a blessing and eat carefully during the day, I would really like to see some loss happening here. I know March is a longer month, but I really want to reach my goal of 10 lbs for this month….

It seems when I make goals something in me wants to immediately sabotoge them, why is that? I hate how heavy I am, and I need to lose some weight before my knee surgery, so why can I not get on a huge bandwagon and get crazy about it?  I need to find out how and soon!!



And so it goes

Today was a better eating day than yesterday, still not quite as strict as I really need to be I think, but a good transition from overeating, so I am happy to have the day over and on to the next one. Hopefully I’ll see a loss in the morning!