STILL down a pound!!

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I know some people here lose more than 1 pound a week, but I am definitely happy & excited when I lose even just one pound! Today was my weigh in day… & I lost a pound!!!! I weighed myself fully clothed and I was 172.4, so I just took .2 off and gave myself a full pound! I am so happy.. but it also makes me wonder what all my exercising is for because I usually only lose one pound, haha.. oh well.  Anyways, that put me in a good mood.. though I am in a much better mood than I was yesterday!!

Aside from my ankle still having pain, it’s been one full week where I have stopped doing anything, & I’m gunna give it one more whole week and if it’s still painful I am going to have to get some more scans done, like a bone scan or an MRI… not exciting. \:

Guess what?! (Again, not related to weight loss or exercise) I know I told you guys I foster cats, and I think I told you that one of them is pregnant?… Here is how my week has gone with this one cat so far. (If you’re not an animal person you can stop reading now. I will prob. ramble on & on… so happy and excited right now!)

A little insight before I got the kitty — I got a call from my rescue friend late sunday night, he works for the rescue I foster for, and he is the one I directly deal with. Nice nice guy. He told me about a week or two prior that he has a pregnant cat that is outside & pregnant, and is afraid of people.. (a feral kitty) and needed a place to bring her in so she could have her babies safe and indoors, and not outside in the cold. He knows I am comfortable with cats that are iffy with people, and of course I was also excited about the whole baby kitty ordeal! Like who wouldn’t want to see babies grow up!?? Anyways, he had been trying to capture the pregnant kitty — instead they caught a different cat, who ended up being at my house, but she is too terrified of people, lets me pet her but she isn’t adoptable, so she will probably end up being released back outside, her name is Lily. Sunday night around 10:00pm I got a call, they finally caught the pregnant cat. He wasn’t sure if it was the same pregnant cat they had been seeing around, or if it was a different one, but they thought she was definitely pregnant. Wanted to know if he could bring her to my house then…. it was already 10 and he had to get to boston to get the cat from the lady who trapped it, and then bring the cat to my house.. It was 11:45 by the time he got to my house, and 12:00am by the time he left. She needed flea protection, and obviously to kill the fleas before she could officially come IN my house (I don’t need a flea problem at home) so she stayed in her have a heart trap out in my garage sunday late late night until I got home from work Monday around 6. We then set her up in her cage. She growled a little, but didn’t try attacking. Her stomach was big so, we thought definitely pregnant, though rescue friend thought she could possibly have worms, so to keep a close eye on her. At any rate, I figured she wouldn’t be having her babies for atleast a couple of weeks, and rescue friend thought atleast 4 if she was going to have any at all.

Monday PM – put her in her new cage set up upstairs, setting up a cage and everything is ideal for feral cats to feel safe & to basically work on your relationship together. If she has a whole room or a whole house, she won’t open up to you and won’t really start feeling that comfortable with you, so we had a cage for her, and figured it’d be the safest for her and her babies. Well.. around 5am (technically Tuesday) a huge thunderstorm happened.

Tuesday AM – I went upstairs to check on both feral kitties, (momma cat named Stella & feral kitty named Lily) and checked on Lily first, we have sheets over their cages to give them a comfy dark place to relax in, and when I lifted her sheet.. she wasn’t in her cage. I figured she got really scared and freaked out, but still confused as how she got out, so I then went to check on Stella… and she was ALSO not in her cage, and now she is huge, had a huge stomach and everything, HOW would she have gotten out of her cage? It just doesn’t make sense. I had a huge scare though, I found Stella in the closet in that room, but the room they are in is a finished room in my attic, and the other room across the hall ISN’T finished, and I couldn’t find Lily anywhere and thought maybe she got into the walls/ceilings. I felt like a horrible foster-Mom at this point.

Tuesday afternoon I came home from work early. Took a half day, and when I got home I decided to go upstairs and do a good cleaning of the cages, and the whole room, and we had left Stella out of her cage because my rescue friend was going to come by to help catch her and put her back in her cage later on. When I was sweeping I glimpsed behind Stella’s cage and THERE was Lily!!!!! I was sooo exstatic! I called everyone I knew, most people didn’t even answer to listen to my good news, but I was so so excited! YAY she is safe and sound.  Rescue friend came by later on that evening to re-capture them and put them in their cages again. We checked both cages and couldn’t understand how they escaped.  Anyways… got them back in their cages, things were great.

Wednesday AM… went upstairs to check on kitties, Lily still in cage.. Stella somehow squeezed out again! UGH! So at this point, we decided SHE wins. We didn’t want her squeezing her babies and hurting them.. so I just set up a few towels/comfy things.. one in the closet, and left her cage door open so she could go in and out as she pleased.

Wednesday PM & Thursday AM – everything was the usual, she kept her distance from me.  Weirdest thing is she didn’t really eat that much and I figured she’d be eating a ton…. but nope, not the whole time we had her.

Thursday PM – got home from work, and thought I should go hang w/ my bunny, so I spent some time with him, cleaned, folded some laundry &* thought I should go clean the litterboxes upstairs for the kitties, when I got up there and opened the door I heard little baby MEW’s!!!! I was like NO WAY!!! “MIKE SHE HAD HER KITTENS!!!” I was so happy & so so excited I couldn’t contain myself. At that point, it was around 7, she was growling and she was still moving around, not exactly looking very comfortable.. and there was 4 babies, possibly 5.. but definitely 4, and I wasn’t sure if she was done or not, I had a feeling she wasn’t because she wasn’t very comfortable… kept moving around a lot and growling. Anyways, I kind of let her have some privacy and came back up shortly later to check on her again, and there was DEFINITELY 5 and maybe even 6 at that point! I was amazed! but she was looking a lot more comfortable this time around, and then around 9:30 I went back up to check on her before bed, and sat down and read my book for a little, hanging out with her and the babies. And OMG, they’re just so so adorable. I am so inlove. There are SIX babies!! two black & white kitties (mostly white with black patches) then 3 grey & black tabbies, and one dark dark baby.. either going to be a whole black kitten, or we’ll see as the time goes on. Stella is doing SO good, she is such a wonderful wonderful Mom. I feel like a happy grandmother almost! I’m so very proud of her! And she mowed down and ate all her food once we went to bed.. I am so excited to go home tonight & see how they are all doing!!

I am going to now try to figure out how to add pictures here!


Just need to let it all out…

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I know this isn’t about exercising, or weight loss, but I am so frustrated & I really need to just vent/rant. This would be a perfect time for my “rant journal” I started years ago, but that’s back at home, & I’m here at work. As much as I love my boyfriend, we’ve been together for 4 years in May… you’d think by now he’d completely understand and would learn how to do things around me by now.

Let me just get right into it — This morning I woke up, and I was in a rush, b/c I ‘overslept’ by like 15 minutes & I wanted to take a shower before work… the dogs were begging to go out, and that is usually Mike’s ONE job in the morning before he goes to work, I asked him if he let the dogs out (through text) & he tells me no. Of course he didn’t, so now.. it’s ALL on me. I have to let the dogs out, wait to let them back in, THEN rush in the shower, so I can come out & rush to get ready for work, and then take care of every single animal in the house along with myself, & hope I’m not late to work. I have 4 cats, a bunny, 2 dogs and our foster cats right now, which we have 3 at the moment. Mike doesn’t take care of ANY of the animals before he leaves for work, all he cares & thinks about is himself going to work. For once, I’d love for me to not have to worry about the foster pets before work, or even just our cats that need to be fed. I understand it’s a lot, I’m not asking him to take care of ALL of them, but I have to do it every single morning & most nights, too.. and it doesn’t seem to bother him that IIII have to take care of ALL of them.  I just feel like it’s so inconsiderate. & then get this – whenever I ask him to do something, like feed the fosters (at night) or clean the litter boxes/cages, or do the laundry, or do the dishes — he fights with me! B/c he feels like I am “bossing” him around! Well I have to ask him to do it or he won’t do it at all.. and it sucks, because things just sit around and I end up doing everything all on my own, and I just can’t I am getting way too burnt out. Seriously.. it’s just not fair to me, AT all. I can’t do it all on my own, I really can’t.. it’s too much & I’m ready to walk out.

Then he basically bitch slaps me in the face saying I am the one who wanted all of the animals — ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We decided to get these animals together & he says he loves them, and whatever, but apparently I have been missing something all along… when he said that to me and I ask him “are you effing serious??!” He says that he means the fosters.. he feels like us fostering is a little too much. I don’t know why… considering he doesn’t do shit for them, and I never really ask him to anyways. ONCE in a while I’ll ask him to do something for them, Like when the litter boxes need to be cleaned, but it’s usually a team-work thing, I’ll go down there or upstairs and help clean the boxes/cages, too.   Last night for example I asked him to throw some wet food in one of the foster cat’s food dish because I had already done the other two cats that are upstairs… It’s just so annoying.

I am probably leaving a whole lot out – & that’s as far as I am going to go.. didn’t even make me feel better, b/c now I’m fighting with him through text b/c we are both at work, ugh. I’m just too stressed to handle this.

I apparently don’t appreciate anything that he does. Okay. I throw in the towel, I quit. I’ll do everything on my own, and we’ll see how long I last.



Edit — Now that I have cooled down a little, I have thought of a better solution. When we were fighting/talking, he said he’d just start doing more things on his own without me telling him… but that’s hard for me because he may not think of the things that I think of that are really important that need to get done… so I decided that we can make a ‘to-do list’ and put it up on the fridge, one that he can add to as well, and we can get the things done on at that to-do list.. if there is something there we have to do atleast something once a day when we get home from work, or at some point in the night.   I think this will be a better way of handling it.


Sorry for ranting & venting here… ugh, I feel like such a dummy now, but it’s just SO so frustrating for me.

How do I handle this?

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Alright, sorry I haven’t wrote in here in a long while, I feel bad.. Last week I was focusing more on just doing things, just trying to make sure I’m doing the treadmill, or walking the dogs, I wasn’t feeling the gym, so I was focusing more on my cardio.. and it obviously worked well because I was down to 173! But.. now heres the down fall.. are you ready for it??

I hurt my ankle. Yup… yay.  So Wednesday night I took the dogs for a mile and a half walk… and the whole time I was walking them I totally wasn’t feeling it. I was really not feeling it but I pushed myself to actually keep walking. I wanted to do a 3 mile walk, but I think it can get boring walking around my neighborhood sometimes.  Anyways, once I got home from the walk my ankle hurt real bad, but I didn’t do anything to it, so it threw me off. Tuesday after work I did a 3mile walk/run… and I did it in 43 minutes, which to me was great, I was so proud of myself. And then wednesday the walk with the dogs, my ankle hurting.. ugh. I woke up Thursday and my ankle felt fine, so I went on my treadmill and I just did a 13minute mile, so I ran/walked it… and again was proud of myself, but my ankle was killing me all day.. I work at an orthopedic office, so I spoke with a nurse, and she asked if it was bruised, and it wasn’t.. she told me to not run, and just walk for a while & see if that helps, so when I got home from work my boyfriend & I decided to take the dogs for a nice walk.  My ankle was still of course hurting. and started hurting even worse while we were in the middle of the walk, but I toughed it out, and continued to walk. It was about 2.5 miles by the time we got back home.. and I was in sooo much pain, and my ankle DID start to bruise. The next day at work, we got an x-ray and of course there was nothing going on… & i talked to the doctor I work the most with, he told me I need to wear a brace, ice it 4x a day, and take some high dose ibuprofen… and told me the worst news, which was that I had to stop doing any excercise for 2 weeks, and after 2 weeks he said I can start doing exercising using the stationary bike, but he wants me to stay away from the elliptical and treadmill (Yay for my $700 treadmill we just bought!) for a little while longer, then slowly work my way back into it. I am so disappointed.. & so very very scared. Yesterday (saturday) my ankle felt fine all day.. I even was up and cleaning the whole house, but today I wasn’t even doing that much and it started hurting. I don’t like taking pills, but I did have to take some ibuprofen for the pain, and iced it again today. The bruising HAS gone down… yesterday almost made me feel like I could be exercising again, but of course I didn’t..

I’m just super bummed bc I have literally JUST gotten in the habit of doing some sort of exercise daily. I also had a good challenge set up for me for this month, I wanted to walk my dogs 3x a week, and do atleast 100miles this month.  And of course to do atleast 4 work outs before or after work. I am also upset because my birthday is April 30th, and I was hoping to be at my first mini goal of 169lbs by then… and now I am feeling like I won’t lose, and I may actually GAIN! Ugh… not too excited about this at all.. I’m very worried & concerned. I don’t want to fall off track.

With that, I am going to end this right now… :\ I am feeling depressed & really just.. down in the dumps. I don’t like being lazy again. 🙁

I want to run away from the 170’s….. get me out of here!

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Wow, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve written in this blog of mine, sorry to leave everyone hanging!!

I had a kind of uneventful weekend, but I’ll fill you all in. Starting with Friday, so I woke up early and walked on my treadmill like a good girl, but after work I was planning on going to the gym and I did skip it. The reason I skipped the gym was because thankfully I did have my cardio in the morning, but Thursday night my dog Stubbie kind of was barking and demanding attention, and I felt bad. I feel like he just wants some attention and that I’ve been busy doing the gym and working out things than spending time with him.. I mean I’ve been always paying attention to him – but I mean more of a engaging in a nice walk, or going to the dog park, or playing with him instead of just simply cuddling up on the couch thing. So, I decided since he was super “annoying” and demanding my attention Thursday night that he deserved a dog park outing on Friday evening after work. I am so so happy that it’s light out so much later now… so nice to actually be able to do things and not have it be dark when I get out of work now. Stubbie really enjoyed his dog park outing.

Side note: Stubbie is a very loudly excited dog. Sometimes he growls and barks because he is super excited to see another dog.. not everyone takes to that so well, and we are trying to get him out of that, but it’s really really hard.. unfortunately. I do know that it is pure excitement, and NOT aggression at all because every single time he’s ever met a dog he is initially growling at, he is always super friendly and gets along with all dogs just perfectly fine.  – Though, another side note; I went for a walk a couple of weekends ago with my boyfriend at the cemetery and we came across a big Newfoundland, and he was SUCH a love bug. Stubbie actually didn’t growl at first, but once he saw me petting the Newfie, he ended up growling and it wasn’t very nice.. it wasn’t anything we had ever seen before. But he didn’t bite him or anything; and I do think it was purely protection/jealousy. I’m going to make sure I’m not loving on any other dogs infront of him again.. though at my aunts I can love on her golden retrievers and he is fine with that.

Friday morning I was going to put my lunch together, and I think I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been doing a huge bowl of salad and scooping out our servings as we want them for lunches/dinners, or whatever. Well, Friday morning I went into the big bowl and Mike (boyfriend) didn’t even leave me a full 2 cups of lettuce. I was so mad.. and didn’t have time to make myself a whole new bowl of salad. So I went to work without a lunch (which is basically setting myself up for failure, pretty much!) and there is a farm stand kind of thing close to my work, where they serve home made soups, and they have a fresh salad bar. I figured I’d get a yummy salad, but of course I decided to treat myself with some nice home made clam chowder… and I figured that it would be fine, because I was so good all week and whatever, and I know it wasn’t that horrible for me, that I could do a whole lot worse, but I didn’t think about all the sodium intake and how my body would retain so much water. Needless to say, when I woke up and weighed myself I was still at 177… but the thing is Friday morning when I weighed myself I was at 176, so I knew it was because of the soup, so Saturday I spent the day drinking lots of fluids, and I only went for a 2mile walk on my treadmill, I didn’t push it by trying to make myself run or anything. Also, my neck was strangely very very sore, and my legs were stiff and kind of in pain, too, so I wanted to take it easy this weekend.

Sunday my boyfriend and I took our dogs for a walk, we only went for about 2.3 miles, so it wasn’t that far or that bad. Then we went to go see a movie at Jordan’s Furniture IMAX theater … We saw “Oz” in 3D. It was amazing.. but first; we got there when the first showing at 2:10 was JUST starting, so we only had a really sucky option of seating, and the next showing was going to be at 4:50, so we figured if we kind of hung around and went back it would’ve been better – we didn’t have any plans anyways and it was kind of fun to just walk around this huge furniture store and check wicked expensive things out that we could never possibly afford. But since we had time to kill, and we were hungry, and they have restaurants there we ended up grabbing a bite to eat. Well, they have a place called Fuddruckers which is basically a burger joint… and I’m a big big burger person! And I mean BIG, I LOOOVE me a burger. So, I of course, got a burger. I decided this would be my cheat day since I wasn’t able to hold back, I did get the smallest burger they had which was a 1/3 pound burger, and then I also did have French fries. We then walked around Jordans for a while, checked things out and then saw our movie. And my burger was delicious, and definitely worth it.

Since I am trying to wake up atleast 4 days a week before work and walk on my treadmill, or walk my dogs, Monday was my off day… and I went to the gym after work instead. At the gym we did our crazy work out.. Mondays are always the hardest ones. && then for cardio I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster.. that thing kicks my butt! 80 calories in less than 10 minutes, that’s pretty good! This time I did the little program for calories, which I’m assuming means to burn the most calories, and it was so hard I had to stop it because after about 8 minutes I thought I’d just fall off, so I stopped it and then did another 7 minutes, where I burned another 66 calories, so that was pretty good. 🙂 Then I did the bike, which I almost never do, and I was sweating and it was great, But, I thought I would’ve burned more calories than I did.. just a full 30 minute cardio session.

Tuesday morning (yesterday) I was supposed to wake up to walk on my treadmill, and I didn’t… and I was disappointed in myself. Tuesday is the day I am usually in a different office location that isn’t close to the gym, so I usually don’t go to the gym after work on Tuesdays, but my biggest thing is to make sure I am doing absolutely something ….anything!!…. and the sun was out all day yesterday, so I figured it’d be a great day to walk my dogs. We walked a little over 2 miles in an hour, and burned over 200 cals. I know I can do so much better on my treadmill, but I love spending time with my pups. 🙂 and they love it, too.

Today, Wednesday, I woke up and went on my treadmill, walked almost 2 miles in a half hour, did about 1.85, and burned 201 calories. After work I am going to the gym, not sure what exactly I am going to do just yet. Maybe do the elliptical for 30 minutes, and I may not do the crazy work out that we usually do, I might just do some leg machines or something, because honestly even with the lunges and squats I have been doing I haven’t been having that much pain with them.. only WHILE doing them. I’m not sure if my body is accepting them, or if I’m just not doing enough of them, but they kill when I do them to the point where I couldn’t possibly do anymore.

Oh, also… when I weighed myself it is saying 177 again, but I have only done my one work out on Monday and my walk last night and this morning at this point, so I feel like there is a little hope to go back down atleast to 176.. I’ll be so discouranged and disappointed if I don’t move down from 177 for real this week.. Kind of was looking forward to finally seeing 175.. I’ll go with the flow though. I know this is a process, I may need to measure myself so I can see the differences as time goes on.. It’s been about a full 4 weeks, and I do feel a little different, would be nice to see it in numbers.. I guess I just dont know how to truly do it.


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As I sit here tonight, I wonder if all my hard work will pay off — I wonder if I am really doing this right, you know?

Monday I didn’t wake up early & walk, but I DID go to the gym after work. Tuesday I woke up and walked on my treadmill, but after work went shopping and kind of hung around. Wednesday I walked on the treadmill in the morning, then I went to the gym after work. I was going to go to the gym tonight, BUT, since we got our new treadmill last night, I really wanted to use it today, and I still really do, so this morning I woke up early and walked on my treadmill, and tonight when I got out of work I came home and pushed myself on my new treadmill really hard actually. Tomorrow, I am not sure, I know I really should go to the gym, but I just don’t know to be honest. /:

I have never ever been one to actually like the gym for a long time; usually I like it enough for a week or so and then I start losing it, and I think I’m at that point again. The difference this time is, I do have things I can do at home, and work outs that I know I can also do at home, too. My new treadmill is pretty awesome, so I know I can count on that to get some good cardio in..

I am going to go to the gym anyways tomorrow, why not? It’s not like I have anything else planned for tomorrow night, I just hope tomorrow afternoon at work won’t be that crazy. \: Though they added a doctor on my schedule, so I know it will be… we’ll see.

I just feel like I have been putting so much work into it this week with the whole waking up early every morning and getting cardio in that way, and also counting my calories, which honestly is a huge pain!! but It’s a good way to lose weight, I think… it seems to have worked for a lot of people. In the past it had helped me, too.

I don’t know if I told you guys this; but not that long ago, maybe a year or so ago, I did attempt to lose some weight, though I wasn’t this high on the scale at this point, and I actually lost 15lbs by calorie counting (without the help of the awesome apps out here and sites now) and going to the gym, without doing all the research and everything…. and of course I decided to reward myself with chinese food, because that is truthfully my biggest weakness. And I went without it until I got to 15lbs loss and then that was my reward… and after that, it went all down hill from there, I said forget it.. and gained all my weight back plus some now.

I know 181 isn’t that big of a number to everyone, but to me.. the 180s is frightening because it’s so easy to go up from here, and I honestly hadn’t ever seen that number before in my life. |: and I don’t want to again.

I stubbed my toe..

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hi guys!

This morning, I stubbed my toe. && It hurts.. like bad. I work at an orthopedic office, so I have seen some pretty good breaks on toes just from stubbing them. Honestly, my first thought process after it happened was — what if I can’t exercise because of it? AH!! Anyways, it’s still kind of painful, but I do not think it’s broken, && since it just happened this morning I’m sure by tomorrow it should be okay and all better. :p I’m a wuss, obviously.

Even with my stubbed toe though, I woke up nice & early and walked on my treadmill. I don’t know if I told you guys about this, but on the 3fatchicks forum there is a challenge going on called “March Exercise Challenge” and I put myself down to challenge myself to walk my dogs or on my treadmill if the weather is bad every day before work, which is 5 days a week.. It’s been hard for me to actually keep this challenge up.. but this week is a new week. Of course Mondays are the worst for me to wake up early, it’s nearly impossible… & so is waking up on Fridays.. so I should see when I am put up to that test this upcoming friday. I changed my challenge to wake up atleast 4 days a week and either a) walk my dogs or b) walk on my treadmill.  I woke up yesterday and walked a mile and a half in 30 minutes on my treadmill, and woke up this morning but only did 1 mile in 20 minutes. :\ I hate that.. I know I can do better on a better treadmill.

Side note: The treadmill I have right now is one I got for $50 off of craigslist, and to be honest, it sucks. The belt barely even moves, I basically have to move it with my feet itself.  Doesn’t even have a place for me to put my water bottle, or my kindle if I want to read while I’m walking, etc.

Speaking of treadmills; I need to tell you all some great news!! My boyfriend decided he wants to try to wake up early and run in the mornings; which is great.. apparently my exercising and eating better is rubbing off on him, though he doesn’t exactly need it. :p But theres no way we can run on the treadmill we have now, SO… he decided to look at craigslist and see if he can find something better. He fell inlove with one that was selling for $750, and it’s brand new in the box still, originally nearly $1,000 for it! It has everything I want. A great incline, good speed, a place for my kindle and water bottle! Yay!

I really want to teach myself how to run… but I know that you have to “condition” your body for it, and I don’t exactly like the idea of looking like a fool at the gym with that, you know, running for 15 seconds then being so out of breath I’m dying pretty much when I walk for another 3 minutes.. so this will be great, to be able to do it at home. Does anyone have any tips for beginning to run?

Another thing I am pretty excited about is… I bought a food scale so I can accurately figure out portion sizes and calories! I just started counting calories, & it’s honestly hard hard work. :\ I think I’m doing okay, though yesterday MFP yelled at me because I didn’t eat enough calories I guess. 😐 Whateverrrr. It adds in the calories from your exercising, too.

Yesterday the only exercise I got was the walking on my treadmill before work, then after work I went to walmart because I deseperately need bras. I found a couple work out bras, but nothing really for regular bras. Ugh. I may need to go to an actual bra shop and get sized and buy a bra from them, etc… I have never done that though. I feel a little self conscious w/that.

Today I am going to the gym after work, and I’m excited for it, can’t wait! I am actually really proud of myself because usually after the first week I am losing motivation and momentum, and start hating the gym… so far I’ve been kind of looking forward to it. I think what helps is that I am not deciding really “yes” or “no” to the gym in the morning, I am just going with the flow of things. and deciding as I please… I think Tuesdays will probably always be my “off-days” because of the simple fact that my boyfriend has off, and I really like to spend the time with him. What’ll help though is if he is busy I can just hop on my new treadmill.

This is the first time I am super duper excited for my weigh-in on saturday and am thinking I am going to get a wonderful loss!! But I can’t be 100% sure, and I am also afraid of a let-down/disappointment, too. Let’s just hope all of this work is going to pay off. I am trying to make sure I do atleast SOMETHING every single day.



Working my butt off..

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Alright, so I am feeling kind of good today… I have been trying to avoid my scale since my last great weigh in on Saturday.. I am afraid that it saying I was down 4 pounds in the 2 weeks I’ve been doing this was crazy, and that really it’s just a weight fluctuation, and honestly I think that it very well may be. But after the gym and before my shower I weighed myself again and it showed I was 179, which means.. either way I am down from my 180 and usually I weigh less in the morning, SO… I think I’m doing pretty darn good.

What do you guys think? When you weigh in and see a good number do you take it and just wait until the next week or do you think of it as a weight fluctuation? What I am really scared about is that next Saturday morning when I weigh in I am going to be up from my 177 and I’ll be disappointed in all the work I put in this week. :\

Today after work I ended up going to the gym with my work friends again, and we of course did our crazy work out which today it was 100 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 5 push ups, 70 russian twists, 20 tricep dips, 15 squats, 20 lunges each leg, 10 lunge split jumps, 30 second plank and 20 calf raises.. we did 2 sets of those.  I will admit I didn’t get to the full 100 jumping jacks.. and I definitely didn’t do the 70 russian twists… more like 50 each time and my legs were NOT lifted up because it’s impossible for me to do that just yet.

Things to be proud of today;

Last week when I started doing these workouts, I could NOT hold myself in a plank position for 30 seconds, but tonight, I did it for 30 seconds TWICE! I was so proud of myself.

Last week when I tried to do my first tricep dip, my wrist hurt way too much and I only got maybe 5 in. Then the next time I got maybe to 10… tonight I got to 15, TWICE. 🙂

So something that annoys me that I’d like to get off of my chest…  My boyfriend doesn’t need to lose weight, he doesn’t have to lose weight at all. He’s a great weight, but he does want to eat healthier, so he is doing this with me in a way. What annoys me sometimes is I buy specific things for my diet, and he seems to think he can help himself to them, and then I run out faster..

The biggest thing that annoys me about the above statement is; I’ll change our diet, and we’ll eat better, and HE’LL noticeably lose weight, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, will comment on it. “Mikey, you look like you are losing weight!” “What are you doing different? You look Great!!!!”  Ugh.. are you kidding me? Meanwhile, here I am actually working my ass off and it’s not showing (yet).

Another side note – I started using “MyFitness Pal” and if any of you are on it; that’s wonderful and should add me.. my name on there is ‘savemykisses’  The thing I am having a hard time with is… for lunches what I’ve been doing is just making a big salad and scooping out my serving of it for lunch in the morning, so that I don’t have to make my salad daily. The only issue with this is that it’s nearly impossible to count the calories there. :\ I am going to try to do my best, of course. But it’ll be hard, and hopefully I can be close enough.

The other thing is exercising, I consider a lot of my above work out as cardio, but I can’t track that as cardio really.. well not for sure anyway. Oh well.

Anyways, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Tomorrow I work in the Beverly office in the afternoon, which is very far from the gym.. well far enough that I don’t want to drive to the gym after work, so it’s my “off” day.. I will probably just walk on my treadmill. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so I’m a little worried about that… I was going to wake up early to take my dogs for a walk in the AM… and if not then I am definitely hitting my treadmill, no matter how tired I am.

The biggest thing I learned from all of this is.. just keep moving! I need to just move move move!! Doing something is better than doing nothing, so I just need to make sure I add something in daily.

I would love to also walk the dogs AFTER work tomorrow, but I probably won’t be able to, so I guess weather permitting, we’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

I am going to attempt to have my first day at calorie counting tomorrow, though, wish me luck.

Oh, and my little baby Tinka was diagnosed with Lyme disease a couple of weeks ago, and we just started her on some antibiotics. :\ she has no symptoms, but my heart aches for her.

Weigh in day #1

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So I weigh myself officially on Saturdays, this isn’t my offical first weigh in, last week was technically that, and last week I was down 1 pound, then today when I weighed in I was down 3 more pounds! That’s right I went from 180 to 177!!! I am ecstatic! BUT, I am also afraid that it may have just been a fluctuation, which had happened during week two, I weighed myself and I was 178 then the next day and every day following I was back to 180. It’s stressful trying to understand this whole weight loss thing.

Anyways, my plan yesterday.. I didn’t really stick 100% to it, but I did well, I think. I am happy with myself! We did 3 sets of our crazy work out, and that was fun.. we even added more stuff to it than was listed for the friday work out, it felt good. I thought my legs were going to be on fire again today, but luckily they weren’t, though I almost feel like maybe that meant I didn’t work them hard enough?? They did hurt last night as I was working them out and once I got home for a little bit, but by the time I went to bed and woke up this morning, they were fine. I’m okay with that, just hoping I did it right. Anyways, after the work out, since we got out of work so late, I ended up only doing 10minutes on the stairmaster (Gosh that was hard) I think I may have to work myself up to being on there longer, but it sure is a great work out! Then we did 15 minutes on the elliptical, didn’t have too much time since it was already getting late. But I enjoyed it, and it made me feel good.

This morning, aka, saturday…. I went for a 3 mile walk with both of my dogs, and I actually went alone. I had to push myself to get up and go, but I did it. And I told myself I was going to walk 3 miles, and at 2.25 I was ready to be just done.. infact at 2 I was ready to walk back to the car, but I kept pushing and made it to that 3 miles! I know 3 miles probably doesn’t seem like a lot to most of you, but it was for me! I mean the whole walking that long, and my legs were cold! And yeah!! but I enjoyed it and had a blast, and will do it again.

I hope everyones doing good, I’m hungry so I think I’m going to put in a movie, and eat some salad, MM.. haha.

Friday, week one

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Okay, so I meant to do an update yesterday, but I didn’t get to…

Yesterday wasn’t exactly a GREAT day, but it wasn’t exactly a bad day either. I said I was going to wake up early and take my dogs for a longer walk && then go to the gym after work and do this crazy work out with my work friends. Well I didn’t do either of those. The biggest thing I was disappointed about was not going for a walk in the morning with my dogs, the reason I didn’t.. or my excuse for not going was because wednesday night into thursday around 3am my stomach started hurting and I was up and awake from about 3:30am to 5:00am… so I was EXHAUSTED on thursday morning — there was no way I was going to be waking up. Then the gym thing, I had a wicked stressful and busy morning/day at work yesterday, so I decided to go home after work, BUT I did actually do one set of the crazy work out (which included 100 jumping jacks, 25 vertical leg crunches, 30 crunches, 20 squats, 20 wall pushups, a 30 second plank, 10 lunge split jumps, 5 jump squats, 40 high knees) at my house, and then when my other half came home we went for a walk again with the dogs, it was freezing though, so we only went for a little over a mile.

The best thing about stuff right now is that it’s lighter after work for longer, so I can comfortably walk the cemetery by my house without worrying, and can probably go alone. I prefer walking there because the dogs have less of a distraction, so I can usually walk at a faster pace. When I walk my neighborhood they are so distracted it’s ridiculous, plus there’s like NO hills in my neighborhood, but there are tons at the cemetery. I’m sorry if it sounds like a creepy place to walk but it really is great to walk it and a ton of people walk their dogs there. I even saw people running it !!

Breakfast – Oatmeal

Lunch – (I barely got a lunch because of how busy it was, so I ate real fast.) A salad from the cafe, and a chicken salad sandwich from the cafe, as well. The sandwich was on a nice onion roll, so that wasn’t exactly great for me..

Dinner – I decided to just have a healthy choice soup (chicken noodle) because of my lunch choice.

Snack after dinner – few pieces of pineapple.

So.. I weigh myself daily, just because, and today I weighed myself this morning I was finally DOWN to 179, all week I have been 180… is this usually how it works? Towards the end of the week you start to go down from all your working out all week? I was happy to see this, and hope it’s not just a fluxuation. :\

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day, and also the day I am supposed to go to my personal trainer so she can see what I can handle and make a program for me to work on to get to my goal weight. I don’t know if I told you guys about her, but shes a friend of a friend, I had met a few times in the past. She went to school to become a personal trainer and has no clients since she just finished, and so she is going to train me for free & I can be a part of her portfolio. The cool thing about this is.. it’s free. And it also makes me feel like I can’t let her down, either. We’ll see how this goes.

I am trying to challenge myself to wake up earlier and take the dogs for a walk before work (as long as weather permits, and if weather doesn’t permit, to then do a walk on my crappy treadmill) every day, so that would be 5 days a week.. but I just wasn’t able to wake myself up this morning. I even went to bed at a decent time, but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know why, it’s so hard.. but next week is a new week, for sure.

I am going to go to the gym with my friends tonight, though. And for cardio I plan on doing the stair master for 20 minutes and then an elliptical for 20 or so minutes, depending on how long the first work out takes us. The thing that annoys me about going with these people are sometimes theres just some things I can’t do, or atleast ONE of them is better at everything than I am, and moves a lot faster.. It’s almost like I’d rather do it on my own and work at my own pace, so I can finish the work out and not do it so half-assed.

Anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck.. ugh.

Wednesday, week one

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So.. it’s hard for me, it really is. I really need to see a decrease in the scale to keep my motivation going, and I feel like I just want more of a result. I just hate that I need results so fast, and can never get them.. this is why I have never stuck with exercising and eating better for longer than a month or so at a time. A year or so ago I had lost 15lbs, and as everyone says, reward yourselves… and I rewarded myself for reaching that goal — with chinese food. && that was the end of that. It went all downhill from there.

Anyways, let me try and be positive here. It’s really only day two at the gym, even if I worked out saturday morning at home doing some cardio, even IF I did take a good nice paced walk on sunday, and then a work out on monday night that is STILL killing my quads! And now a work out again tonight.

You all would be happy to know that I woke up this morning, and I took my pooches for a walk, they loved it && so did I. The issue with walking my dogs and not walking on a treadmill, etc.. is the dogs are always a little slower paced. (Well; correction: When I walk my dogs around my neighborhood it’s a slower pace, when we go to the cemetary [I know, weird place to walk your dogs, but it’s great, got wonderful hills and everyone does it] or trails, they do wonderful!) So this morning I walked about 1.08miles, and that was fun anyways… probably took me a total of 25 minutes, (which as I said before, slower paced)

Then after work I went to the gym, but knowing I have a very busy day at work tomorrow && the fact that I didn’t get out of work until 30 minutes late, I decided to just do cardio. Now, I am actually incredibly proud of myself for this work out… because I found a cool “Hill-climb” work out to do, and I actually did it to it’s full intensity. This is what it looks like.

From minutes 0 to 5 you walk at a 3.0 speed with a 2.0 incline.

From minutes 5 to 8 you walk a 3.5 speed with a 4.0 incline.

8 to 11 you walk at a 4 speed with a 5.0 incline.

11 to 16 you walk a 3.5 speed with a 8.0 incline.

16 to 21 you walk a 3.0 speed with a 10.0 incline

21 to 26 you walk a 3.5 speed with a 8.0 incline.

26 to 31 you walk a 3.5 speed with a 10.0 incline.

31 to 34 you walk a 4.0 speed with a 8.0 incline.

34 to 37 you walk a 3.0 speed with a 10.0 incline.

37 to 40 you walk a 3.5 speed with a 5.0 incline

and finally,

40 to 45 you walk a 3.0 speed with a 2.0 incline.

That all added up to a 2.5 mile walk, which isn’t too much, but it was definitely a cardio sesh, for sure.

So, I ended up walking 3.5 miles today.

Eating wise; I didn’t do too great today, but didn’t do too bad either.

This morning I had a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter.

Snack was non existant.

Lunchtime was a turkey and cheese sandwich on a sandwich thin.

& A side salad. (I forgot my light caeser dressing at home, and only had ranch at work, but I used a small amount)

Snack was some honey dew melon and grapes — my new favorite.

Dinner… was where I kind of did bad. So I had a small portion of ground turkey and egg noodles leftover with some cheese sprinkled on top, and I had been craving Ramen.. so I had a ramen soup, too.

Also had a handful of honey roasted peanuts my boyfriend just had to buy and it’s going to be the enemy of my house.. he says he supports me, and I know he means well, but he also bought icecream, too. ugh.

My goals for tomorrow are to wake up even earlier and be able to stay out a little longer with the dogs in the morning. And to go to the gym after work and do the crazy work out with my work people.

Monday we did a bunch of squats and lunges, etc, and my legs/quads are still VERY sore from it.. I can do a squat without feeling like I’ll die, but the lunges are still killing me — i am hoping they feel a bit better tomorrow because it’s really hard to push through this pain. It’s actually still kind of hard for me to get up from a seat now, or even just to go up & down stairs, it’s so painful.

They get the best of me, seriously. I worked out with Jillian Michael, doing her 30 day shred, and I was literally in so much pain I couldn’t even sit down to pee!!! for DAYS, and that would be the reason I only did Level 1 day 1…

Does anyone know if we are supposed to push through that pain? I know it’s called.. working different muscles every other day or so, but I gave yesterday as a rest day for my legs, and they still hurt! :\