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I went and invested in the Cathe workout program. I when I receive my package in the mail I’ll be doing her beginners rotation. I ordered two of the other DVDs that is needed from Amazon to do this rotation as well. Cathe’s site has long clips of each DVD and that’s what sucked me in. Wish me luck!!!

Me? A Triathlete? …maybe

November 24th, 2008

Yes, this is what I thought when I viewed this one chick’s page on Spark People.  She is the most organized and most addicted to fitness person I’ve read about to date.  She’s now a triathlete.  She swims, runs and cycles.  I think she just motivated me to become a triathlete.  I love to ride a bicycle.  I don’t love to run and I can’t swim…so where should I start?  I decided not to ask for advice on this for many reasons.  Here are my reasons why…

1.  I want to work on this at my own pace.

2.  I want to make sure I have researched as much as possible about this.

3.  I need to make sure I can handle it.

4.  I want to know if there are any events in my area or State that I can plan to compete in.

I am almost at my goal of 50lbs. lost. Yay!  And then I’ll need to drop another 20.  I’m currently doing free weights and squats in order to build muscle.  I’m also doing additional Core exercises to get my balance togther. In the Spring I’m going to start my power walking plus my Couch to 5k training.  So for Christmas I’m definitely getting myself a heart rate monitor and a pedometor, ankle and wrist weights, a wig (haha) and an Ipod Nano. 


In saying all of this, I just wanted you all to know that I am in the planning stages of becoming a triathlete.  I have the support of my Mother, my Dad, my daughter and my boyfriend.  They have been very supportive since I changed my life…I’m a healthy person.  I am no longer on any medications and when I workout I no longer get sore and my never hurts.  Why did it take me to the age of 30 to get myself together?  I don’t know, but I’m glad I decided too.  Maybe I’ll have the chance to live well into my 90s.  Heck, I have a better chance at that now.

Here’s to me for wanting to take the challenge to become a triathlete!

Accountability –accounting for what you do in your life.  What we do in life and the choices we make predicts the outcomes in our future.  The same goes for your diet and exercise.  I’m trying to be accountable for my actions.  I try not to make the same mistakes twice.  It takes a lot of self-respect, self-reliance and time to make this all happen.  I’ve learned to CARE about myself and what I look like because it makes me feel better inside and outside.  I don’t ever want to feel tired, look fat or feel pain from obesity like I did in the past.

I’m trying to find as much information as possible about how I can drop body fat and tone at the same time.  There are lots of things that have to be watched when trying to get into shape and it’s almost frustrating at best, but it’s a good frustration. 

I have learned so far that I must burn fat and watch my food intake.  I read that getting fit requires 80% of good dieting and 20% of fitness.  OK I’m cool with this.  I’ve experienced the greatness of this first hand.  This lead me to learning about my caloric intake and calculating my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator).  I plugged my info into the calculator and came up with my calorie intake number.  I then found out that I needed to multiply that number by the number of my “activity”.  Here is the activity break down.  Keep in mind that you are using the numbers closest to what you think is best for yourself because accuracy is impossible to hit because everyone is different.  I got this info from my friends over at the John Stone Fitness Forums (thanks guys).

activity factor —which would range between 1.2 for sedentary (little or no exercise) and 1.9 for (hard exercise/sports 7 days per week & physical job)”

After doing the multiplication I then came up with something called my “total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) or the amount of calories you would need to take in to maintain your current weight.”

So, I got my daily caloric intake number and it’s right on.  I’m on my way.  The thing to know is that if you want to cut weight you have to start decreasing your calorie intake…as if you didn’t know that already, but this is a starting point.

Then I started investigating carbs (equivalent to energy and glucose) because they are the highest makeup in most of the foods we eat.  There are simple and complex carbs.  The simple carbs (high G1), like candy and soda, that burn/metabolizes fast but can turn into fat if not eaten in moderation.  Complex carbs (low GI), like breads and pastas, fruits, take longer to burn/metabloize and turns into fat.  So carb intake MUST be taken seriously when dieting and getting into shap.

Proteins have carbs in it, I was reading (I didn’t know that), but when it burns it takes from muscle mass and that’s what protein does – it builds muscle mass.  So, if you are trying to build muscle then you don’t want to solely rely on eating proteins to build muscle/to tone/to sculpt because when your body metabolizes it can take from it.  See, it’s a catch 22…frustrating!!!

Fats are the MAIN source of energy.  There are two kinds – saturated and unsaturated – saturated being the bad one and unsaturated being the better of the two.  Saturated fat is hard to break down hence it sticks to you so I’ve cut that out a long time ago and I’m glad I did.

As far as my meal plans goes it’s basically the same everyday.

M1 (9am) – protein, carbs and fats

M2 (11am) – protein OR carbs

M3 (1pm) – protein, carbs and fats

M4 (3-4pm) – protein OR carbs

M5 (6:30-7pm) – portein, carbs and fats

M6 (8-9pm) – protein OR carbs

By the way, I only eat good fats (unsaturated).   I use avocado (sparingly), EVOO, light Olive Oil and Olive Oil non-stick sprays…that’s it.  My carbs are veggies, triscuits and maybe a slice of 100% whole wheat bread.  My proteins only consist of certain fish (salmon, tilapia and shrimp), tuna (fresh and canned), chicken breast, turkey breast/necks, lean turkey burgers and beans (I prefer black, red and pigeon).

I no longer eat dairy because of a lactose problem I have (it’s not all the bad though) and because dairy makes me gain.  I hear that cottage cheese is very good to eat if you do eat dairy above all else.

Snacking & Fast Food Meals…I do this every so often -when I can’t make it home in time to cook or I just want a treat – and when I do I go all out.  I always eat the same things because these are the things I love.  Costco Berry Smoothie, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal rasain cookies, Wendy’s BLT salad, BK Chicken Salad, Wendy’s small chili, McDonald’s Honey Mustard Snack Wrap, Cinnabun Minis, Dunkin Donuts medium coffee (2 sugars, milk AND cream) and a can of Ginger Ale (when my tummy feels upset).  Not bad because I stay within my daily calorie numbers.

I was listening to a radio station on AM and a doctor said that doctors recommend dieters to eat fruits because they give the body antioxidants that prevents colds and builds up the immune system.  I rarely, if ever, eat fruits anymore and now I know it’s why I’ve been carrying this sniffling since September.  I’m currently looking for a supplement that offers these antioxidants that do not contain iron.  I’d rather not eat fruits (I eat grapes once in the blue) because fruits make me gain weight and reading about carbs today I see why…sugars in fruits take longer to burn.

Reading labels is important when dieting too.  You have to know what you’re putting into your body that’s making you gain and what doesn’t make you gain.  Keeping track of what you eat is important too so you can rule out the bad stuff.

Lastly, plateaus.  Don’t you just love those???  I HATE them!  But when I hit one, I don’t stay in it too long.  I usually eat something out of the ordinary and that jump starts me out of it, either my poundage goes up or it goes down but it moves which is what we all strive for.


Be Choosy About Carbs

BMR Calculator

GI Calculator



Food Praise: Hummus

November 11th, 2008

Today, I’m praising “hummus”…why?  Because hummus makes for a very good, healthy, filling and nutritious snack.  Hummus is called a “veggie dip”, but it has beans in it.  I’m sure there are other veggie dips that don’t include beans, but hummus does.  You can make your own hummus or you can buy it right at your local food store.  A lot of their nutrition facts look like this:

Serving Size – 2 Tbsp (29g)

Calories – 70

Total Fat – 6g

Sat. Fat – 1g

Sodium – 110g

Total Carb – 4g

Sugars – ZERO

Protein – 2g

So in saying all of this, if you’re on a low-carb diet and you need a snack…grab a veggie and dip into a glob of hummus.  If you’re on the South Beach Diet…wahoo!…then you definitely should be taking advantage of hummus.  If you’re calorie counting…then there is not much to count.

The serving size is 2 Tbsp. but I tend to over indulge in hummus and spike up my portion to about 4 Tbsp.  140 calories plus that cup of veggies I’m dipping into it is not bad and it’s HEALTHY at that.

Lastly, instead of eating a meal bar or a diet fudgesicle try out hummus.  There are less calories in two servings of hummus than it is in that meal bar or fudgesicle and if it’s not then I’m sure that meal bar or fudgesicle does not taste as good as hummus.

OK I’m finished with my food praising for today!!! 🙂