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Posted saphi on May 14th, 2013 | Filed under Uncategorized

On May 6th I started the Ideal Protein Diet. Four years agao I started to get sick and my triglycerides were so high my doctors were in a panic, my blood sugar was all over. I had chronic pancreatitis and I had started to gain weight. They put me on a low fat diet. Over the 4 years, the weight continued, I still had bouts with my pancreas and then my liver was having problems. I started taking enzymes as I was not digesting my food. I joined a gym and my diet became stricter and stricter and yet the weight continued. I would complain about it and the doctors just kept saying diet and exercise. They weren’t really hearing me. Finally I saw my Gyno and we had a long talk and she said I was eligible for lap ban or I could try this new diet the Clinic had. I decided to go with the diet. The first couple days I had a few dizzy spells, hungry every three hours but I stuck to it. After 2 days I had already lost weight and again at 5 days (I know I wasnt suppose to weigh myself but I couldnt help it) Yesterday was marked the end of my first week, I lost 10 pounds and 8 inches.

I was so excited, this diet is worth it!

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