Better weekends equal better weight loss

Last Friday I had a few comments on my weekend plan post that made me realize this could be a really effective way for ALL of us to have a better weigh in.

So my challenge to you : comment here

It’s simple : think about what you’re facing this weekend & comment on how you’ll handle it and balance the fun stuff with the weight loss goals.

Of all the days of the week, most of us struggle the most with the weekends – less structure, more temptations, more special events & unplanned stops. A bit of thinking ahead can do wonders for all kinds of situations.

Sometimes it’s about just letting go & enjoying, sometimes a weekend can be a great time to get in a longer workout.

My weekend outlook :

As you know, I am VERY focused on losing that one stinking pound to get to 189, kick the 190s to the curb, and grab that purse that’s been taunting me for months. So I’m planning to be pretty focused this weekend, and probably exercise will play a big part in my plans (plus I’ve been under some Work Stress, and need to blow that steam off a bit too). I’m also going to keep the food/pleasure journal, which will be a first for a weekend.

Friday : dinner at a favorite Michelin starred restaurant that is soon closing it’s doors (this place, actually). I will enjoy it, probably a tasting menu or at the very least all my favorites, and then it’s back on plan for the rest of the weekend. Maybe I’ll take a picture to share. I will also make sure to get in a workout during the day. Would be great if I can get to the market Friday morning, but not sure that will work out with my flight…

Saturday : nothing unusual planned, will get in a good workout

Sunday : Outdoor market, stock up & prep veggies & other healthy foods for the week (low travel next week, woo-hoo!). Dinner at my mother-in-law’s for the 90th birthday bash of my husband’s grandma. My MIL is not a great cook and certainly not a diet one. I’ll pick politely. I’ll eat before I go & have a healthy snack at home after if need be.

Now you : leave a comment on how your weekend will go

What are you facing this weekend? What are the challenges, how will you deal with them, and will you balance your weekend & your weight goals?