I travel with chocolate

I’m on a diet, watching what I eat, trying to lose weight, and I always travel with chocolate.

I have a job where I travel a lot (at least 50% of the time on the road).  I have a lot of travel tips which I’m happy to share, and “travel with chocolate” is one of them

5 Reasons Why I Travel With Chocolate

  1. My chocolate is better than most of the temptations I face : I buy high-quality stuff, not junky mass market stuff.  I know my chocolate will be tastier than grabbing a stale cookie at a meeting, or some goopy hotel dessert at a dinner.
  2. I know I have emergency rations (I usually also have something else too, but in an emergency I can get by a few hours with what’s in my bag instead of hitting a fast food joint)
  3. Chocolate is good for you (healthy antioxidants and all that jazz) I’ll be honest, this is just justification for me, it’s not a real reason why!
  4. Chocolate is a real pleasure – I savor it, I focus on it, I enjoy it. I believe in Enjoying the Process of losing weight, and regularly indulging in pleasures
  5. I can manage it without going overboard – I use very dense chocolate so I get satisfied easily and I know it’s something I can eat a small amount of.  If I was someone who ate large quantities of chocolate I’d probably have a different strategy than traveling with chocolate, but I’m not.

What kind of chocolate?

  • Very high quality, boutique brands (although in a pinch I’ll buy Lindt)
  • Small quantities
  • Very dark (usually 85% cocoa, sometimes even 99%, in a pinch I grab 70% if I must.  I dont eat milk chocolate – it doesn’t have the same pleasure for me)

It’s summer, so the chocolate travel has to adapt – even smaller quantities, in my purse (which is more likely to be kept cool with me) and double-ziplock bags so that any melty leaks are less likely to cause a big mess…

Current chocolate (including wrappers from Tuesday night) :

How do you PLAN so that you succeed in weight loss?