I mentioned the other day that I’m going to move my blog, probably this weekend.

I wanted to find out what kinds of things you like & dislike on the blogs you read (and write!).

I have some diverse interests in the blog world, so I come across a number of different things, but the diet blogs are generally pretty similar.

I am going to go ahead and move now and design it into something I like later, because I’ve already spent 2 months of intertia paralyzed by of the number of things I’d like to do (versus the limited time, knowledge and money I have to spend on it).  I think I’ll have a lot more incentive to get the things done once I’m in the new location (like moving into a house with a bathroom you hate – every minute you spend there reminds you to get it fixed up!).

Feel free to comment with anything you want – but here are some ideas to spark your thoughts on what you love & hate about blogs you read :

  • Colors
  • Mascots or other illustrations
  • Organization – how many pages
  • Ads & ad networks
  • Blogrolls
  • Featured posts
  • Recent comments
  • Dates on posts (necessary or not)
  • Categories & tag clouds

And anything else you can think of – all input good, all opinions matter, but ultimately the blog I will produce has to serve ME first and foremost!  Although I love the community aspect of blogging, fundamentally I blog for myself most of all…