Spring Focus is advancing – some people have had great results, some have had decent results, and a few have not really been with the program (so it’s like normal life, right?).  This was the lightest percentage of check-ins since we started – maybe next week I’ll organize myself to give you another day to check in, but this week with my schedule that wasn’t possible.

Meeting our goals together

Yet again, most people who are participating in Spring Focus are benefiting from the group accountability to motivate them to help meet their goals at least partially : 72% are meeting their goals this week

Weight loss for the week

Weekly weight loss for those reporting in was 14 pounds, but averaged between those reporting in it’s -1.25 pounds per person (and there are a few people who report in on goals who don’t report weight, so that actually drags numbers down in that kind of analysis).   Anything that can get to a steady consistent weight loss is great in my book, and so that -1.25 pound average is exactly what I’d love to see in my own weight loss over time.

Cumulative weight loss in 6 weeks has topped 100 pounds!

Again, some of the folks haven’t even checked in, so it’s a great result: 101 pounds in 6 weeks for the 11 participants who reported in by midnight Monday!  Woo-hoo!  Three of those are from people who’ve each lost more than 15 pounds (one more than 20!).

It’s focus time, people!

There are still two weeks left. Even if you haven’t done much to move the numbers to date, two weeks is a solid time to do so, and it’s a smart time to start – imagine how happy you’ll be to be at the 4th of July BBQ a few pounds lighter or just knowing your eating is under control & that you’ve been exercising recently.  If you think you’d be helped by joining for the last two week, just leave a comment and see how accountability helps you.

Survey to Spring Focus participants hopefully will go out end of the week or this weekend – and will also be available to others reading the blog.