Ridin’ off into the sunset

Well I now have less than 100 pounds to go to get to my first major goal of 199 lbs. It’s pretty cool going from triple to double digits on the goal.

It’s also nice to being back to my routine of getting up in the morning and weighing myself. Seeing the scale move downward is a huge motivator for me and when it holds steady or goes up that challenges me to stay on plan to turn things around. It’s hard to believe I used to worry that weighing daily would be a bad thing.

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I am back from my holiday visiting and boy does it feel good to be home.

Already I’ve drunk two full bottles of water without thinking about it. It was a struggle for me when I wasn’t in my own home. Man am I ever a creature of habit/environment.

I will do an official weigh-in next Monday, but will also weigh tomorrow since I’m finally back to my scale.

Mostly I feel good though. Even if I went up a pound or two my eating habits over the holiday were vastly different than any time in the past. I said no to a lot of stuff that I would have eaten in the past and I did a pretty good job not eating if I wasn’t hungry.

I am very much looking forward to getting back to recording calories tomorrow!!

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I’m snowed in and craving exercise. I’m finding it’s hard to eat as well as I’d like and count calories accurately while staying in someone elses home.

For now I’m working on keeping portions small and not eating if I’m not hungry. My goal is pretty much to maintain through the Christmas holidays and get back to losing when I get home. If I lose a couple pounds during Christmas, great! If not, well, it could be a lot worse.

I’m really missing my scale – it’s hard not to have a way to monitor progress.

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Well it’s official – I am under 300 pounds and .6 pounds away from my New Years goal of being 299.0.

Now it’s time to survive all that holiday cooking! 

First Major Goal

New Years Challenge

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You know, I’m not 100% sure I even know how I got here. In September if you would have told me that I’d be blogging about weight loss and down 20ish pounds in December I would’ve looked at you like you had two heads. Now it’s the most natural thing in the world.

I had struggled since the late 90’s with fatigue. Lots of fatigue. I was hospitalized a few years ago and had to have an emergency blood transfusion. Two years of tests later we knew I had Hashimotos disease (hypothyroid) but the cause of my anemia and the rest of my fatigue (some was related to hypothyroid) was a giant mystery. Still is.

I have been overweight my entire life. Literally there is no time I can remember when I wasn’t the biggest kid in my class. I was an outdoorsy kid – always riding my bike or horses or hiking, fishing, hunting, whatever. Even as a kid I tried to lose weight but it just never happened. 

I remember many years ago praying that God would do something so I would be skinnier. I didn’t care if it meant I got sick or whatever I just wanted it gone. Every time I read about Paul in the Bible who asked God to take away that “thorn in his flesh” man could I relate.

So come to think of it what happened in October of this year was I was huffing and puffing across campus on my way back to the psych building and I stopped at a four way stop. I can picture the exact spot. I said “OK God, I see you’re not just going to magically or miraculously fix this. But please help me then. I am being the persistent widow here. I’ve been praying about this for years. I’ll do the hard work, but I need help.”

And it’s amazing how when we take responsibility God often provides the rest. I woke up the next day and had energy. More energy than I have had in a long time. I honestly figured it was a fluke but decided I would do everything I could as long as it lasted to improve my health. I started eating smaller portions. Then I “randomly” found 3fatchicks.com and my family there. I have had plenty of energy ever since. I’m as surprised as anyone (so much for praying in faith, lol, I’m a dork!)

God is good. And I give Him the credit for everything I’m able to do with this weight loss journey. And thanks to Him I will be riding horses again pretty soon!

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Butter 50
Lite Sour Cream 60
Multi-grain Crispbread 90
Sliced Swiss Cheese 80
Chicken Breast 217.1
Walnuts (raw) 144.57
Dark Chocolate 100
Orange Mango Juice 30
Banana Raw 148
Fat Free Plain Yogurt 120
Organic Frozen Mango 135
Fuji Apple, Small 100
Hummus 50
Deli Turkey 60
Eggs 140
Artichokes 60
Mission Chunky Salsa 20
Popcorn 160
Calories Allowed 1,802.98
Calories Consumed 1,764.67
Calories Burned 0
Net Calories 1764.67
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I got so excited about chocolate I forgot to post my artichoke update. 

I ended up boiling the little critter and then dipping the leaves in hot melted garlic butter. I think I boiled it too long, it was a bit water logged, but overall a success. I decided that my kitchen definitely needs some sort of steaming basket and TONGS. My fingers are still paying the price from my little experiment.

The biggest success was simply trying something totally new and taking the time to figure it out. 

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Now that I watch what I eat I make sure whatever I eat is worth spending the calories. Sometimes that means spending a little more money, but I’m saving so much money by eating less it all works out.

I discovered Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate flavored with Chili. It’s wonderful dark chocolate with a little spicy kick. Two squares (which is a good amount) is 100 calories. 

Wonderful stuff, I highly recommend it!

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I’m trying to broaden my vegetable repertoire so once a month or so I will buy one vegetable that I have never cooked before. This week I bought an artichoke and will cook it for dinner tonight. I’m not sure how yet – I’ll be perusing allrecipes.com for ideas and will let you know how it goes.

I’d like to extend this challenge to all my readers. Try something new in December!

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Well after one month on plan I have dropped 13 pounds. I can see the 200’s on the horizon and hope to get there by New Years, or even before Christmas.

So far I have no regrets about changing my eating habits. No food is worth how good it feels to fit into clothes I haven’t worn for a while or to go for a walk without pain or…any of it really. If I eat healthy whole foods I’m rarely hungry so it’s not a huge sacrifice. The hardest part is taking the time to count calories but even that is getting simpler as time goes on and I’m more experienced.

250 by summer? It could happen.

First Major Goal

New Years Challenge – started 11/14/08

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