Ridin’ off into the sunset

…blah…blah…blah. Yeah, yeah weight loss is a journey but pretty much most of us want the destination to come quickly. I think that for myself the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to get to my destination faster I have to slow my plan down.

Over Christmas I didn’t lose any weight. I ate the right amount of calories to maintain my weight but I didn’t lose. Part of me thinks if I had stuck to my strict caloric goals over the holiday that I’d probably be about 5 pounds lighter right now, and thus 5 pounds closer to my destination.

But trying to lose a couple pounds a week with the holidays would have made my time there pretty miserable. I didn’t have all my tools (my food and bathroom scales for example) and I didn’t have as much control over what foods were in the house. If the whole experience had been frustrating I might have gone completely off plan by now saying, as I’ve said in the past, “Oh it’s too hard.”

So even though I want to sprint, Slow and Steady is what will get me to my ultimate destination the quickest. It’s not all or nothing. It’s whatever works and gets me through the day.

January 10th, 2009 at 10:58 am
One Response to “It’s a Journey”
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    Ria Says:

    I just got back from holiday travels yesterday, and am planning to face the scale tomorrow. I had hoped to maybe lose a few pounds, but at this point I’d be very happy with a maintain!