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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the sport of cutting here’s the basic idea. A small herd of cattle are brought into the far end of an arena and loosely held there by several riders. The cutter rides into the herd and separates a steer/cow from the herd. He guides his horse using […]

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This picture is from Ron Knutson’s website – it’s a visual reminder of what I want to learn to do when I get to my goal weight. I won’t start out on a champion cutter like this magnificent animal, but on a horse better suited for novice cutting riders and one I can hopefully use […]

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  Item Name Calories Roast Turkey 301.5 Thin Crisps Parmesan Garlic 140 Brown Sugar – Golden Brown 15 Organic Valley Fat Free Milk 45 Grape Nuts 200 Shredded Lettuce 5 Tomato, Raw 25 V8 V-fusion Light Juice 50 Deli Style Swiss Cheese 70 Julian’s Homemade Tortilla 185 Roasted Chicken, dark meat 406 Diet Pepsi 0 […]

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I like the idea of requiring fast food restaurants to post calorie counts next to menu items. It’s not costly for them to do so and will help many people make better choices about what they eat. Click here to go to a website with more information including an easy to fill out letter to […]

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Not just any asparagus but roasted asparagus where the tips are crispy and the stalks tender. My asparagus recipe Asparagus, as much as will fit in a single layer on a cookie sheet. 1 TBS Olive Oil Sea Salt Pepper – lots of pepper Heat the oven to 400 degrees. While the oven is heating […]

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I’ve always thought of eating somethings as bad and some as good. For example dessert = bad and vegetables = good. I’m learning that if I’m not careful that kind of thinking leads to trouble. Tonight I was walking through the grocery store and I saw a personal frozen pizza. It had been a long […]

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I can’t remember who’s blog I read this in (probably Lyn’s because I spent most of yesterday reading her blog) but someone wisely pointed out that you don’t have to put off life and start living when you’re thin. You can start living and enjoying life now. It’s easy to think “oh I’ll have fun […]

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I posted some progress pictures in the 100+ club on 3FC and it was nice to see some changes, even little ones! I feel great and at the end of my first week of calorie counting feel more excited about it than when I started. I think the first big test for me will be when […]

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I’ve been looking at other people’s before and after pictures and realized I have never, in my adult life, been anything but overweight. So I really don’t know what my face will look like, lol. Kind of a weird feeling that one morning I might wake up and go “Hmmm so THAT’s it!” My siblings […]

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I was reading Lyn’s wonderful blog where she was talking about how life can get out of control and how an important part of managing a healthy lifestyle is by keeping other parts of your life in order and that is when I remembered The Flylady. I haven’t been on her site in a few […]

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