Ridin’ off into the sunset

Well today I came to visit my mom and tomorrow we head to my brother’s for Thanksgiving. I ate well earlier today, staying on plan as I packed to leave and got my oil changed.

When I arrived my mom had made a surprise dinner for me. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it but I did well. She usually gives me fairly small portions expecting I will come back a couple times for seconds and thirds. I had brought some asparagus with me so I cooked that up and used it to take up a good portion of my plate. I ate slowly and mindfully and enjoyed a good home cooked meal.

I don’t know how many calories it was and I’m not concerned about it. I ate small reasonable portions, avoided seconds, and am pleasantly full, but not ¬†stuffed like I usually would be.

So far each major obstacle has been navigated successfully – I’m realizing a part of eating on plan is not being rigid. Last time I tried to control what I ate I might have thought today a failure because I was not able to carefully count calories. Instead I see today as a rousing success. Flexibility and moderation, even in the calorie counting department, are critical.

November 27th, 2008 at 12:56 am
2 Responses to “Visiting home and staying on plan”
  1. 1
    round Says:

    wow, that is a rousing success!

    Sounds like an approach that will serve you well this holiday season, and allow you to enjoy some favorites in reasonable portions!

    Great job – this is exactly where I want to be someday!!!

  2. 2
    rodeogirl Says:

    Well I’m still in the early stages of my eating plan so it’s pretty easy to behave. The next two months will be a pretty good test/learning experience as we go full bore into the holidays.