Path To My New Life

This entry title sounds cheesey. I know that because I wrote it. However, it’s true. I have been “dieting” unsuccessfully for almost two years and my weight has just gone upupup. When I initially lost weight in 2009, I came in at 140lbs- a good weight. Three years later I have gained an unbelievable 90lbs. Not just that, but I have a whole series of uncomfortable symptoms, including:

*Knee pain

*Back pain

*Fatigue (as in, I take 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon and can barely get up in the morning)

*Never feeling full/satisfied after a meal

*Craving simple carbohydrates to give me a fast boost of energy


*Excess abdominal fat

And no, I am not pregnant. I have led myself down a terrible path and I can see Type II Diabetes in the distance. My mother got there three years ago and she has completely altered her life; I am going to do the same.

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