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Hi there, I am here just to try to lose the weight I have been battleing for too long now. I gained it all during my 1st pregnancy and now im in the ” I need to lose 80lbs” boat. I want to do it slow and steady so that it stays off.  I have decided to go the Weight Watchers route.

Well, heres a little about me:

I am a 25 year old mother of 2 beautiful children ( a daughter age 4 and a son age 15months) a wife to the most wonderful man I have ever met. I have always been a little over weight weighing in the 180 range but when I was about 17 I dropped about 30 lbs and was in the 150’s. I LOVED being that weight. It looked good with my body type but I was still a size 10 which I loved , I didnt lose my curves but looked great. But, then I got pregnant. At the begining og my pregnancy I weighed in at 155. I too being pregnant as my free pass to eat whatever I want and by the time I took that walk into the delivery room I was a whopping 235! After giving birth I initaily lose 20lbs which I quickly found again.  Then with my 2nd pregnancy I only gained 17lbs and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing 9lbs 12oz and lost 35lbs after delivery but once again gained it all back. I now am determined to drop back down to the 150’s. I know that losing 80 to 90lbs isnt going to be an easy task but I am sure that with the support and determination I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

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