Ugh! Disappointed.

I know better than to have expectations on weigh in day. Yet, it never fails…no matter how hard I work on food intake and exercise, I still have an excitement leading up to my weigh in just to be left so disappointed by a God Damned number. I hate that I give it the power to change my mood, determine the way the rest of my day goes, and makes me feel poorly about being a fat ass. I’m just poopy because I ended my week with 20 extra weekly allowance points and 30 unused earned activity points. Walking in there with 50 EXTRA and UNUSED points undoubtedly leaves me with expectations. Technically, according to my tracking points program, I could have eaten 16 Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream bars. BUT, I didn’t and no I didn’t gain, but I stayed the exact same, to the ounce. Ugh! A week of hard work for nothing…so annoying. I have too much to lose to have nothing weeks.

I know I will wake in the morning, renewed, and recharged to take on this battle for yet another week. As for now, I’m living in the moment and not enjoying it so much. And I’m going to try not to be determined to lose two weeks worth of weight next week. With this experience, I should be happy with any lose. Maybe this week I will have the equivalant of 16 ice cream bars. I’m certainly not to have any tonight. After my meeting, I came home to cook dinner and I obviously ate more than I had intended. Emotional eating is a constant…twice as hard when I’m disappointed about a lack of loss.


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  1. I understand that counting points gives you an idea of how much you have eaten and how much you have burned, but your body will lose weight at its own pace and not at the pace you want. The very fact of eating healthy and doing physical activity could be considered a reward already, instead of eating crap and being out of control with junk food. I have not lost a pound in two weeks, but I know the weight will go down when my body is ready to lose it. In the meantime, I like to live… I work, go out, help people, move on… and eat well and move as much as I can, but don’t obsess. The secret lies in sticking to a program for life, not in losing a lot in a short time. The more slowly you lose, the easier it will be for you to maintain… Come on, keep the faith and live a nice life! Your body will follow you!

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