Day 29

I totally forgot to update from work today so I’m doing it from home. Yesterday was a good night! I only ate 1200 calories and worked out on the elliptical for 500 calories. Basically that knocks out my Monday and Wednesday. I will be watching what I eat today but obviously taking the workout day off.

Day 28

Ok ok I did not work out last night. It was rainy and cold out and I just wasnt in the mood. So to make up for it I’m working out tonight which was supposed to be a free day. I did keep calories at 1450 yesterday btw so it wasnt a total loss.

Weekend Update

I’m so crazy busy. I hate the end of the month at work.

As I said this weekend was a cheat/vacation weekend. I did walk about 6 miles and kept my calories under 2000 per day so It wasn’t terrible.

Tonight was supposed to be a Zumba night but I injured my neck this weekend so instead I’m going to do the elliptical a little bit. See how I feel. Obviously I’m back to dieting also. Less than 1400 is the goal again.

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂

Day 24

Yesterday was a normal day. I kept my calories around 1400 but I didnt workout. After work and packing I was exhausted. Plus my body was sore from my double work out the previous day. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of excerising done this weekend. Lots of walking and some winter sports. I’m be tracking calories this weekend also but maybe not as strick as 1400 since it is vacation… we’ll see.

Day 23

Yesterday I ate more than I usually do. I consumed 1660 calories due to the delicious lunch my boss bought me. So to make myself feel better I did Zumba and the elliptical. My total calories burned were 500, so I think that balances out well.

Day 22

Ok last night was just a normal day, no work-out as planned and 1450 calories. Tonight is Zumba. My workout schedule is gonna be a little thrown off this week because I won’t be home from Friday to Sunday. My husband and I have decided to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. So we’re heading off the snowy mountains Friday right after work. Because of that I will be working out today and tomorrow.

Day 21

Yesterday was good. Of course my work out was reluctant, as it always is on Mondays. I did Zumba for 30 minutes and kept my calories at 1450. It’s kinda exciting to see I’ve gotten this far without really cheating or giving up. I really think this blog has helped motivated me. Today is a no work out day with watching my diet. Easy 🙂

Weekend Update

Hey all, this weekend was pretty good. Friday I went out for a night on the town which resulted in pushing my workout back one day and also consuming 1700 calories. Saturday was so productive that I didn;t feel bad about Friday. We went to a theme park and walked off nearly 900 calories. I also only ate 1425 calories which meant it was an awesome day! Sunday was 1500 consumed. Overall, pretty successful.

Today is back to Zumba for half an hour and of course as usual watching what I eat. Hope everyone had a good weekend like I did 🙂

Day 17

Yesterday was a planned no work out day. Calories were totally in control at 1400 for the whole day. So happy it’s Friday! Tonight will be 30 min of Zumba and of course watching what I eat. So wish me luck over the weekend because we are going to a theme park and I do love me some junk food! Praying for some serious will power.

Day 16

I must admit the few comments I’ve received have kinda thrown me off. I started this journal expecting no one would ever read it but it appears I was wrong. I have to say that this makes me feel more pressure to keep up with my dieting plan, so thank you… that’s the accountability I was looking for!

So anyway, back to business. I was good last night though I must admit it was difficult. My calories were under 1400 and I reluctantly did 30 min of Zumba which was about 230 calories burned.

Ever since I stepped on the elliptical last week, I’ve felt discontent with Zumba. I suppose everyone has the type of workout that works best for them, and I think mine is the elliptical. I feel somewhat torn though because my wonderful husband has decided to be very supportive of my working out. He actually does the Zumba with me every time, and he says he’s been feeling much better since we started working out. In all honesty I find that I’m more likely to work out harder and longer on my elliptical. I suppose it’s good for me to switch it up every once in a while. Soon my husband will be working 12 hour shifts at the hospital and then I think I’ll make some time to do my elliptical.

Has anyone else been feeling like this week is dragging on? Maybe it’s because of the unusually gloomy weather here in San Diego. Even though it’s been tough I have still stuck to my guns. No excuses. Hope everyone out there is feeling more motivated than myself.