Medifast Month 1 Wrap Up

That’s right I made it through my first month!!! The total weight loss was 15 lbs for this month which I am very pleased with! And that does include one cheat. I have already ordered the next months food and it should be arriving today. I’m feeling good about this month. And while I admit that 15 lbs is great, I can’t wait till I hit the 20 mark!!!! My pants are falling off of me right now and I’m feeling so good. I think this month might actually be easier because I ordered all food that I like and I’ve seen such good results which is very motivating. Tonight I will do my measurements and photos. I’m really hoping that I can keep this up for two (or maybe three) more months, which should put me at my goal weight. My husband is slowly coming off of the strict diet and kinda making up his own rules but it’s ok because he really didn’t need to lose much weight. My menstrual cycle is still messed up but I’m hoping it will sort of reset by next week when my regular period is supposed to come.

My vacation was very successful. I didn’t really cheat but I did miss a bar two days and I did eat one sugar free diabetic caramel turtle which I think isn’t too bad because my body stayed in kitosis. I actually lost 2 lbs on vacation. We also managed to keep up with our exercising. We didn’t work out on the flying days but we did all the other days, which works out perfectly for our 5 days a week working out. I will admit that it made my family uncomfortable and while we did buy our own groceries and cook our own meal they still were very concerned about the diet. We did however manage to survive 2 buffets, a Mexican food restaurant and homemade apple pie so I think we did great. It was also helpful that this vacation was to visit the very obese side of the family, which really made it easier to not eat with them. It’s like a glimpse into a very scary possible future.

My husband said I looked skinny the other day, which was so sweet, but in my eyes I still have another 35 lbs till “skinny”. In about 10 more lbs I’ll be back down to the weight I was in college when he met me so that is a great feeling. So my recap is that I love Medifast and I am looking forward to the next few months of losing this weight!

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  1. Sounds like it’s really working for you! Well done :o)

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