Medifast Day 5

So this is my fifth day and I’m happy to report that I have not cheated! I’m feeling pretty good. It has been an adventure trying all the different foods and I think now that I know what I actually enjoy eating it’ll be smooth sailing. I did notice that this diet is significantly more difficult to keep up with on the weekend but we managed. Having my husband doing this with me has been so nice! I’ve also been doing the elliptical on low for 300 calories a day. The total calories I eat on average is about 850 a day so it is a very low calorie diet. The nice part is I’m not often hungry. I have found that the bars keep me the most full so I bring those to work with me. It’s all very easy and convenient and for those who can spend the money I would so far give it a thumbs up. My husband and I are thinking we’ll stay on the full program for about 2 months and then start to enter the maintenance phase. I think I’ll keep buying their products to eat at work though because I enjoy them and they’re healthy easy snacks to stash in my desk. My one-week weigh in is on Thursday. Every week I weigh in, take pictures and body measurements to keep myself motivated and track my progress.

Here’s my food run down for those who are curious about flavors

Shakes: All of them have a little bit of a grainy feel and an aftertaste but It’s not too bad and I drink 2 a day

·     Dutch Chocolate 55- My favorite shake- classic taste

·     French Vanilla 55-Great flavor

·     Orange Creme 55-very sweet and nice for midday but not breakfast

·     Strawberry Creme 55- Reminded me of Strawberry Nesquick

·     Swiss Mocha 55- my least favorite because it has a bad aftertaste

Bars: Very filling despite their small size. They’re easy to carry around and tasty.

·     Chocolate Mint Crunch-Love it!

·     Fruit and Nut Crunch- My Favorite! Tastes like a granola bar and satisfies my fruit urges

·     S’mores Crunch-Husband loves it, I don’t. I think its kinda tasteless and a tease

·     Cinnamon Bun Crunch-Love the icing on this one but does leave an aftertaste

·     Strawberry Crunch-Yummy and a staple for me

·     Lemon Meringue Crunch- Too lemony!

Oatmeal: By far the worst Medifast items. The consistency is that of a sponge- and a flavorless one at that. Will not order again!!!

Soups: Easy to make but must mix completely!!!!

·     Cream of Tomato Soup-Yuck! Plain and simple. Needs salsa to be edible. Won’t order again.

·     Cream of Broccoli-Better than tomato but still not great.

Brownies: I love them, I think the texture is great and while the flavor isn’t exact- its close enough.

Chocolate Chip Soft Bake: Yummy but I think there’s too much of an artificial sweetener taste to it. Not bad and totally edible though.

Mango Soft Serve: Great consistency- spot on. Flavor was ok but not too fruity. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors. Definitely helped my frozen yogurt urge.

Chocolate Pudding- I left mine in the refrigerator overnight and it was a nice texture. Flavor was ok nothing amazing but it’s a nice break from the bars and shakes.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes-The servings are way off- it says three pancakes per packet but it’s more like one. Flavor is ok, kinda bland so thank goodness for the chocolate chips. Not a bad treat once in a while but not good enough to eat everyday.

Thats pretty much the whole selection we ordered for the month. Next month we will probably have a few more flavors to report on and I’ll let ya know what’s good!

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