Day 22

Ok last night was just a normal day, no work-out as planned and 1450 calories. Tonight is Zumba. My workout schedule is gonna be a little thrown off this week because I won’t be home from Friday to Sunday. My husband and I have decided to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. So we’re heading off the snowy mountains Friday right after work. Because of that I will be working out today and tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Day 22”

  1. Hope you have fun on your weekend, envying your dedication and i really should try out zumba…i have the dvd and everything just haven’t used them

  2. I enjoy the Zumba but It’s not for everyone. We play it on the Wii which is nice because it gives you an idea of how correctly your dancing and estimates the calories burned. It’s very high energy and can be fun. Though I think you have to be in a kinda perky mood for it and sometimes I prefer to just jump on the elliptical and get my exercise over with.

    Thanks for the comment though and I hope you have a great weekend too, maybe pop that DVD in for a weekend pick-me-up 🙂

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