Day 8

Totally almost forgot to check-in this morning. It has been a crazy hectic past 24 hours with work.

Unfortunately it poured rain last night so we did not go on our walk. In reality I don’t feel too bad about it since it wasn’t supposed to be a workout day to begin with. I also kept my calories at 1500 which is great considering how stressed I was yesterday.

Today is Zumba again and I must admit I’m kinda excited because I bought new work out shoes haha.

Wednesdays are a tough calorie day for me because my boss buys the whole office lunch. I work with all men so lunch tends to be fatty and greasy. I have a difficult time controlling myself when all that food is in front of me. In an effort to empower myself beforehand I have pre-calculated all my other calories for the day so I know exactly how much I can allow myself to eat at lunch. I also brought a small healthy snack to eat before lunch so I wont be ravenous.

So that’s about it. So far so good. I’m proud of myself this first week and I do believe this journal is really helping me.

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