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December 27th, 2012

As I begin this blog- I am a day away from being 52 years old.  I have never worried about aging- the numbers seemed to go by with out any real concern about the increasing years of life they represented.  I have always been proud of looking a significant number of years less than I really was….

Until recently… the weight I have gained recently has aged me dramatically.  This blog is going to be the diary I use to track my progress back to being me.

Who I used to be- and plan to be again.

I have never been thin.  I am built to be “sturdy”, size 6-8 was my general range, but with size 8 shoes and “man” hands I would never have been mistaken for delicate.  I have been small, but powerful all my life.  Just like many women my body was never exactly what I wanted.  I was always slightly more pounds than I thought I should be- thicker thighs and smaller boobs- but a flat tummy and a nice bubble of a butt made me OK with what I had.  I never obsessed about weight and actually in comparison to many others I was proud that – the little body of mine could power through ANYTHING.  Five children, expert skier, powerful hiker…

My weight past…

As a teen I was about 145 pounds- slightly chubby for my 5’3″ height. 


By my early 20’s I was cute and compact at 125, with the occasional drop to less than 120. 


I would weigh about 165 by the time I went to the hospital to have anyone of the 5 kids, then I would have to spend a year or so dropping from my post baby weight of145 to about 130-135.

At age 40 I was horrified that I was back up to my teen chubby weight of 145 and worked like a fiend to get back down to under 130 for a family vacation on the beach- that made my sister in laws green with envy.  I managed to stay in the middle of the 130’s up until 2009.


Then,without any past history of my body doing this to me, it took 6 months of not really watching my weight or working out to gain 10-15 pounds.  I was horrified- but then gained more!

Where I am now…

Instead of being a 5, 10, or maybe 20 pounds overweight athletic woman- I am now  an obese, middle aged woman (weighing what I went to the hospital to deliver a baby at- 165 pounds!) who is going to have to lose 45 pounds to be healthy again.


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