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10 Sep, 2013

September 10

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So, its been 5 days since my last post. I will definitely have to get back in the swing of things around here… I had a super fun but not 100% on the bandwagon weekend. Weigh in day I was down 4lbs(yeay) but I have not been raw this weekend because I went to an educational event at a resort and well, raw food really wasn’t on the menu. We did go over to Moe’s for lunch one day and I had a salad, and the next day to phat bites and I had a salad. Both of them had cooked ingredients on them. I also had a few tortilla chips and a couple slices of cheese-less pizza Sunday night-we had company and she loves the Mellow Mushroom so we went there. back on track today though! I have my kelp noodles “marinating” and am eager to try them… I think I will have a smoothie for breakfast, raw noodles and salad for lunch and unsure about dinner yet-maybe a taco type salad… Now to get my day started!

05 Sep, 2013

Sept 5

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Well, so far so good- yesterday I was kind of a ball of self loathing/pity… today I am feeling much much better. I had a great day at work! One of the “icons” in my industry came in and was super sweet! Really enjoyed listening to her speak and can’t wait for the color show this weekend! I have been doing great on raw- Yesterday I had…

Smoothie for breakfast and a snack, a couple collard wraps with tu-no sunflower pate, garlicky kale, and a couple veggie wraps made with rice paper I also had a asian style salad before bed because I was super hungry. I also had a peach and a couple apples.

Today I was much less hungry and my mood was much better!

I had a smoothie for breakfast and snack, a couple raw cacao energy squares, grapes, asian salad, a couple collard wraps, some kombucha, a little garlicky kale, I am thinking I will cut up my watermelon tonight too and have some of that!

Tonight Brian asked me if I had been drinking(no I haven’t)-which makes me think am a just a stick in the mud usually? Is my mood so bad on the outside to others as well? Well, I am really giving this raw thing a go-I do feel better and its seeming that it is obvious to others around me as well!


04 Sep, 2013

September 4, 2013

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Wow- it has been a while. And its the same old story over and over. Except this time I am up in weight higher than I have been in a while.-AND IT SUCKS. I am feeling tired and old and I need a burst of energy. I started back to eating RAW foods yesterday. My goal is to do 80/10/10 which is 80% veggies/raw 10% fat(natural and raw like nuts or avocados) and 10% protein.  Its very easy to go over the fats on this diet so I am going to have to watch that very, very carefully. I guess since I have updated this I should mention I am now vegan and have been so for well over a year. I feel much better since cutting the dairy however I feel so heavy when I eat other fats as well. Learning to listen to your body is a difficult but rewarding thing- which is another reason I am here. Without writing down the things I am eating and the way I feel its very hard to remember what made me feel good or bad. So, here goes again…. I didn’t weigh in this morning but I will later or tomorrow. I may also start a new blog- and if I do I will link it back to this one. It really grates me that I have been struggling soooo long with this- I mean just this blog goes back to 2008 and lord knows I struggled before that too- its too much time spent worrying about something I am not controlling. I need to have that control! OK- time to get ready to work but I shall be back!!! :0)


02 Jan, 2013

21 day Juice fast! Day 1 1/2/2013

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Wow its been a long time since I blogged here- I need to get back with it and get rid of these stupid toxins in my body! I plan to do a 3 week juice only fast. I did 5 days and lost 9lbs, mostly I am sure water and inflammation but I have since gained it all back over the holidays and am ready to do a longer version where I know it all won’t be just water plus a couple lbs… I felt really good the last time and it took about 3 days to get over the being hungry/tired stage. SO the next couple days will be the hardest but I know I can do this.

Todays juice:

4 Apples,2 Pears, 1/2 bunch Rainbow chard, 1 Romaine, 4 Carrots, 5 Celery, 2 Cucumbers, 1 Beet, and 3 lemons, oh and a half bunch parsley.

I need to get to the grocery because that was about the last bunch of veggies I have to eat. I will still be cooking for the hubby along the way and found the best way to do that is to double up my recipes and freeze one so I have another night where i don’t cook…

My plan is juice only and up to 4c veggie broth a day if I am craving savory warm food! lol. I did this last time too I have been using not chik’n and not beef cubes and plan to do that again until I can find the time to figure out how to make my own with the pulp from my juice but then again there is a problem of storing it.. oh well… we’ll see.

Too ashamed to post my weight on here at the moment but keeping track of my loss and will post that! :)

26 Jan, 2012

Pre-Trip in Pictures!

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26 Jan, 2012


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Good Morning! I am up and at em’ this morning. I have lots to do today. The time before going on a trip is always so stressful! I was supposed to work today but I somehow hurt my wrist last week and it still isn’t better. ugh. but, on the bright side that will give me a bit more packing/laundry/errand running time. The plan today is laundry, dr, work a few hours, running will be put off until tomorrow since it is almost 100% chance of rain all day :/. I think I might take the dogs to Cookeville this afternoon instead of putting it off until tomorrow… and begin packing! Vegas here I come!!!(soon)

I haven’t really been making meal plans but I think I will here so I can use up the majority of my veggies that are leftover in the fridge…

  1. polenta/eggplant pizzas, sauteed spinach
  2. salad topped with buffalo tofu
  3. Kale salad

 So, I want to do a pre-trip in pictures and see exactly how close I am to my plan when we get back!!! LOL This will give me ideas for photo opps to. I think I will do this in a separate post tho!

19 Jan, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

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Today I may not feel thirsty but I will be drinking water like I am! I slept in till 10! whoa. went to bed around 11 so this is a long time… Just had a waffle with pb, banana, and cinnamon… then had another! It tasted so decadent, and after inputting into fitday I am sure I will see that it was-lol. Sipping on my coffee with almond milk and getting ready to start my day. its almost 11. I don’t actually have to go into work until 2:30 but I plan to get there by 1 so I can get some stuff done that I need to(paperwork, reviews,etc.) We also have our Departmental meeting tonight until 8 so it will be a long day at work-I also want to definitely get a run in.Maybe at home if it is a bit warmer in the next few minutes, but if not I will workout at work on the treadmill…I was going to go to grab lunch but decided against it since I did that yesterday and wait until next week. Groupon has a deal for fiddlecakes-that looks so delish! and vegan and gluten free options? WOWZA. I will be in heaven if it tastes as good as it sounds! They even have pupcakes for your favorite pup!!!!! lol. Ok, time to get my day moving!

17 Jan, 2012


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Well, Its tuesday and its my grocery/cleaning day and I am hoping to make it a bit of a shopping day too  :) I want to head to rivergate and hit up Macy’s clearance rack. Found some great deals at the green hills one so I am hoping for even better there. I don’t know why but I am a shopaholic lately! I figured a budget and I will be sticking to it come February. after our vegas trip. With the house being a disaster from getting new flooring I haven’t had a chance to put away the Christmas stuff either so that is on the agenda tonight after Bri gets home so he can get the boxes out of the attic. Thats about all on the homefront! Dietwise things are good~! I am still hanging in at 200.6 but am confident by the end of the week I will be under 200! Still haven’t drank since New years!!!! That is pretty huge for me! almost 4 weeks is the goal! I can do it!

16 Jan, 2012


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So, not really making resolutions just changing things this year! I AM eating a plant based diet, I AM tracking calories, I AM still RUNNING!- though not as much now as I will be when the weather gets warmer! We are doing at least a 5k every other month. This month is the Zoo Run Run :) Its on the 21st and I am so not ready but I did run today and did pretty well… I didn’t take the gps thingy but I was gone for about 45 min- prob 9of them being warming up but jog/walk the rest! Just had a bit of leftover vegetable dumpling soup for breakfast. I still need to cut back on my coffee intake on work days. somehow I think that keeps me going though! lol I still would like to start a fresh blog but I just don’t have the time. Well, I better get ready for work and input my stuff into MFP!

02 Nov, 2011


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I am having a terrible time finding the time to update this blog!!! I need to be doing it but I can’t seem to be consistant with it recently. Its November already I am back with McDougalling. Sticking with MWL during the week and Regular McDougalling one day a weekend(which allows me to have flours or bread or pastas). I am going to try to AT LEAST post my foods for the day in here… I have also thought about just scrapping this whole blog and starting over… I think I learn from my mistakes but damn, when I go back and look at how many tries I have spend doing different things, losing the same 20-30lbs over and over its kind of depressing. I want to be healthy. I know what I need to do. Why don’t I just DO IT. I feel I have made some huge steps in the right direction, its just so slow going and I seem to have setbacks weekly. I drink TOO MUCH. I have the hardest time giving up weekends with friends and I don’t seem to think I can have a great time without the alcohol-whats up with that? I didn’t grow up in a household where that was the case. I used to be a social person but now it seems the alcohol makes it so much easier to be around a group of people. Sometimes I almost feel awkward without it if I don’t know everyone I am around…whew- enough complaining. I know what to do. I will do it.

Things I am doing right.,..

  • Running
  • Eating whole foods
  • drinking water, minimal coffee
  • eating low fat, plant based foods
  • taking a good multivitamin
  • getting plenty of rest

Things I need to work on…

  • Drinking too much
  • eating processed vegan foods(tofutti sour cream, rice noodles, breads)
  • Running more consistently
  • Drinking less coffee and more green smoothies
  • planning meals ahead
  • not buying processed foods so they aren’t in the house
  • Drinking more water
  • Not eating nuts, avocados, and olives

Well, I guess that is enough for now… still contemplating starting a new blog, fresh start and just plant based ramblings… we shall see…


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