Halfway Through 2013 Review

Posted riestrella on May 31st, 2013 | Filed under Weight Loss Journey

The latter part of 2012 brought some incredible changes in my life. The biggest being I moved to Japan. However that didn’t mean good news for my weight loss, because in the last year I have gained 9 lbs. It’s not in the double digits (although recently it was, but thankfully went down) but it’s still a failure. I word it strongly, but I am trying my best to stay positive and accept the gain has happened and try and figure out a routine that will help me lose the weight and continue towards my goal.

Currently I am trying not to put time limits to my weight loss. I had been creating graphs on paper with dates on them. There wasn’t a time limit set in place, but I decided to scrap the line chart format and just draw a table of 30 blocks symbolising the last 30 lbs I’ve got left to go. When I lose weight I cross off a block. I’ve named it “The Final Countdown” because that song kicks ass, but also because it’ll be the last graph I make for myself. I’ve got 30 lbs to go and I will get there!

My friend is visiting me in Japan this August, I really want to lose weight before she gets here. I’ve nothing to prove to her, but I feel like it’s a good incentive. Plus it’ll be in the thick of a Japanese humid summer, so having less fat on my body will be better!

I recently booked flights to go home for Christmas. I would love to be at goal weight in the next 6 months but I’m not going to hold myself to it! But it would be amazing to return home to England and wow my friends and family with being at goal weight. Who knows? My next 6 month review could be me saying I’ve reached my goal!

My goal plan is eating cleaner. I replaced my sugary cereal (was the cheapest option in Japan) with fiber-tastic cereal (expensive but worth it for health reasons), I replaced my carb heavy lunches with salads and keeping my carb intake to workout snacks and dinner. Cooking is always difficult for me, I’m quite lazy and I tend to stick to what I’m comfortable with doing. But I’m trying to stick to high protein meals.

Exercise I’m doing a mix of everything I love – Yoga, Zumba, Home Fitness (Jillian Michaels and Insanity) and Running. I still haven’t figured out a decent running route here in Tokyo…I really dislike running in populated places. I miss my canal in England where I was never bothered!

So. I’m at 159 lbs. 9 lb regain since my last entry. 40 lbs to go. I hope that by my next update I’ll be at my goal!

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