Halfway through 2012 Review

Posted riestrella on June 28th, 2012 | Filed under Weight Loss Journey

I realised I don’t really take the time to update this journal as much, but I do like these annual updates that I tend to write. Looking back on my Christmas/New Year review makes me realise that even though perhaps I could have done more in these 6 months, I have still come a long way.

I am now 150 lbs meaning I have lost 13 lbs since I last wrote an entry. That’s bang on the line of Healthy/Overweight BMI which was Mini Goal #4. I now have 3 mini goals to complete – 4.5 which is become lighter than my boyfriend at 144 lbs, mini goal 5 reach 140 lbs which is the halfway point to my final goal and then the next goal will be my target weight! Madness.

In that time I have also ran a 10k race, my second one in my lifetime. I beat my previous time by 12 minutes by coming in at 59 minutes. I did it for a charity with my work friends, I came in 3rd out of my group and was the first girl! I even beat some of the men which is awesome! Very proud of my performance that day.

I am currently trying to eat cleaner (not eat crisps/too many carbs or sugars) and my exercise routine is running and circuit training. The latter being Jillian Michaels’s Making The Cut. I love lifting weights again since I haven’t done it so long.

The trip to visit my boyfriend was amazing, of course. He was very proud and impressed with my weight loss. We had so much fun together, I even surprised him with a trip to the wolf sanctuary. He loves wolves, so I got us a VIP to meet them too. I had a wolf lick my face! It was incredible. Since I’ve been back I’ve been planning on my move to Japan. After trying to get a job lined up before I move failed, I’m going to be shortly getting a working holiday visa and then I’ll be heading to Japan to look for a job there. My boyfriend currently lives there, so it’ll be amazing to live in the same country as him again.

So lots of things to look forward to in the not too distant future, and I’m hoping that this is the year I make my goal of 130 lbs! 50 lbs down, 20 lbs to go, I’ve got this!

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