My first 10k

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I’m happy to say that I have entered my very first 10k race! I’m really excited about it, and think it will be a great incentive to keep on top of my exercise no matter what – because I want to finish that race without dying! I just can’t help but tell the world…


I weighed and measured yesterday and here are my results:

Week 9 (26th June 2011)

Weight: 183 lbs ~ + 1 lb (Total 5 lbs lost)

Pudge: 42.1 inches ~ – 0.2 inches (Total 0.9 inches lost)

Boobage: 42. 8 inches ~ Same (Total 0.8 inches lost)

End of June Results

1 lb lost

0.4 inches lost from Pudge

0 inches lost from Boobage

A disappointing month in general in terms of boobage and pounds lost, but I’m quite happy that I’ve lost some measurements off my pudge. The pound gain was down to not working out as consistently while I was away and also the fact I’m on my blob.

BUT! I’m back on track with this 10k race and I found myself a great training programme for it. It pretty much looks like this for 7 weeks:

Monday: Strength & Stretch

Tuesday: Short run

Wednesday: Cross training (something different to running so biking, swimming, walking etc)

Thursday: 2 mile run + Strength

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Cross training

Sunday: Long run

Each week the distances and time of cross training increases, and the plan is open to modification for personal scheduling. So I’m quite happy with it.

I’m hoping to get my Mum involved on this too. She’s an amazing runner – she’s ran marathons, 10k’s, half Ironman’s…but I think she’s losing focus since she keeps focusing on a goal then relapsing on herself. I think if she enters this race and sees that we BOTH have to train it will help her a bit.

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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Sounds like a great exercise plan! Good luck on your 10k and training for it!

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