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The evil cheesecake lurking in my fridge

Week 3 update! Firstly i tried to give up the cheese but i’m still eating it! I know a little is okay but I feel so beholden to it because it does just taste so yummy. So in the battle of me VERSUS the CHEDDER,  the chedder (or the creamy yellow block of dairy goodness as I have come to think of it) has won again. But I’m up for a challenge and come week 3… it’s so on!

But wait, I hear you say, just don’t buy it then!!! Well I live with my family and some members of the fam love the creamy yellow block of dairy goodness so its always there to tempt me.  And now, quelle horreur, the most luscious delicious new york cheesecake has just appeared in the fridge. I can quite literally hear it saying eat me…EAT ME NOW!!! So far I have resisted having a piece. Not because having a piece is bad or anything (high calorie foods in small amounts are not a disaster) but for me it would be the beginning of a very slippery slope. One piece would turn into 3 or 5. Soon I’d be craving it like crazy and might even go out and buy another one for myself! So I had to put it at the back of the fridge and now hope I forget that its even there.

Whilst eating well is sometimes a slog, the workout is a bit better. Still trying to do 20 mins of cardio 6 days out of 7. Only did 4 days in the past week so I will be trying to get back on track in week 3. I feel better for doing the exercise and maybe one day I might even come to enjoy working up a sweat. Now to the weigh in, on Friday 15.3.13 I was 187lbs/13 stone 5 pounds. So I lost another 4lbs. Yay! I just hope that I can keep up with the exercise and not fall off the wagon. But like last week I am feeling encouraged, I think maybe I can really do this.

Wish me luck )

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Week 1 Update

Hello all!

Its March 8th today so its been one week since I was last here. Had some good days and some bad days. The bad days were due to Tesco’s full fat mature chedder cheese. It’s so yummy but oh so so so calorific! Good days were the days when I managed to do my 20 minute exercise DvD.  But every day is a new challenge: to work out again and to eat properly and bad snack. My my this is hard! Many hard days ahead.

But I am happier today because I weighed myself this morning and my new current weight is 191lbs / 13stone 9lbs. So with a loss of 4lbs for the last week’s work I am feeling encouraged and a bit more motivated. Hopefully all I will keep this in mind as I work my way through next week.

Wish me luck 🙂

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Return to 3FATCHICKS

It has been some time since I last updated this blog, well about 14 months! I wanted to start up again  because just like this blog my weight loss also took a near 14 month break. But now I’ve decided to start being healthy again so I’m blogging again too.

Like so many others out there, I began with such enthusiasm, I just knew I would make it to my goal. I would train and eat well and take good care of myself. It was all going to work out great! But then, like it tends to do, life just got in the way. Too many days without exercise, a macdonald’s meal here and there and getting a large pizza instead of a medium (damn you Domino’s!). So instead of losing, I gained and gained and now here I am. Still heavy, unhealthy and bummed.

So now I begin again. again! AGAIN!

My general and my health issues are

  1. A BMI over 30 and the future risks to health this brings…cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and so on.
  2. A recent diagnosis of polycysitic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance (I can talk more about this in future posts if anyone would like to know more).
  3. General sluggishness and reduced energy.
  4. Reduced self confidence because of being heavier.

What to do about all this? I have given my self 12 months to reach my goals. From my birthday in Feb till my next in Feb 2014. My weight loss goal is to lose 55lbs.                                                              Some people will say it’s too much or too little to lose in a year but I really do think its a reasonable  and reachable goal for 12 months. My current weight is 195lbs and my goal weight is 10 stones (140lbs). I’m 170cm (approx 5’7) so my BMI is now 30.5 and a  weight of 140lbs will give me a BMI of 21.9. Yes this seems like a low BMI, but… trust me I’m a medic, its still within the healthy range of 20-25.

How to do all of this? My plans are

  1. Exercise 6 days a week. I’ve chosen to do a home DVD instead of the going to the gym or running outside (i’ll build up to doing these, I think). I’m doing Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Slim. The work-out is high intensity interval training (HIIT) for 20mins each day. I will do Level 2 for 4 weeks and then reassess.                                                                                                                               Josie Gibson is a UK Big Brother winner who at 5’10 was overweight.
  2. A reduced carb and low sugar diet. Since I have polycysitic ovary syndrome  this is the best kind of diet. I’m not following a specific diet plan but I will keep researching until I find one I like. I’ll have  3 meals a day with 1-2 snacks, with no eating after 8pm and at least 1.5 litres of water a day (that’s all the water I can manage!).
  3. Weekly weigh-ins and measurements. I will do this at home on mondays and I’ll be measuring hips bust and waist.

So this is the plan for now. I’m sure things will evolve and change as I find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be going into more details of mesurements, meal plans etc in future posts as I work everything out.

So for now wish me luck as I head on down that long long road to 140lbs!

P.S. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions! And apologies for the long post!

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Hello. I’m loving having a blog and its so helpful! Thanks for the comments.

I have been doing okay with the regime. Not too much excercise at the moment as I am so so unfit. Now its 20 minutes every other day on the cross trainer. It does not seem like much but I am so unfit that I still really work up a sweat. I tell myself slow and steady wins the race!  But oi! do my thighs ache the next day.

The meal plan is going better, I am applying rules rather than following a strict diet. This is for 2 reasons, I really can’t stick to regimented diet – i need flexiabilty I think. So now I employ the 12 hour diet rules – mainly only eating between 8am and 8 pm. This suits me as I am an awful, awful night time eater. Ooh… the days when I would eat 4 slices of toast at midnight as a snack…what was I thinking! As well as this I am counting calories which is alright at the moment. I aim for 1400kcal per day  and I am planning to partake of weighwatchers meals. I do feel hungry but I take this as a good sign and its such a change from always feeling stuffed because I was eating everything I wanted all the time. The downside is that I feel that I am thinking about food all the time, but my conclusion is that this is better than ignorance.

So now I have clarified my plan of action and I have reflected on the past 3 days and I have some good news and bad news.

Bad news first –  I over ate on day 1 (DAY 1, I know it’s terrible!) my sister cooked the yummiest tuna pasta ever and I absolutely over indulged! It tasted too good. I had to do extra time on the crosstrainer the next day which was excruciating.

Good news next – I weighed myself today and the scales said 6 pounds lost.  Now, I know that is not a real weight loss and that its mostly excess water, but it was still nice to see. I think of it as a potential weight loss and will use it motivate me in the days to come.

And since its Friday big temptation days are coming- the weekend but I will endevour to stick to the plan.

Slow and steady!

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Slow and Steady wins the race…

Hello. This is my weight journey blog, an online record of my body odyessy.  I’ll use it to document my trials and tribulations as I run… stop running…puke and then hopefully carry on running, to reach my weight loss goals.

So, who am I? I’m a trained medical doctor (hence the title) who is 8 weeeks away from 28. Not working at the moment but will start again soon. I live in the big city, don’t drive and I wear red rimmed spectacles.

At the moment I weigh 215 pounds, the last 20 of which I gained in the last 4 months, yikes! That means my BMI is  33.6 because i’m only 5’7. My blood pressure is 150/85 (right arm) with a resting pulse of 90. I am very very unfit which could be a huge problem when I do go back to work.

Never having really tried to shed serious pounds I think now is a great time to start, as it is a new year…2012. And as an MD i know I cannot in good conscience talk to anybody about being healthy and fit and avoiding chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and ischaemic heart disease if I am the way I am(clinically obese!).

My goals are to lose 80 pounds and get down to 135 pounds ( BMI 22 ish) within the next 12 months. Planning to also take park in the Race For Life 2012 charity run to raise money for breast cancer research this summer. I even made my sister to promise to do  it with me.

It seems like a lot but I think I should set my self a good goal so that I keep on pushing myself hard.

So now a change is coming… and it starts today 😀

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