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So after more than a year of drama with several major medical issues with both husband and self, I am starting out again.  Weight is probably about the same or more.  Had lost 40 now gained it back.  Just reread the article I posted last and it seems to run pretty true.

There is no choice but to keep trying.  Weight is too devastating to the body – makes everything difficult. As I get older I am more prone to knee problems, neck and back problems.

So here is to a new year and trying again.  If my husband can deal with his newly diagnosed diabetes and Valley Fever, I can deal with this obesity.

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I am going to try and start this blog hoping that it will help me get started AGAIN!!! I should be painting, but I have run out of mental energy lately.  Maybe it is the heat (112 today in Phoenix), who knows?  I am getting over a cold (the first one in a long time) and hubby has just started his (thanks to me).  I am wearing a heart monitor for three weeks to see if my occasional heart blurbs mean anything, so that complicates life a little.  In four weeks I will be taking a trip to see my grandbaby and then on to see relatives and some friends.  It would be nice if I could begin to get off some weight before then.  In three months I go to Australia for 10 days with my son – I would REALLY like to be more comfortable on that long trip.

So where do I start?  I have done this so many times and I see everybody has the same story – lose, gain, lose, and gain.  There is no permanent answer I am sure, or at least I would be really interested to hear of someone who kept a vast amount of weight off for a lengthy period of time without making it their career.  I read an article the other day that really hit home.  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/01/magazine/tara-parker-pope-fat-trap.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all  This is an article by Tara Parker Pope and it pretty much says what I have been hearing for a few years now – reported from scientists, etc.  We are all fighting an uphill battle, that is pretty much not winnable.  So why try?  Good question.  I guess because I don’t feel I can just give up.  I want to see my granddaughter grow up and I have already done enough damage to my body with smoking for thirty years (quit 10 years ago) and eating wrong.  I need to give myself a chance.  What have I got to lose? Mostly the TASTE of food and the way it calms me and acts as an anti depressant.

So, my significant other is naturally strong and lean – he can eat what he wants and look great.  However, he does have high blood pressure and I don’t – his sugar can run a little high, and mine is ok.  He has sleep apnea and so do I.  Does that make sense?  I am 75 pounds overweight at least and he is perfect. Genes are pretty influential.

I have always done the best when I keep track, which I will do with Fitday.  I also do better when I develop some pattern to eating.  Sneaking in the fresh veggies and fruit will be the tough and important part.  I tend to forget those things in my rush though the kitchen.  I am not a cook and do the least I can do in the kitchen.  I am a carb addict – especially sugar.  Chocolate and sugar will be the difficult things to part with as they always have been.

I have no problem exercising, and have been doing that for many years, which is probably the reason I am not diabetic or have high blood pressure like my sister (who died at 63 from heart and diabetes).  Exercise will be the least of my problems.

So here goes.  Tomorrow I will faithfully keep my food record and get going.  If I get depressed I will try to find another solution besides chocolate:)

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