Bah… humbug.

I’m not sure what happened today; I got on the scale and my eyeballs just about popped out of my head.  87.8.  WTF?  I haven’t seen that number in about 2 months.  So, I did a little backtracking.  I burned 550 at the gym plus another 150 at karate for 2 hours (working with the little’uns, rather than on advanced/senior belt stuff).  I did a little gardening.  I tracked what I ate reasonably well and slipped a little with the cranberry orange load batter (which probably amounted to a whole slice when baked).  We’ll see what happens tomorrow since I’m tracking absolutely everything today.  Even the white chocolate brownie batter I need to get done.

I’m kind of worried about Christmas, as many dieters are.  Will I be able to keep myself from nibbling?  What about piling the food on my plate for Christmas dinner?  Can I keep myself from eating so much dessert I’ll sleep for the rest of the afternoon (I did last year).  I think I’ll stick with the protein at the table, rather than the carbs (potatoes, bread rolls).  I don’t drink, so booze is not a problem.  For the people who have lost weight, how do you deal with Christmas dinner?

Gym work today was pretty heavy: I increased all of my weights in my supersets, except for the chest exercises.  I do three sets of 15 reps, one right after the other, with 2 exercises: 15x shoulder press (15 pounds) and 15x anterior deltoid flys (18 pounds) (do that 3 times), then 15x vertical row (60 pounds) and 15x close-grip pulldowns (55 pounds), then 15x chest flys on the pec deck (level 3, then 2x level 2) and 15x chest press (12kg, then 2x 10kg).  Finish with 10 minutes on the treadmill, but I did 25 on the bike (random, level 8).  Tired?  Yes.  Sore?  More than likely.  Endorphins?  Oh yes and it feels so good.  :o)

Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.  If you’re not into Christmas, then have a good festive season, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Al Hijra and all that.

I have the distinct feeling….

Well, several distinct feelings actually.

The first is that I can’t move my left leg.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, I would hobble along until I got where I needed to be.  But it’s compounded by the second feeling known in the fitness world as “jelly arms”: the feeling that you’ve overworked your muscles and they feel like jelly.  Think Santa.  I looked like Quasimodo going to ring the bells of Notre Dame.

This is probably because of the third feeling.  I have officially been to the eighth circle of Hell: The 30 Day Shred Level 1, Day 1.

All I can say about this video is “what a workout”.  It’s divided into sets of 3: 3×3 minutes of strength training, 3×2 minutes of cardio, 3×1 minute of ab work.

Plus: Lots of plyometrics- jumps: jumping jacks, jump rope, butt kicks.  You didn’t do more than 20 reps per 30 seconds.  All exercises were slow and controlled- quality over quantity.  Good technique.

Negative: No sound.  This was my stereo’s fault more than hers.  Cooldown- I don’t think it targeted enough muscle groups and was static, but then again, I like a lot of flexibility.  The people who do her video probably aren’t looking for extreme flexibility.

Overall experience: 9/10 (.5 point for no sound, but the video does have sound; and .5 points for muscle pull– both are my own doing).  Definitely recommended for people who want fast, simple and effective workouts.

Vroom, cough, splutter, vroom.

Introduction and an explanation

Hi there.  Welcome to my world.  You might find it disturbing, insightful or just plain weird.  Whatever you find it to be, at least try to keep an open mind.  There is a shortage of open-minded people in this world.

Firstly, an explanation of the blog title.  This is the best metaphor I can use to describe what I’m about to do.  I’m going from a size 16 to an 8.  In my view, that’s going from a school bus (think of the big yellow cheese wagons that you rode to school in): big, not very efficient, slow and always having to stop for various reasons.  That’s me right now.  I’d like to think of myself as a red Ferrari when I get to an 8: sleek, sexy, and something that everyone dreams of having (and only one lucky man gets!).

On the road to my goal self, I’ll be changing shape.  From a school bus (size 16), to a Chevy Suburban (size 14), Nissan Terrano (size 12), Toyota Camry (size 10) and Ferrari (size 8).  A girl’s gotta have goals.  I like cars.  Don’t know a lot about them, but I like them.  And I like the idea of being, in my mind at least, a red-hot Ferrari.  I mean, didn’t you want one when you were a kid??  What about now?  Be nice, wouldn’t it?

So, that’s just an explanation of what the blog is about.  Not really an introduction per se.  As intros go, my age will change later this year, so no point in letting you know what it is (besides, a lady doesn’t tell her secrets or her age), what I do or who I’m doing it with.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I start the 30 Day Shred.  Apparently, this is a 20 minute hard-core workout from The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Micheals.  I previewed it, thinking it would be easy.  I’ll let you know.

Vroom vroom.