It’s been a hard day’s night…

One of the problems I found I had last night was a banged up hand (thanks to my training partner P and his kote gaeshi- it’s an aikido thing- which burst the vein in my hand.  See for a demonstration).  My hand now has a large bruised lump.  Last night, I ended up sparring with, of course, my bung hand.  A wounded bear is a dangerous bear.  I was told to cut out the aggression towards K, the poor unfortunate that was my sparring partner.  But with only 3 appendages to fight with instead of 4 (2 legs, 2 arms), what was I going to do?  There’s never any hard feelings between K and I.  I like K… nice person.  Just don’t make me use my wounded hand to fight with.  One of my other training partners, R, is back at the end of the month after a year’s absence.

Level 1, Day 6 of the 30 Day Shred: Endurance has picked up.  Still have problems with the push ups- I hate pushups- and the anterior raises, but I can feel my legs and arms getting stronger.  Might have to move up in the weights from a 1/2 kg to 1kg.  Looking forward to Level 2.  I’ll give it a watch after finish walking the dog this arvo.

I went to be early last night: It had more to do with my having done karate and kendo for 3 hours, rather than the opportunistic redundancy that I got from my job.  I haven’t gotten my first day’s pay yet from the MoE, but I hear the pay is really good.  I figure I need 2 days a week to make more than I did in 2 weeks at work.  Doesn’t take much: a retail clerk is paid rather poorly (though I was grateful to have a job at all, and for a small business, I wasn’t expecting oodles of money- it was a part-time job).

Anyway, off to take a shower and get to work.

Vroom vroom VROOM!

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