My time to SHINE!

My journey through weight loss and LIFE!

Update! March 19, 2013

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Well I’m cruising into week 6 of my weight loss journey and I must say, I ROCK AT THIS! I am now down 29.4 pounds and going strong! I feel so good and I’m so proud of myself. I can’t wait to finally be in my new and improved body! I have set some goals for myself because it seems that it is a fairly important step in weigh loss. Goal #1 Be at or below 220 by the wedding (Sept. 14th) Goal #2 Be at or below 185 by the time I graduate college (May 2014). I have also been participating in little challenges here on 3FC and set mini goals for myself to follow. I just wish that I was in a smaller pants size already. I feel like I deserve that smaller number but I’m just not getting it…yet!Keep up all the GREAT work ladies! It will pay off!


Update Week #2 March 1, 2013

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Tuesday I had my second weigh in and I have lost 14 POUNDS in total! I am on top of the world and I don’t think anything could bring me down.I would also like to share that I did 3 MILES on the tredmill and burned almost 900 calories!


SMALL VICTORY! February 17, 2013

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Well y’all, I had my first day at the gym since starting this CRAZY journey and I feel that it was successful. I set two goals for myself when I got to the gym. 1) Walk 35 Minutes on the Tredmill2) Burn 200 calories And guess what folks…. I beat both goals!!! I walked for 37 minutes and burned 350 calories!!To some this seems like a small accomplishment but to this gal, it’s a HUGE deal! I really feel like I’m going to be able to do this! On another note I work at a group home for behaviorally challenged girls and I shared with them that I have begun this process AND THEY WERE SO SUPPORTIVE! I was SO shocked and it made me really believe I will succeed because they damn sure are going to hold me accountable 🙂


Welcome to my life! February 16, 2013

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Welcome to my FIRST BLOG and thank you for stopping to check it out! I’m starting this blog because I’m beginning a new weight loss journey and I was told that it would be good to journal throughout the process. I figure if I’m going to be writing about this process I should make it public so I can, hopefully, help someone else on their journey! I started my weight loss program on February 12th 2013. I have been thinking about losing weight for years but finally took the plunge when I went to a consultation at Midwest Weight Control (similar to Ideal Protein). This was the most terrifying thing that I have ever done and I’ve been through a lot of SHIT throughout my 25 years of life. However, for some reason walking in and admitting that I need someone to help me accomplish this goal was petrifying! I was so embarrassed and scared that I just wanted to cry and run out of the building but I stayed. I stayed because I know that if I don’t do something SOON, I’m going to die. I’m 25 and I weigh 305 pounds (my heaviest I’ve ever weighed). I know all the health problems associated with my weight and I’m really starting to feel the weight gain. I noticed it first when I had trouble walking a block and a half to get from my car to my class. It increasingly got more noticeable when I wasn’t fitting into my clothes anymore and I had a hard time walking when I first get up in the morning. So far I’m 4 days into my lifestyle change and I’m doing very well! I did cheat a little bit today and had a very small amount of corn (not supposed to eat corn because it’s starchy). However, this is the longest that I’ve ever lasted on a diet and I feel hopeful that I’ll reach my goal of weighing 185 pounds! I struggle everyday because I am changing a lifetime of SHITTY eating habits but I know that if I chose to do this I CAN and WILL!I’ll keep everyone posted on what my status is on my weight loss journey as well as wedding planning, school and my CRAZY family!