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7/4/2012 July 4, 2012

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Got up this morning feeling pumped for a few reasons.  First….NO WORK TODAY CAUSE IT IS INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!  Woohoo…Second…it is high carb day.  I love high carb days because I am finding it really difficult to come up with new and exciting meals that don’t have carbs.  They have all these recipes on the “Reshape America” website.  But I am such a picky eater that most of them would never make it into my house.  So, carb days are great because I can use whole grain tortillas and make wraps or breakfast burritos….I can also have more potatoes which I love.  Third reason for being pumped is that I got to take the fur-kids to the park this morning.  They had so much fun and I got my “sweat” on for about an hour (always rehydrating with my trusty purple water bottle).


So, here is my to-do list for the day.  I need to clean the kitchen and get the dishes done from food prepping yesterday, I need to finish up the laundry that I started but didn’t have time to finish before work, I need to get a good 30 minutes of cardio in (possibly a little yoga too), and then I am going to prepare some food for the next couple of days.


Meals today:


Breakfast:  Kashi Autumn Wheat Cereal, one turkey sausage patty

Mid Morning:  Turkey Wrap w/Mustard & 2 slices of of thin 40 calorie provolone

Lunch:  Turkey Burger(extra lean ground turkey) on whole grain thin bun w/ Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, & side salad

Mid Afternoon:  Hard boiled egg, celerey & Fiber One bar

Dinner:  Salad with cajun baked chicken and lite balsamic vinegrette

I love that this diet lets me eat all day… I cheated a little and peeked at the scale last night…..OMG…kinda happy right now….but can’t give you the results till Friday!!!


Toodles 🙂


7/3/2012……I Freaking Rock!!!! July 3, 2012

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So……today started off crazy and I may have a concussion courtesy of a wasp that caused me to slam my head against my truck door.  Anywho….Work was nuts.  I don’t think the phone stopped ringing once all day, but luckily I was able to get most of my meals in and on time.  i am, however, behind on my water intake so I think it is going to be a “10 trips to the bathroom to pee” night. 


Now!!!  For the good part.  We ordered lunch in today from McAlisters and I was scared to death because I didn’t know what to get.  I was allowed 2 cups of carbs, 2 cups of protein, veggies, and 2 tblspoons of a fat.  I went through the menu over and over again and used the nutritional calculator on their website and was able to make some creat choices.  I went with their “choose 2” option and got a small garden salad with lite balsamic vinegrette & a grilled chicken spud.  Now get this, by removing croutons and cheese from both items at the time I ordered it I was able to reduce the calories from 560 to 360 & the fat grams from 15 to 0.5!!!!  .5 GRAMS OF FAT!!!! HOW FREAKING AMAZEBALLS IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!  I was so proud of myself.  And this was a good amount of food.  I was totally full by the time I was done……YES, Virginia there is a Santa Clause!!!  WOOHOO…..gotta go get my dinner ready….back in a bit. 🙂


07/02/2012 July 2, 2012

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Still don’t have air condtioning in the house, so I woke up this morning to 89 degrees in my living room.  Not very good considering that is where I do my working out in the morning.  The dogs are miserable, I am miserable, and I am ready to kill my property manager.  I hope they don’t expect me to pay my rent today with a smile on my face.  Cause that just ain’t gonna happen.

Breakfast this morning was somewhat of a suprise.  I had the new Kashi “Autumn Wheat”  and it was quite good.  I am usually not a Kashi fan because to me it screams of cardboard, but i really liked it. 

I am following the “Reshape America” carb cycling plan.  This seems like a good choice for me as it should help take the weight off without throwing my body into shut-down & store mode, which has always been my problem in the past.  Plus……added bonus…..Chris Powell runs Reshape America and he is the perfect eye candy to keep my spirits up everyday.


Snack time is in 40 mins and I am looking forward to some tuna w/ lemon & some sliced peppers with a whole wheat tortilla…..AND THAT’S JUST THE SNACK!!!!


I am having Garlic Chicken and whole grain poasta for lunch…that should be pretty awesome too.


I will check in later to let you know how they day is going.


Toodles 🙂