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Goals For The Journey July 3, 2012

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In order to keep myself on track I have decided to set a number of goals for myself that when reached will mean a smal but happy reward!!


Starting Weight:  365 lbs

Current Weight:  330.2 lbs 08/03/12,  327.1lbs 08/10/12

Goal Weight: Between 140-160 lbs



Goal 1:  325


Goal 2:  315


Goal 3:  299


Goal 4:  280 (if I hit this by christmas there is going to be a huge prize!!!)


Goal 5:  255


Goal 6: 230


Goal 7:  199 ( this goal if hit by next Sept 1st will warrent a HUGE prize also!!!)


Goal 8:  180


Goal 8: 160 ( this is my ultimate goal weight and if I can save the money too, hitting this goal will mean a boob job…..LIFT & REDUCE THEM GIRLS!!!!  (  o  )(  o  )


My hope is to reach my goal weight by next christmas….if I could average 3.3 lbs per week though I could hit it by next sept…..not gonna go overboard though….want to be healthy with this.




3 Responses to “Goals For The Journey”

  1. Mandy Says:

    One of these rewards should be to visit your sister!

  2. reborn2shine Says:

    Really!?!?! You Think!??!?!?! My sister would have to let me bring my kids :o)

  3. stepmamma Says:

    I had a breast reduction 7 years ago and it changed my life! Good luck on your journey, keep on keeping on!!

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