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Doggie Days June 29, 2012

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I have decided to devote some of my blog space to my one true love…… dogs. 
 It has been a rough year for me and my fur-kids.  Last July I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 13 years Keiko, my akita.  She went everwhere with me and was the mama dog to the boys.  She lost her battle with Oral cancer after a long and happy life. 

 Keiko in the snow


 After that I moved to Memphis with Chance (my catahoula), Sava (my husky mix), and Foster (my epileptic Corgi mix).  About a month after we got here Chance started getting sick and I mean SICK.  He went lame in his front legs, blind in his left eye, and basically could no longer eat or drink without assitance.  His doggie neuroligist believes that he had a brain tumor that sadly could not be treated so, I chose to end his suffering.  This was something that I was in no way prepared for .  He was only six years old and he had been my side kick from the time he was 4 weeks old.


 After Chance’s death I found myself struggling everyday to get out of bed and do the things that needed to be done.  Sava, Foster, and I made it through christmas, but the pain was almost to much to bare. After the loss of their brother Sava quit eating for almost a week and Fosters seizures were getting worse in both frequency and severity.  We all needed something to lift our spirits.
 In January I was sent a picture of a beautiful white puppy that needed a family and, perhaps a little to soon, I jumped at the chance to give her a home thinking that it would heal my heart and help the boys recover. 
Parker (a weimeraner/great pyrenees mix) came into our lives and turned everything upside down.  She is a wild child with a diva streak a mile long.  Many people thought it was way to soon for another dog and that she would be to much to handle.  While they may have been right to some extent, Parker’s true purpose was yet to be revealed.
At the beginning of May Foster had a terrible seizure episode which left him hospitalized and fighting for his life.  My vet was able to stabalize him and send him home with an increase to his seizure meds.  My little “roo” ,as I called him, was never the same after that.  He no longer wanted to play, or run, or cuddle. Thursday June 7th he started seizing, he would come out of it for a couple of hours and then start seizing again.  Saturday morning he started seizing and didn’t come out of it.  Foster was in what is called “status”, a non-stop siezure.  I rushed him to the vet and they were able to stabalize him long enough for me to say goodbye and then he died in my arms.  I screamed at God. WHY?!?!?!  I did everything I could and he was such a good dog and he suffered so much….WHY!!!  My vet told me that I gave him the most beautiful gift in the world……peace & love. 

When I got home Sava knew….he just knew and I could see the sadness starting to overtake him.  But Parker must have known better because she immediately went to him and began her puppy play.  She barked and growled and smacked him around.  There was no way he could avoid joining in the fun.  I am thankful everyday that Parker is in our lives, despite the chewed socks and 5 am barking in my ear.  She held us up when we needed her most.  And my Sava…..well he is still my handsome boy that steals hearts where ever he goes…sportin his tag that says ” That’s Right!  The B*tches Love Me”






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