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Drama thy name is Andrea……


I feel like life for the last 3 weeks has been a blur of dramatic events that have no place in the everday life of a fat chick trying to get healthy & loose weight.  And because of said events there was a “dramatic” pause in my weight loss journey.


On July 21st I get a phone call from my best friend in Colorado saying that she went over to my mom’s house and found a horrible site.  My mom had apparently not moved from the couch in several days(you can imagine the pleasant smell) and was going through alcohol withdrawal for the 6th or 7th time that I can think of.  The worst part though was Chloe. 











Chloe is the beautiful Great Pyrenees that I gave my mom for her birthday 5 years ago.  I picked Chloe from the litter and drove to pick her up and I have spent 3 years of my life with this dog….I call her Sissy.  Well, my friend goes down to the basement where she finds that Chloe has been living in her own filth for over 2 weeks without being let outside and has been surviving by eating cat litter because my mother can’t get off the couch to feed her( that and there was no dog food in the house).  I am heartbroken.  I can’t think of anything worse that could be happening at that point in time. 


All kinds of options start getting thrown around….words like shelter, humane society, and pound.  None of these options work for me.  So with the help of my sister and 2 friends we hatch a plan to get Chloe out of there and safely to me here in Memphis.  My sister loans me some money and my boss gives me two days off from work….Aug. 16th & 17th.  My friend Tami is going to get my mother into the hospital on 8/15 and then take Chloe to my friend Brie, who is then going to drive Chloe to Topeka where I will meet them with my dog Sava and bring her home to memphis.  Sava & Chloe had always had a special bond since the are only 10 months apart and were practically raised together.  I figured he would help ease her transition.


The plan went off perfectly & on 8/16 I saw Chloe for the first time in a year.  Her coat was matted beyond belief, her nails were so long that they curved like bird talons, and she was extremely thin.  It was worse than I could have ever imagined. Upon feeling her skull through her skin and seeing her protruding hips bones I proceeded to punch the sink in the hotel bathroom until my hand was good and bruised.  Everyone who knows me understands my hatred for people who let this happen to their dogs and it is doubly painful knowing that it is my mother that let this happen.  Her addiction problems aside this is beyond repair at the moment.


So, the first thing I do when we get back to Memphis is get Chloe to the vet the very next morning.  Diagnosis:  ear infection, flea Infestation, nails so long it is causing her to walk back on her heels, 30 lbs underweight, malnourished, and the matting of her fur is causing several hotspots and open sores on her body.  This is all fixable.  We get her some heartworm & flea meds and then head off to the groomer who tells me that saving her coat is not an option.  So, four hours later I go back to pick her up and am greeted by a nakid Pyrenees… is sad and adorable at the same time. (Check out her pretty purple bows)

















Well…after Chloe was shaved nakid I discovered a new problem which required immediate attention.  Now that the hair was all gone I noticed that her right rear knee was double the size of the left knee.  I got a few referrals and after care consideration I picked a vet to take her to.  After several x-rays and a sedated orthopedic exam (by the “so cute I could eat” Dr. Slattery) it was determined that Chloe has, sometime in the past year, had a tramatic injury that has completely dislocated her knee cap.  After careful review it is confirmed that this is NOT genetic Patellar Luxation… is an injury.  More than likely Chloe’s long nails got caught in the carpet and she fell down the stairs.  More heartbreak for my baby girl.  Luckily the man of the hour has become Dr. Slattery,  he is going to be able to perform Chloe’s repair surgery and doesn’t have to send me to the super ginormous & super expense specialist up the street.


So….this is how it stands.  On September 18th Chloe will be checked in for a Medial Luxated Patella Repair, including surgical removal and replacement of some bone to inable her to walk straight.  He says she will never be 100%, as arthritis has already set in, but he can give her 85-90% full use with no pain.  This is the best I can ask for.  I love her so much and she is really starting to settle in at her new home and loves going to the puppy park on Sat & Sun and visiting the local organic dog food store.



In all this drama my diet has gone to crap.  But happily I got on the scale the other day and had only put 5 of the 20lbs I had lost back on.  Now it is time to start again…..back on the diet and time to start working out too.  I can do this….Sava, Parker, and now Chloe need me to be healthy and active for them.  I can do this!!!












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  1. 5yearscancerfree Says:

    Welcome back! I’m sorry you are going through so much this year. Chloe’s purple bows are as beautiful as she is! I am sorry to hear your Mom is not doing any better. I know it is tough on you. Keep the faith and know that you are doing everything YOU can. I have continued to keep you in prayer for all the stuff you are going through. I know that eventually you will do it and you will get where you need to be – in all your journeys. Welcome back!

  2. dogpaws4ever Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and want to say Thank You! I am a foster home to rescued dogs and this story broke my heart….I’m like you, I get very upset about how people treat their pets and like you it makes me even madder when it is a family member. There are many in my family I would never have own a dog or cat.
    I know stress can cause one to fall off the diet, but you are right to get going again to be healthy for your fur kids. By the way, (I read your blog from today…1/12/2013), don’t worry about the guys…they will come in due time….do this for yourself, guys really are not that worth it…HA

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