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07/25/2012….carbs were my enemy yesterday July 25, 2012

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Yesterday was like a frickin carb fest of death.  I don’t think I could get anymore in me if I had tried.  Subway is far better than the other fast food choices our there, but even the 9 grain whole what still has a butt ton of carbs in it.  So, I got a foot long and had half for lunch and half for dinner and that was a grand total of 104 carbs…..HOLY SH*T!!!!  Calories of course were super low, but the carbs can be kinda scarey.  I was still under my recommended calorie intake for the day which is good….I had a deficite of 1752 which would be about half a pound.  My goal is a 1500-1700 deficit per day to give me a loss of 3-4 lbs per week here in the beginning.  The junk food I put in my body this weekend didn’t help with that, but now that I am back on track and using my FitDay journal I am able to log better.  The only negative thing about the journal is that I have to manually enter most of the food that I eat because the aren’t in the system.  That will get easier though as I tend to bounce around a lot of the same foods , so eventually they will all be in the system. 



 but i am still gonna try and work out 🙂