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7/19/2012 July 19, 2012

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I am feeling a little frisky today.  Motivated and happy.  Things have been going good with my getting healthy.  Can’t say the same for everything else, but in reality all I am really worried about right now is getting into shape and getting this weight off.  Business is kinda slow right now and I have not had that many leads work out, but that will pick up so, I hope!  I haven’t talked to my mom since she drunk called me at work on Monday…..and that is probably a good thing because I doubt I could be pleasant with her.  Sava & Parker have been stuck in the house for the last two weeks while Parker is recovering from her upper respritory infection……BUT!!!  she is done with her antibiotics soon and we will be hitting the dog park this weekend so they can hang out with their buddies and we can get some good exercise in. 


Let’s see, what else is going on,  I resigned my lease on my house for another year.  I wish my place were bigger, but for the price & the back yard I can’t really beat it.  I am really hoping to get another dog at the beginning of the year, once Parker has matured some more, and it is the perfect place to puppy proof & house break.  It has been kinda sad without little Foster the past several weeks and Sava plays with Parker, but he is 6 yrs old and can’t keep up with her all the time.  Today I meet the most beautiful Akita that was walking by my office.  She was typical Akita and wanted to meet me on her own terms, but it was amazing and just made me miss Keiko alot too.  We’ll see.


Anywho,  hope everyone is having a great week!!!  Talk to you Later.


Toodles 🙂


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