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Successful Week

So Friday is my weigh day and I went down 2 pounds! I’m now at 174.4 which I think is pretty great. I’m hoping next week will have similar result since I’m dragging my butt to the gym and working hard while really watching those calories. Even turned down another piece of pizza last night. I figured I could have that pizza or have a glass of wine with my friend. The wine won, but man was that pizza good! I just adore goat cheese.

Today’s lunch hour class was Hard Body. Mostly a muscle tone based class that still manages to work up a sweat. It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken classes that this week was a good motivator. I just kept telling myself that it will get easier and this first week is the hard stuff. The get back into it and feel like you can’t do any of it. But each week I will improve and become stronger and leaner.

It’s weird to think that just last year I was working with a trainer to try and look good for the weddings I was in. I remember hating the weights and lunges but after 4 months I could easily do it and my thighs were so much leaner and smaller. My body was strong, but still thick so now with classes and calorie counts I’m hoping to go more lean this time around.

Tonight my boyfriend and I are going to a friend’s house party so I’m hoping to control my alcohol and food intake and focus on having fun and chatting with all my friends. Also hoping the rain stays away long enough to get a trail run in tomorrow and maybe even a bike ride on Sunday!

Have a great weekend all! And remember to make great choices!


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