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I don’t know if people can actually read this since it doesn’t come up as a new blog or recently updated blog on the main site, but I guess I’m just going to keep updating since it at least feels good to write all this out.

Last night on my second gym trip I played volleyball with a friend. I used to play in junior high and high school but haven’t played much since. It felt great to get back into court volleyball and get my body moving in ways it hadn’t in a while. And another bonus is that my appetite seems to drop when I work out. I haven’t been so crazy hungry as I usually am. After my workout I settled on a small bowl of greek yogurt and split some popcorn with nutritional yeast over it with my boyfriend. Great little snack filled with protein and taste.

Something about this time around in weight loss seems different. The sun is shining (Chicago is having AMAZING weather for March, almost too hot) and I feel renewed by Spring/Summer like weather. I’m off to lunch today with a friend at Freshii . It’s a type of build your own salads, bowls, burritos/wraps place that can be very healthy or very not healthy but all the ingredients are super fresh and well prepared. I love when restaurants post nutrition information, more importantly individual calculation, so I can figure out my meal. If I split my quinoa/tofu bowl in half then i’ll be at about 310 calories per serving. It will be filling and last me 2 days, even better! I’ll even have calories left over for an afternoon snack before my Turbo Kick class after work.

Hope everyone (assuming this is real and out in the web world) is having a wonderful day!



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