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Hello world!

And here I am! So I’ve never blogged before and have come to this site on the occasion to keep me motived (or try to get me motivated more often than not). And like most who come here I’m hoping to stay motived and share my journey which I expect will have the ups and downs, but knowing I’m checking in somewhere even if no one reads this will be good to keep in the back of my mind.
Well I’m 26 and live in Chicago. Like so many I grew up on the more plump side and always had those nagging self confidence issues. I remember specifically being so proud to be 162 my freshman year of highschool. I had joined the volleyball and the constant conditioning helped me drop some weight. I didn’t know what I weighed before, but either way I’m guessing since I bought a new pair of pants at 162 it was a bit more. Anyways I mostly stayed at that weight (dropping to 150 during a tough teenage angsty junior year) and then gained the summer before college.
I went into college at 175 and the freshmen 15’s older brother the freshmen 25 kicked my butt. I also broke my ankle that year so it didn’t help. Either way I was large and in charge at 200 and for my 5’3 frame it wasn’t great. All those chubby kid feelings stirred throughout and around the end of the year I started going to the gym for the first time in my life. And started running. Now mind you I hated (and still kid of do) running. In volleyball it was punishment, and I still see it as such. But alas, I lost 40 pounds and felt great at 160 in the late fall of my sophomore year.
After college I was back in the 170 range and decided to go on birth control. Somehow the first reaction to it was loss of appetite and nausea (I wish that was still the case!). Well from that I lost 10 pounds in like a month and then the weight just seemed to drop off. On my 23rd birthday I was 148, a low for me, and I felt so great buying a size 8 for the first time. About a year later my perscription changed and I went on a new pill that gave me a CRAZY appetite and I gained about 15 pounds back in like 4 months. And that weight stayed on. And grew ever so slightly since.
I was in a few weddings a year ago and tried to slim down for them, but ended up fad dieting for so long I got frustrated, gave up and gained like 5 pounds back in 2 weeks (right before the weddings of course). And here I am, a year after that at 176.6 as of 2 weeks ago. I have been terrible at going to the gym and decided to eat whatever I wanted. Well I’m not surprised to see my weight back up, nor surprised to see my size 8 jeans will no longer button. So that’s my first mini goal – button my jeans! I also am hoping to tone a bit as I go since my boyfriend and I have 5 weddings to attend this wedding season beginning next month. So it’s time to focus and try and shrink as much as my body will let me as healthy as I can.
So if you were able to read that whole thing please help me on my journey. I’m gonna eat and workout like a skinny chick and fake it until I make it!

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