About Me and My Fitness Goals

I’ve been in graduate school for a while now. I’m doing what I love and learning how to be better at it. Unfortunately, what I love tends to involve very long hours of sitting at a desk in my home office, or a library, or my office on campus, and not a whole lot of whatever it takes to burn off excess calories. In my years in grad school, I’ve put on a lot of excess weight. Now, I’m trying to get rid of it — only, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m not interested in promoting fat-shame or the idea of fatness as moral failure, so my desire to lose this excess fat comes only from myself and my increasing discomfort in my own skin. If you’re big and beautiful, good for you! I, however, find it incredibly difficult to feel beautiful in my current body. Instead of just fretting about it, I’ve decided to do something. I need to lose about 55-65 pounds, which is a substantial amount, meaning that this is a substantial commitment over a long period of time! And discipline isn’t always easy to maintain. Having fallen off the fitness bandwagon more times than I can remember, I decided to try a blog. Perhaps this will help me stay accountable. If nothing else, it will help me feel like I am not the only fat chick out there, even if I often feel like the only fat chick in LA. Please feel free to comment.


I want to lose about 55 pounds. Then, I’ll be at a healthy weight. It will take a minimum of 28 weeks, once I get into the right routine, I think.

So, Mini-Goal #1 — Be consistent about exercise, diet, and accountability!

Mini-Goal # 2 — Lose 8 pounds in April. I’d like to go from 192 to 184.