I’ve been taking in an average of 120g of bad carbs everyday, and today I went past 200 ):
It was a stressful week and my comfort food is pasta so T_T
but anyway, tomorrow, I am definitely starting the two weeks over again.
As long as I keep the 3fatchicks forum page up on my computer, I should be able to do this.
I am totally motivated right now 🙂

ugh, horrible T_T

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I ate somewhere between 80-100g of carbs today, and gained back a lb already.
ughhhh, but this wont stop me.
i guess i’ll get back on the wagon with a fresh new start.
i’m mad at myself for giving in so easily and drinking fruit juice and having some candy.

wow, i’m an idiot.

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This is my fault for thinking I was still the weight I was about 2 weeks ago.
When I last weighed myself I was 130 something lbs, well overweight.
I started the SBD diet yesterday.
Theres no way I lost 9lbs in one day.
This is so totally my fault for not weighing myself at the very beginning.
I lost weight fast on the first week of the Atkin’s Diet, but this is pushing it -.-
I’m guessing I was probably in between 123-121 to start with :/
LOL, i feel like a fool.

Anyway, a lot of people might be thinking, “WOW, that’s great! You’re actually one of those young, skinny girls who thinks she’s fat and trying to diet herself to death!”
I’m pretty damn short.
According to my BMI, I’m still overweight.
Therefore, the diet shall be continued!
It’s actually kind of fun doing this thing.
I feel more energetic, unlike when I was on the Atkins diet.

Plans for today .

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Hey, guys : )
I’m in a much better mood than when I first started (one day ago, teehee)
I guess lurking around in the 3FC forums did me well.
There’s so much supportive people here, it’s just lovely <3
I’m really excited to be on this diet, I actually havent had any strong cravings the first day.
I was debating whether or not to eat a freezie, but I walked away with less sadness than expected 🙂

Well, I’m going to the movies this evening with friends to watch Spy Kids 3 : D
Really excited for that, haven’t seen them since the beginning of summer.
I remember on the last day of school we planned a million things, saying that we’d visit every weekday and that we’d hardly be in our houses.
But we’ve only seen eachother around 5 times in about 6 weeks -.-
That was a fail.

Anyway, for breakfast I think I’m gonna boil some eggs, about 2 or 3 will fill me up.
For a snack I’ll probably just drink green tea. I really love the stuff.
Lunchtime, I’ll go poke around in the cupboards and see if I can find some tuna to wrap in lettuce.
The lovely posters in the forums gave me some good idears for movie snacks 🙂
I’ll cut up some raw veggies and bring them in a baggy, and before going to the theatre I’ll stop by the nearest grocery store and pick up some cheesestrings.
I’m sure all that will be enough to last the movie.
Last time I ordered nachos I could barely eat half ($10 down the drain T_T)
For a drink, a bottle of water or milk could really help :3
Dinner time, I’ll ask mommy to cook some adobo or some chicken breasts.

NTS: Probably shouldn’t have checked the scale today. I feel too good about myself now, and I’m scared I might cheat or fall off the wagon again.

*searches pictures of skinny people*
I do much better when my self-esteem is low, tbh.
That sounds SO unhealthy, but it works for some reason.
Ahh, well, I already had my proud moment of the day, I could use a few hits to my ego.

first day of sbd .

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well, i didnt too bad. i heard somewhere that the limit of carbs is 30g a day? not too sure…

but lets see.
i had more control over this than i thought.

2 eggs = 2g
2 slices of cheese = 8g
3 tsps ketchup = around 15g
= 25g

caesar salad = 11g
dressing = 5g
croutons = 6g
= 22g

Total: 47g

I have a feeling I’m doing this wrong. Am I supposed to count carbs?
I’m kinda confused xD
I did the Atkins diet before and it really worked, but I had to stop cause I lost a lot of energy .

To whom it may concern,

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thank you for taking the time to visit me.
I’m on a journey to lose weight, 30lbs to be more precise.
You may say I’m too young for this kind of stuff, but I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I don’t want it to continue like this for another 30 years.
It’s better to start now than when I’m 40 with heart problems 🙂

Hello there .

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the name’s rae .