Light Reflections

Carb Hangover. I finally get it. So, this week I guess I finally moved into P4 instead of the the P3.3 I was going. I found that P3 with a few add ins here and there worked fine for me. Easy. My comfort zone.

We had guests and each day I added a bit more. Checked the scale and so that encouraged me to try more and more each day. Which is nice. I had not had pizza or booze this whole year. I found that if I stuck largely to my old routine and added a few things here and there I was fine. I continued to eat every few hours as is my norm. Plus between the flax seeds in my CSP shake or the psyllium in my protein pancakes, I think it helped things along the next day.

But, yesterday, whew. Out all day and a few too many carb choices.

The good news is that it is out of my system. And I am gladly enjoying my yogurt and berries as was my norm. After dinner yesterday I was okay this is it. And this morning, feeling as crappy as I do, this is definitely it. If the guests were still here I would have insisted on eating my way or separating for a meal. Just can’t do it anymore.

As I snarfed down a piece of pizza last night (yes, after dinner) I was like hmm, this is not that good. I had several pieces the day before and I suspect it was the novelty of it. Yummy. But, it was as if once I was done, I was done. Cold pizza was not as good as I remember from 2011. Yesterday reminded of me old eating habits. Oh pizza is in the fridge I will eat it. And if the pie was still there, I would have eaten that and so on and so on. And that was behavior I needed to catch as well.

This heavy, slow, tired, dull feeling is just not attractive or enticing. It’s like drinking and feeling the effects. I could have never compared carbs to booze but that is what it feels like. Good in mouth. Bad later. And that just isn’t fun anymore.

And sugar is not that great anymore either. I enjoyed it the first day or so then after a while it had a sticky uncomfortable taste. It really does not belong in every single food item. And should be used to enhance or compliment not mask. Not necessary.

Unfortunately we have a few days to bounce back before this weekend hits but I think I will set more limits. Guests will know that you worked really hard to get this this point and will not push it. Plus, it won’t kill them to eat healthy or light for a few days. I will look for restaurants with broad menus so we can all be happy.

I just don’t always like getting the ‘boring stuff’ meat and veggies when we go out. Part of it is that as you guys stated the veggies are limited and usually not even that good as what we make at home. We buy good meat because we rely heavily on the taste of it. No sauces to disguise or cover it.

I was afraid to move into P4 because of my perceived sensitivities. I thought that if my tummy felt a bit bad or different after eating an item I could not have it. I was wrong. I may not want to have it but I can. Strawberries don’t feel as easy on my stomach as other berries and I will eat large amts of them because they are so sweet and juicy. It was not an issue. I can also have a tiny amt of booze and some carbs. Bread is tricky but not always. I will have to play with that.

I based a lot of this on initial reactions to certain food items but it could have just been that my body had not had it in over 6 months and just did not know what to do it. I honestly don’t know. Except that according to my theories I should not have been able to eat as I did this week and I was until I stopped balancing the day. One of my meals might have been fine but not both. And definitely not the booze but I knew that from reading what you guys say.

The key thing I have learned is to stay connected. To develop a support system.  There’s a measure of accountability in the connection.

I am working with another pancake recipe. I don’t have the nutritional information but it might be doable for some of you.

Who diets and eats pancakes?

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