Light Reflections


Oops, should have posted this a few days ago because as you can see from the above post, things have changed.

So, this is a big deal. I know I said 130 was my goal. But, I based it on the above number. 131 was the lowest I had seen in the past decade. I got down to 132 but that was 5 years ago and for a brief moment I remember seeing 131 and then it never budged and went back up after that. It is the reason I have some clothes in smaller sizes but not that much because I don’t think I was in the 130’s that long.

So today on April 1 when I saw it, it was no joke (he he) it was the real deal.

Until recently I had been waivering on phasing out. I thought i had slowed down to 1 lb a week and thought I should be at a certain weight or size or something. But more than anything I thought I would just know and numbers while helpful don’t always determine that. I was sure I wanted to go another 15 more pound or so.

But in recent days, actually this past week this diet did something really interesting. It hit some key areas which helped the jeans fit a lot better and told me I was genuinely closer goal.

And yet coincidently closer to my 100 day commitment and my original goal of 130.

I am still kinda freaking out a bit and feel like there is more that I want to say but perhaps I just have to give it time. This diet is very interesting in what it works on and how. I still can’t figure it out. I was told that it works last on your middle area and arms. I know that sounds odd and can feel odd for a while as certain areas remain thicker than you are comfortable with. But in recent days it feels like those areas have moved down. It is very visible in my face. But, that middle area (thighs and belly) have moved down as well. Could also get into those medium jackets I bought in Feb that fit but were wayyyy too tight in the arms.

I really am freaking out this weekend. This first day in April. It certainly feels like something has shifted, something has turned the corner.

Got some make up. The things you let go. My make up was so old, none of it was usable. Also plan on getting the hair done and a few other things. It’s spring. It is time.

If I had thought on New Years that come spring I would be, well at this point, I never. Anyway. So thankful to Ideal Protein and this diet. It was rough going there for a bit with all my weirdo aches and pains and the hormonal stuff and weeks 7-10. Don’t know what that was about. Really hated the diet then but here I am, less than 100 days and seeing my goal number. The lowest number I had seen in over a decade.

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