Points hang over

I have a points hang over, ugh. This weekend was awful for me points wise. I won’t bore you with the details but I went way over. Out of my 35 freebie points for the week I have 9 left. I’d been trying to ration them out.

One problem is not having very many healthy food choices on hand at home. I’m going to the grocery store tonight to buy things like vegetables (I’m getting as many frozen as I can because fresh just go bad too quickly for me), fruit, plain non fat yogurt, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

I’m also trying to do a dinner menu plan for the week. I’m super excited about the recipe for Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie from the Weight Watchers Weekly leaflet for┬álast week (January 10-16). My husband loves chicken pot pie so I’m hoping this healthy one will satisfy him. I’m about to go on a google search for WW points friendly recipes using ground beef since we have 3 pounds already in the freezer.

I think I’ve decided on a goal weight of 115 pounds. I’m 4’11 so a healthy weight would be 104-124. I know I once weighed 110 in high school but I don’t even remember what weighing that was like. Like, what size would that be? Was I really that thin? What happened? I am almost scared of thinking of a goal weight because I am so afraid of failure. Maybe that is what I need to use to push myself though-the determination to not fail.

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  1. I saw that recipe in the weekly…it looked good! I tried the crockpot lasagna from Decembers issue, and it was good. Actually, most recipes WW has are pretty darn good! Do you have the etools? if you do, you can plug ANY recipe into the recipe builder and find the points and then adjust as necessary. I find it essential.

    I know what you mean about the goal weight thing. I am almost at the 10% loss, and ready to set one…but I don’t want to in a way. Weird.

    Good luck!

  2. if you want a dessert try this one: sugar free angel food cake (1/6 of the cake is your serving HUGE slice) 2 strawberries sliced up and 2 tablespoons of coolwhip light/free this is only 1 ww point. it is really good too. You can reach your goal just stay at it. Good Luck on your ww weigh in this week. i lost only .6 last week but 4 pounds this week you can do this. GOOD LUCK

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