Today is a good day…for ducks.

I really really wish it would stop raining. My favorite form of exercise(especially during this time of year) is running. I love to run through the city at a fast pace, with all of the lights and colors and sounds blurring past me. I feel on top of the world then. But no, it has been raining here for weeks and I’m starting to get ants in my pants. To be honest, I feel my motivation start to dwindle when winter comes. All I want to do is eat and sleep and read and be lazy. And then I gain weight, get depressed, and start starving myself again. Last Winter I was at my lowest, and I can not go back to that again. I have to find that little twinkle of hope that helped me get through it last time, and hold on for dear life. If I fall again, there isnt any guarantee that I will get back up again.