Smashed 175 & 10 Weeks


Yesterday that scale said 176.5 and today it was all 174.5 whaaaaat! :D I was expecting 175, but no I KILLED that plateau number! I haven’t been able to get passed that numbed in two months! I’m so happy, I think I may have finally broken my plateau! Thank you calorie cycling!!!

I’m heading down to the beach today and tomorrow. I was down over the weekend for Memorial Day with my boyfriend and I wore my bikini! And felt normal again! Before, when I was heavy I always felt like everyone was staring at me. I don’t feel like that anymore! I plan on wearing the bikini again today and tomorrow :D I need to get used to wearing one and work on my tan a little bit (or at least the evening out of my freckles – my stomach’s never seen the light of day before) before I go to Mexico for my vacation.

With 10 weeks to go before vacation I think I’m going to focus on toning and strength training and see how low of a weight I can reach. With cycling it seems I’m capable of at least two pounds a week, which would put me at 20lbs down (and omg wouldn’t 154lbs on vacation just be awesome?!) but I’m a little worried about maintaing while I’m down there. Drinks aside (you can’t go to Mexico and NOT have a Margarita) the food is free. And oh god the food is good. Fried poppers (jalapeno pepper and cheese) and tons of yummy mexican food! And we mostly eat in the buffets. My mom and I are already planning on finding time to workout while we’re there – we’re planning on taking long walks on the beach on top of the massive amounts of walking we already do around the resort.

So for the sake of healthy losing I’m going to make my goal for the end of June 169 or lower, after starting out the month at 177 that will be a loss of 8lbs. Then for July I will set the goal for 162 or lower if I make my June goal. 160s here I come!

Little Victories

So with week 1 of my new zigzagging plan complete, I’m going to go ahead and say that calorie cycling WORKS! And of course it works, it makes perfect sense – never eat the same thing/amount two days in a row otherwise your body will get used to it. In one week I went from 181.5lbs to 177lbs, a loss of 4.5lbs! Granted, some of that was water weight but losses are losses in my book! now I’m 3lbs away from the goal I set for this month, 174lbs. Here’s hoping I get there and lower by Memorial Day!

This week I have my regular workouts planned, as well as two hikes. On Wednesday I’m hiking and canoeing at my friend’s lake house, then on Sunday I’m taking two friends to see the place I’ve been hiking at usually.

Other small victories include wearing a bikini to swim on my hike this week and feeling normal in it. And then being told that I looked great was an awesome boost of confidence! This gives me good hope that I will feel great no matter what bathing suit I wear when I go to Mexico in August, which is an awesome feeling because as a fat chick I always worried about what people thought about me.

I’ve been dying to make some zucchini bread lately. I need to find a recipe on spark people that’s calorie friendly.

Cycling Only Zone: A New Plan

I thought it might be a good idea to get my calorie cycling plan down. I made up a calendar, as I mentioned, that has my workout schedule and daily calorie allowances. I’m following in Carissa’s footsteps and eating high calories on high impact cardio days and low calories on low impact cardio days. If anyone who passes by here would like to use the schedule for themselves, I’ve uploaded it here.



Starting Weight: 181.5
Current Weight: 174
Goal Weight: 174 and lower

I figured this plan out using the calculator here. And using their other calculators I’ve determined that I’m currently between 26% and 28% body fat, which is better than I thought – according to them I’m at moderate. A few more inches and I’ll be in the lean category. However, I’m not sure how accurate that is because it was just a measurement test, rather than a test done with calipers. Their calories burned calculator is also pretty interesting.

Ongoing Struggles of a Plateau-er

My hike was awesome the other day, I can’t wait to go back! Except I definitely need different shoes to do it in, I found some on Amazon for a good price that I might get. The only thing is that I’m still up up up on the scale! Urgh, so frustrating :C But I drank last night at a friend’s birthday celebration and we had sushi twice this week. So I guess that plus the apparent 5,000+ calories I burned exercising this week (spinning + 7 hours of hiking + kickboxing + bedroom tumbles) equate to retention.

I don’t know if I’m working out too much or too hard or what but I need to figure this out :C (And I hope that’s not the case because I love love love spinning and I’m looking forward to lots more hiking this summer now that I’ve found this park). I made up a weekly schedule for myself that includes calories allowances and a workout schedule. Monday and Saturday are yoga/stretching/low impact days, Tuesday Thursday and Sunday are spinning days, and Wednesday and Friday are kickboxing days. I’m trying not to go below 1400 calories on low impact days and not above 1800 calories on high impact days. Each day has a different calorie allowance for zigzagging. I hope it works!

I have one more week off from classes and this week my goal is to be OP with my new schedule. I do have a Phillies game Tuesday night but I will only be drinking water and no hot dogs or nachos or ice cream at the park!


How many times can one fall off of the wagon in the span of two weeks? Lots.

I was caught up in the whirlwind of life being crazy, which included staying at my cousins’ house for five days and watching their two young children (a 5 year old and a teething 1 year old). I lived on kid’s cuisine and mac n’ cheese the whole time. And there was carrot cake there. Then I got home and didn’t really stop AND it was TOM for me.

So I’m way up again in water weight, weighing in at 180 today. And I feel crappy for skipping spinning, but I was exhausted from not getting much sleep (sooo hot in my house) so I opted to sleep longer. I’m about to go to a tough kickboxing workout in place of spinning.

I was just looking back at a post on 3FC for the memorial day challenge. I was hoping to be in the 150s by then. And I had joined another challenge for the 4th of July.

Even if I work my ass off, I know that it won’t be possible for me to get there by then. But hopefully I can strive to be 165 by the 4th of July. That’s currently 15lbs away and I feel that it’s do-able because I’m carrying at least 4lbs of water weight from TOM and poor eating choices. I haven’t lost 10lbs in a month since the Fall, so it will be tough, but I want to do this.

I have a 2 week break coming up after this week and the stress of school will go away for two weeks, and I have at least two hikes planned. My summer job is also starting soon, where I run after two young teenagers all day. Last summer I could barely keep up with them, this summer I intend to have them have trouble keeping up with me.

I may not be as bikini ready as I had wished to be for the summer, but I do have 12 weeks until I go to Mexico where I am determined to feel good in a bikini.

A Good Week and Two Inches

I had a very good week. I started at 179-180 on the scale with water weight and now am down to 177. Hopefully next week I can see 175 and lower on the scale. But I’ve been in a great mood all week because I’ve decided the scale can tell me whatever it wants, it can bite me because I still feel like I’m in the 160s!

And I’ve also decided that women’s clothing sizes can fuck off. I was able to button a pair of 8s at the store yesterday with relative ease and, yes, they gave me muffin top but I still buttoned a pair of 8s! Yet, when I come home to try on a pair of 8s from Old Navy from my mom’s closet they don’t even come close to buttoning.

This morning I was curious what my exact height was so I was doing this silly little song and dance by myself in the hallway and I could swear I was taking my measurements wrong. I kept getting somewhere around 5’4″. Well, that can’t be right, I’m 5’2″ – always have been always will be, right? Besides, my mom is 5’4″ and she’s at least an inch or so taller than me. So I go bug her to help me measure my height and sure enough I’ve “grown” 2 inches! I’ve broken into the average height range for women! And it turns out she’s “grown” too, to almost 5’5″. I’m thinking I probably stand up straighter without 50 extra pounds weighing my spinal chord down.

What does this mean for me? That the overweight and normal categories on the BMI charts are closer than I thought they were. I’m still aiming for goal to be somewhere between 125-130, which according to the charts and my medium frame is okay and right in the middle of normal for my new height range.

This is cool. The world looks different from up here. Farewell, 5’2″, you shall be dearly missed! You were good to me!

Living the Lie

Something has been very wrong with my scale for the past two days. I step on to weigh myself, it starts showing numbers, and then it tares itself back to zero. Thanks scale, but I’m not 0.0lb. The difference between my scale and my original digital scale when I first got it was only about 2-4lbs. However, lately the difference has been an alarming 10-12lbs. Yet, I was still losing on my new scale and showing no loss on my original scale. So now that my newer scale has died, I re-assessed where I was at on my mom’s scale.

So… I guess I was in denial about being in the 160s? I did the dumbbell test on my mom’s scale and it’s accurate. So I’m really like. 175. Instead of 165, like I thought. Even though I was losing with my scale before it broke, and my mom’s scale kept reading 172 from New Year’s (because I like to double check them, I just assumed hers was on the fritz since I was losing on one and not the other). But you know what? Instead of acting out on how depressed this is making me feel right now, I’m going to go workout. I’m back at the halfway point and I have 15lbs to work off to get back to where I THOUGHT I was. Especially since now this puts me back in the obese category with a BMI of 32.

Right now I’m so frustrated with myself, the scale, and with my friend Erin (but that’s for different, personal reasons that involve her own bad choices that will now haunt her for the rest of her life and I have to play the good friend later). I need to take my anger out on a kickboxing session instead of a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream.

Now I feel like the last few months with this scale has been a waste and a lie. And I don’t have the heart to tell my Aunt, who got me the scale for Christmas, that it was a $10 scale for a reason. I found a relatively affordable scale on Amazon that has great reviews, so I ordered it. Until then I get to go back to reality world with my mom’s digital scale. This time I’m going to keep a closer eye between both scales for any differences.

Here’s to getting BACK to where I thought I was

Holding on Tightly to the Reigns

Day One back on track is going well so far. I went spinning this morning, as usual, and yesterday I did my walk and planks for the 24-day challenge. I also had quite the tumble with my boyfriend, so there’s some extra calories burned right there!

I’m trying to eat lower sodium meals for the next week and glugging water like crazy to ensure I am not retaining any water for next Friday, which is my birthday cocktail party. I’ll be turning 21 and I have a crazy mad tea party theme going. I bought the most beautiful Alice-themed dress from, but unfortunately it has a difficult zipper and I’m pretty sure I’m JUST this side of too bloated for it right now. I’m hoping that’s because when I tried it on yesterday I was retaining crazy amounts of water from sampling cakes and appetizers at a wedding convention on Sunday.

As we get further and further into spring I find that my feet are itching to try running again. I’m going to see how strong the feeling is on the next sunny afternoon that I have nothing planned and I will try to turn my walk with my dog into a run with my dog.

On the NSV side of things, I did move my rings over by one finger again. Now my class ring, which used to occupy my right hand ring finger, now fits perfectly on my pointer finger. And my very old pinkie ring now sits on my middle finger, and my newest pinkie ring from Irish Weekend in September can now fit on my ring finger. I also moved my claddaugh ring to my middle finger on my left hand instead of having it falling off of my left ring finger. I want to get my rings re-sized when I get very close to goal.

I’m also coming to the slow realization that I will and am going to lose at a much slower rate the closer I get to goal. Instead of setting my goal date for this summer, I’m going to put it closer to this winter. The slower I lose it, the more likely I am to keep it off. I’m going to make my goal for this summer 145 – which will hopefully be a solid size 8 and a slimmer stomach for bikini-rocking on the beach!

Today is a good day.

The Sad Truth

I’ve been hiding from my blog. I was sad to see that I wrote the last post nearly one month ago. Sadly, the binging never really stopped – after my TOM was over I stayed at higher and higher weights on the scale. This month has been tough because my friends are hellbent on going out to eat all of the time. And I haven’t been saying no, or making good eating choices when we go out. Aside from spinning and the few hikes I’ve gotten in this month my workouts are still completely slack.

I decided last week to hide my scale for the rest of the month (and maybe even for next month), because the numbers were starting to depress me and drive me crazy. I’m pretty sure I’m back up between 170-175 right now. It’s crazy how you work so hard just to shed off one pound, but as soon as you let yourself go you can gain it all back so easily. And let me tell you, it’s gone straight to my waistline! My measurement WAS 31″ a month and a half ago, now it’s up to 33″ again.

Perhaps I had to let myself get worse before I could get better, because a month later I am more serious than before about getting back on track. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a journey – I’m bound to plateau and fall off the wagon from time to time. This mental plateau I’ve been going through isn’t a failure, I can’t give up – it’s merely a bump in the road on the way to my success and health.

When I first began my weight loss journey I was going through pictures of myself on my Facebook and was depressed and appalled by the way I looked in pictures. I never thought I would have to re-live that feeling again. Yet, just today I was looking at pictures of my St. Patrick’s Day party and I feel like I look massive and bloated and just plain FAT despite having lost 65lbs. I’m sure it’s a mental thing for me, I know if I showed the pictures to my friends that they’d probably say I look awesome and look how far I’ve come and whatnot. But it’s about ME being happy with myself.

Plateau time is OVER. I’m ready to be happy with myself. I want to finish this, I want to get to goal and look and feel good!

Self-sabotauge, Binging, and a Bad Few Weeks

A LOT of personal stuff has been going on for me. Between boy troubles, having my heart strings pulled at – snapped – and then stepped on, two of my best friends going through major crisis, and classwork piling up I’ve been pretty stressed lately. I saw 159 on the scale and then I self-sabotauged and entered into a 2-week binge :C I was pretty disappointed in myself. But I am back on track now, and that is the important thing.

Right now it’s TOM so my scale is way up. Due the binge I jumped from 159-162-164-166 and am now bloated from water retention. I mostly maintained between 162-164 during my binging so I’m hoping that’s what I see on the scale sometime next week when TOM goes away.

My workouts are also getting back on track. I spin twice a week, and now I’ve started doing Jillian Michael’s 30DS on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.